5 Effective Ways to Vlog for Your Business [Quick Tips]

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Every business, whether big or small, needs a marketing strategy. It is the foundation for creating awareness, generating interest, closing sales, and gaining customer engagement. A clear marketing strategy can guide your company culture and your products and services mix, as well your pricing.

There are many things to consider when developing a strategy, and there are several key decisions that could help boost your tactics. Apart from creating a website, using various social media platforms, and crafting other assets to attract visitors and potential customers, vlogging (video logging or video blogging) could be one of the most engaging online mediums today.

Vlogging builds an emotional bond between your brand and your customers. It is also a cost-effective way of reaching your target audience in a more personal and interactive way.

Both vlogs and blogs can be very influential and powerful marketing tools. However, vlogs expand upon the benefits of blogs in a number of ways. For one, it is fairly easy to do. It also adds a personal touch, shows off your expertise, and it can reach audiences exponentially too. When done right, vlogging can increase and improve your overall online presence. It's a great way of sharing your brand message informally, and because it feels less intrusive, it can improve the chances of people seeking out your video instead of the other way around.

If you're on the fence about starting a vlog for your business, here are some tips on how to create an effective one:

Plan on what type of blog you want to create. Whether it will feature customer testimonials, introduce your staff, feature interviews, or event recaps, make sure you choose the video content that best suits your goal.

Keep your videos short.  Web visitors are more likely to click on videos that are three minutes or less. Limit your video length to enable you to communicate efficiently while being quick and concise. With that being said, stay away from topics that are too complicated to cover in a single three-minute video, but if you need to cover a topic extensively, you can address it by releasing a video series.

Use searchable titles. The main objective of your blog is to increase your company’s visibility. Make sure you use SEO-rich titles and keywords for your videos.

Avoid getting into too much detail. Your content should be relevant and helpful. A short but informative and creative video will attract customers enough to contact you with their needs.

Keep creating new content. Vlogging becomes more effective if you create and release fresh content regularly. Like social media posts and blogs, videos need to be both current and relevant. Potential customers may observe the old dates on your videos and assume that you are no longer in business since there are no recent activities. When you create new content, your visitors will get the impression that your business is active and is continuously updating your customer base.

Remember, you can’t win your viewer’s heart without offering something fresh and interesting—so don't ignore the quality of the videos that you make. Keep a keen eye on editing and audio and use the right social media sites to promote your vlogs. Enjoy and happy vlogging!

Posted 26 October, 2015

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