13 Online Business Ideas that Anyone Can Start (with Little or No Cost)

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With today’s technological advancements, you can now make money online. A lot of people are now coming up with ideas on how to earn money online and become their own boss. 

The good news is anyone can make money online, whether you’re an artist, a tech-savant, a writer, or someone who loves to take photos. The best part is that you can start your own online business with no money

So, here is a list of online business ideas you can start with little or no cost.

1. Offer a Freelance Writing Service

As mentioned, websites need unique and valuable content to attract a massive audience. This is not an easy task. As such, companies hire freelance writers to create content for their websites. 

When starting a freelance writing service, you have to pick a certain topic and become an expert in that field. From there, you can create an online portfolio for your future clients. Freelancer.com is a great website you can visit to find new clients.

2. Dropshipping Business

A dropshipping business allows you to sell merchandise without holding any inventory. In this case, your customer can purchase a product from your online store at a retail price.

Afterward, you can forward the order to your supplier and pay the wholesale price. 

The best thing about dropshipping is there are various platforms where you can start a dropshipping business. Unfortunately, driving consumers to your online store is not an easy task, but you can make some money if you’re willing to spend the time learning this online business.

3. Become an Online Business Coach

For those who are successful in their business, another great way to increase their income is by becoming an online business coach. Here, you will share the methods and secrets you’ve used to grow your business. 

The good news is that there are a lot of entrepreneurs who are willing to pay for your professional or expert advice. Plus, you can coach other business owners in different ways. 

The most common is through one-on-one coaching. You can also create online seminars, workshops, and training programs. Lastly, you can publish a book, which is a good way to make passive income.

4. Provide SEO Consulting Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential part of an online business. It is a method of enhancing your content so that the content will show up on the top pages of search engines, like Google. 

Learning the art of SEO is simple, especially if you’re willing to dedicate some time to learn the method. Once you’ve mastered it, you can help online business owners and make money. 

You can provide SEO consulting services in numerous ways, such as one-on-one consultations, one-time projects, or offer monthly SEO services.

5. Manage Social Media Accounts

An essential part of an online business is to have a social media presence. Through this, businesses can reach a massive audience. Plus, having a social media account helps brands connect with their consumers in a personal way. 

Nowadays, a lot of businesses and brands hire social media managers to create and share content that will keep their consumers engaged. If you’re someone who likes to create funny, enticing, and relatable posts, managing social media accounts is an excellent online business idea you can try.

6. Design Website Themes

For tech-savvy individuals or those with knowledge about web design, you can make money by designing and selling website themes. 

Remember, there are a ton of businesses that want to establish an online presence, and they are willing to pay some money for a professional-looking website. Also, you can build custom websites. 

That way, you’ll have a steady stream of income with less work. Platforms like Freelancer.com is a great place to find new clients.

7. Offer Media and Email Templates

One of the most common ways entrepreneurs communicate is through email. Most business owners send newsletters to keep their consumers engaged. 

You can make some money by selling email and media templates. This is a simple task for those tech-savvy individuals or those with knowledge of web design. 

You can also make some pre-designed templates, which you can sell over and over again. You can also use Freelancer.com to find new clients in this venture.

8. Start Your Own Blog

Sharing your great ideas via a blog is another great way to make money online. This is especially true if you’re passionate about fashion, cooking, crafting, or anything interesting. 

You can make money by blogging in various ways. For one, you can place relevant ads on your website. Another great way is through affiliate marketing where you can place the links of some products. 

You can earn some money when your reader clicks on the product. The best part is that you don’t have to invest large amounts of money when starting a blog, but you do need to dedicate some time to post relevant content and grow your audience.

9. Blog Flipping

Once you’ve gained massive amounts of page views and followers on your blog, you can make more money through blog flipping. 

The idea here is to start a blog and sell it once it has a good following and steady stream of income. Through this, you can earn money without having to maintain or monitor a blog. 

You can buy and sell websites on various platforms on the web including Freelancer.com.

10. Be a Brand Strategist

If you have experience or expertise in marketing or advertising, you can make some money online by becoming a brand strategist. Here, you will help companies gain more customers. 

Aside from that, you will also help them solve all sorts of business problems, such as figuring out what their consumers want. For this reason, ample knowledge about advertising and marketing is a must.

11. Sell Stock Photos Online

For those who love to take pictures, you can earn some money by selling stock photos online. Remember, companies use photos for all sorts of projects, including websites and ads. 

So, you have to make sure to take photos that people can use. The good news is that most companies use generic images, such as food, nature scenes, and people doing everyday tasks. 

From there, you can submit the images to various websites, where people can see and buy your images. You will get paid every time someone downloads your photo.

12. Become a Virtual Assistant

One of the most popular online business ideas is to become a virtual assistant. As you know, business owners need assistance, especially when handling online matters. 

As a virtual assistant, you can manage emails, write engaging posts, and manage social media accounts. You can check Freelancer.com to get more ideas on the services you can provide as a virtual assistant.

13. Sell your Craft

If you’re some who like to craft unique items, you can sell your finished project online. Remember, selling DIY products or home-made crafts is one of the top trends today. 

There are numerous platforms that will allow you to show and sell your merchandise. The best part is that a lot of people are buying unique items that can’t be found at their local superstore, so you can certainly make some money for the work you’re enjoying.

Closing Thoughts

Right now is a great time to start an online business. It might take some time to build your client base, but once you’re established, you’ll have a wonderful career ahead of you. 

Think about which one of the above ideas suits you best and get your business started.

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Posted 11 November, 2019


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