11 Keys To A Successful Life

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Being successful is everyone’s desire, and it can be simple and easy. It helps to remind yourself of this! But the reality is that there is no one single, sure way through which you can lead a successful life. It calls for a daily mash up of practice and challenges. In this piece, we go through 11 behaviors that are key to a successful life.

Read on! You may find you are doing better than you think.

Following Your Dreams

As Oprah Winfrey puts it, we have a lot of things to prove to ourselves. Chief among them is that we can live our lives fearlessly. Making the decision to follow your dreams will help you decide on what you want in this life, and where you want to go. There are tough choices, but making them is essential for living a successful life.

Growing Your Mind

They say that a mind-set stretched by new experiences can never bounce back to the original status. For example, should you decide to venture into Internet marketing, you will open your mind to new discoveries and experiences. Whether you carry on with Customer support  for the rest of your life or not, the skills you learn will remain relevant forever.

Setting Deadlines

Procrastination is often what keeps us from success. There are times when success is only one step away, but constant postponing keeps us from reaching it. To realize a happy and successful life, one needs to set deadlines to certain targets. This leads us to my the key point.

Setting Targets

A target is a goal you intend to accomplish. For instance, you are good at editing or completing SEO, and you make a target to bid for these jobs on freelancer.com. After setting your targets, make it a habit to do something that leads to its accomplishment on a daily basis.

Sharing Your Talents

Marianne Williamson’s quote, ‘success means we can go to sleep knowing that our talents and skills have been used to serve others’ keeps motivation of helping other people scale upwards, alive. This is an attitude that begets success.

Finding Friends That Inspire You

An old saying says, ‘show me your friends and I will tell you who you are’. The truth is that our friends have a big impact in our lives. In order to live a successful life, it is important to find a couple of friends who inspire you to become a better person. This contributes positively to your growth and eventual success.

Taking Care of Your Body

Your body is your home; it is the only place you reside in. So, what would you do other than take care of it? Taking care of your body includes bathing, getting enough sleep and seeking medication when feeling unwell. Exercises and body massages are also part of taking care of your body. If you take good care of yourself, you will have good self-esteem and confidence.

Showing Appreciation Where It’s due

It is important to acknowledge the good where it is due. As Eckhart Tolle puts it, ‘acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.’ Abundance is an indicator of success.

Not Fearing To Fail

Fear is one of the main reasons why people are not leading successful lives. How? Fear is a deterrent, and it hinders you from taking ‘risky’ decisions. If it makes you afraid, go for it. If you fail, you will have a new opportunity to do it all over again - but having learnt a few lessons. And there is another possibility of succeeding! Take chances.

Serving Others

They say no-one has ever become poor by giving. Give as much as you can - we gain more by giving at the end of the day, and the satisfaction of having helped others will be more fulfilling than having it all on your table.

Resolving To Succeed

This involves making the decision of striving to excel no matter what. When made in advance, this resolve motivates a person to succeed. Resolving to succeed comes with the belief that you have to succeed no matter what. Giving up is never an option. This resolve obliges you to forge ahead even when you do not feel like it.

For instance, a content writer in search of article writing jobs discovers that many clients require you to have prior experience in Wordpress. Say you have never used Wordpress, then, your resolution to succeed should be enough motivation for you to learn the skills needed for you to accomplish your goals.

Each person has a unique way of defining success; however, many will equate success with wealth, power and fame. So what defines a successful life?

Signs You Are Leading a Successful Life

Being ambitious may cause you to feel like you are a failure from time to time. We all have that moment in life when we feel like nothing good seems to be happening. We over-criticize ourselves for almost everything, be it the situation at home or at the workplace. We feel like terrible failures. The truth is that we could be doing well and not realizing it. Here are a few pointers, in case this is the situation you find yourself in.

Your Income Does Not Control You

Many feel like their life hangs on the balance of their next paycheck. Did you know that you can complement your salary by finding part-time jobs that pay equally well? Sign up here to start working today. When you manage to live your life without the worry of not having enough money, then you are leading a successful life.

You Yearn For More

If you find out that you have a desire to grow more and more, then you are certainly doing well in life. This is an indicator that you are a determined individual who has realized the value of bettering yourself.

You Rise Early

Like the old saying goes, the early bird catches the worm. If you find that you step out of your bed with fresh energy to face any challenges the day might bring, then you are walking the road to success.

You Are Confident

Do you have the ability to show humility for others, and inspire those on a lower level? If you can do this effortlessly, then consider yourself successful.

Other indicators of successful living include, but are not limited to:

  • Having the energy to fight back

  • Having self-discipline

  • Being able to confidently assert yourself

  • Ability to manage time well

  • Not shifting blame

  • Staying positive

  • Changing what you can, and accepting that which you cannot

  • Encountering less drama in your life

  • You have both successful and upcoming friends


Success starts from within oneself. It has little or nothing to do with what others tell you. Leading a successful life is all about living a life that makes you happy, and independent of circumstances.

Make the decision to live your life happily and successfully by putting the above habits into practice. Feel at liberty to share your views or questions on successful living in the comments section.

Posted 21 September, 2017


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