5 Things to Review Before You Bid on Projects

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Landing a new project can sometimes be a difficult task. Many freelancers think bidding on several projects will increase the chances of winning one. However, bidding on any project without analyzing if it's a good fit for you can be counterproductive.

Before you bid on every project that interests you, here are five things you should check out first:

Project Description

Just as how keen you are at reading job posts for employment, you should be cautious in reading project descriptions, too. You need to be certain about what the employer wants to see at the end of the project and that you have the right skills to deliver an outstanding job. A thorough understanding of the project will lead to better performance and eventually more positive reviews and recommendations.

Employer’s Background

When deciding who to hire, employers go through the freelancer's profile, reviews, and rating. But as a freelancer searching for employers to collaborate with, you should also be mindful of their background. Look at ratings and reviews from previous freelancers they’ve worked with. Because just as employers would not work with someone with low ratings, freelancers shouldn't either.  

Bid Proposal

Have you ever received any copied-pasted type of emails selling a product or service? Those emails are boring and uninteresting. If you find yourself nodding right now, you should understand the importance of a customized proposal for every single project you bid on.

Employers will pay more attention to your proposal if you outline everything they need for their project. Go into details as much as you can and write an irresistible bid proposal.

Bid Amount

Many times, freelancers submit a proposal with a specific budget but forget to include the project fees in it, which is a huge mistake! If you change your bid amount after the project has been awarded to you, your employer might be uncomfortable and you might end up earning a poor review.


After bidding on a project, stay online for at least 30 minutes. Most employers hire on the first couple of hours and wish to speak to the freelancers before doing so. By logging out right after bidding, you may miss out on a great opportunity of landing a new project.

Consider your project hunt an exciting online adventure. Winning projects could sometimes be hard but if you know the right things to do and how to do them right, it will all be easy.

What are you waiting for? Start bidding now!


Posted 9 March, 2017


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