5 Employer Resolutions for 2015

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It's January – the time for new year's resolutions and great hopes for the year ahead. For employers and business owners, it's the time to evaluate goals, find areas for improvement, address mistakes and failures, set milestones, and gear up for growth.

This is a chance to look back on the past year and plan for the coming one. Think about the issues that you encounter while working everyday. What would make daily business tasks more efficient? What should you do to expand your operations? How can your team work better? Here are some simple resolutions that employers may want to consider following this year.

Improve scheduling

Adhering to a schedule is a crucial part of business. Make sure you start and end projects on time. Give yourself some lead time for hiring people or assigning tasks before a project is slated to start. Offer projects early so that you can go through bids, portfolios, and resumes without rushing. Set sensible deadlines as well. Giving your team ample time to complete a project will help ensure quality output.

Communicate and collaborate

Make the effort to talk to the people you hire. Explain your projects in detail and be upfront about your expectations. Give clear answers to any questions they may have too.

Collaboration will also help you and your team think outside the box. Rather than having work be a one-way street, be open to their ideas and suggestions. The Freelancer Desktop App lets you take screenshots of your service provider's screen so you can make notes and discuss the project in real time.

Pay on time

Paying on time is one way to motivate your service providers into doing good work. They'll also be more inclined to accept your job offer the next time you hire them if you pay fairly and on schedule. Setting up Milestone Payments for freelancers will also give both parties peace of mind. It tells the freelancer that you are serious about the project, and makes you feel secure that you will only release payment when you are satisfied with the work.

Don't take on more than you can chew

Doing all the work yourself may seem cost-effective, but sometimes, it can be too much to handle. There are instances when you will need to hire people to tackle the overflow. such as when you're on a tight schedule, you need specialized knowledge, or you're expanding your business. When needed, keep in mind that you can always find people to do the job.

Set realistic goals

Take stock of what you accomplished last year, and take into account any failures and missed opportunities. Find out what went wrong, and determine what needs to be done differently. Be realistic about what you and your team can and cannot do. This is the time to aim for new heights, but make sure you learn from and correct the past year's mistakes at the same time.

Posted 14 January, 2015

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