5 Tips for Creating Presentations that Wow

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Visual communication is practically part of our day-to-day life. It is widely implemented in our interactions with our peers, as well as in business. If you’re a freelancer and you are skilled in visual communication, one of the jobs that you can take on is creating presentations for different clients.

Here are five tips you can use to create presentations that stand out:

1. Avoid using default themes.

If you want to impress your client as well as their audience, you need to give them something new. And you wouldn’t achieve that if you simply stick to a default design that’s built within Powerpoint, Keynote, or any presentation software that you use.

Determine what the presentation is about. From there, you can proceed to creating an overall look or theme. Coming up with a presentation design that matches the topic requires a little more effort, but it’s totally worth it.

2. Layout like a pro.

You don’t need to have decades’ worth of experience in design to be able to create a professional-looking layout for a presentation. All you need to take note of are the following elements as you create your design. 

·      Color Scheme – Mixing colors together can be a daunting task and can result in a visual disaster when done poorly. To make this more manageable, you can use tools such as Piknik or Kuler to help you create color schemes for your presentation.

·      Typography – Choose an appropriate font. Every typeface conveys a particular message and mood. Make sure that your choice coincides with your presentation as a whole. Serif and sans serif fonts are foolproof choices because they look clean and easy to read. If you want to add more character to your typeface, you can choose a cool-looking font, but use it sparingly and keep the rest of the text clean and simple.

·      Readability – Your presentation will be no good if it’s not readable. Make sure that your text stands out from the background. If you want to use an image but it makes your text unreadable, use text bars. This way, you get to keep your image without compromising readability. You can have your text bar in a solid color or lessen its opacity to make it appear softer and less distracting.

3. Avoid too much bullet points.

Bullet points are used to stress important information, and not simply break down the sentences of paragraphs into separate lines. When creating bullet points, only highlight important information that you want to reiterate, such as numbers, figures, and statistics.  Keep your bullet points to a minimum because too much of it can be overwhelming to look at.

4. Choose the right images.

Don’t simply stick to stock photos with white backgrounds. There’s a whole lot of royalty-free images out there that can be used to add oomph to your presentation. When choosing images, make sure to get high resolution ones. Pixelated images are an eyesore and can make your presentation look amateurish.

5. Add a little bit of humor.

Presentations can be dragging, and a good way to break the ice is to infuse humor in your presentation. You can incorporate a couple of puns, jokes, or clever image in there to keep the audience interested at all times.

The key to making a remarkable presentation is seeing to it that you will not make the audience sit through yet another presentation that they have seen before.  With the five tips above you can do exactly that, wow your clients, and build a good reputation as a freelancer. 

Posted 29 September, 2015


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