6 Tips To Never Struggle With Writer’s Block Again

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You open up your new file. You tell yourself that you will complete this article today. But you cannot begin writing at all! Don’t worry, because every writer comes face to face with this monster at least once in his or her professional career. I have to fight this monster nearly every second day. Sometimes it lasts for only a few minutes but sometimes it prolongs for hours. Every writer becomes frustrated with this monster, which you may call- writer’s block. There are many ways to defeat this monster. If you know these ways then you will not have any problem in overcoming it.


1. Start writing anything:

You can begin with writing anything that comes to your mind. You may not believe it but I had to defeat this monster, a.k.a. writer’s block while writing this article. I just began writing my thoughts and now as you can see; it has become a complete article.

Therefore, you should start with anything and eventually, you can mold it into something prestigious. After all, you are a craftsman and every word you write is your creation (I think I should stop here with this craftsman thing).


2. Don’t over-think:

When a person begins an article or a book, he or she has numerous thoughts in his or her mind. I believe you too face the problem of over-thinking. However, over-thinking is one of the biggest weapons of writer’s block. You can imagine over-thinking as a mace in the hands of this giant monster. In order to defeat this monster, you will have to disarm it. You can do so by being simple.

Simplicity is very easy to follow. You can calm down and select a few thoughts that come to your mind. After this, you can begin writing on any of them. This way, you will be able to defeat writer’s block while not having to put much effort.


3. Take a walk:

I am not telling you to quit your writing. I am telling you to take a break and relax.

You can go out into the open and begin walking. Why walk you say. Well, research shows that our creativity increases significantly when we start walking. You would not have to walk many miles before a good thought comes into your mind. Next thing you know, you have written more than 100 words in no time.

So you should take a walk whenever you feel the writer’s block haunting you. A small walk can help you defeat the writer’s block with ease.

However, beware of distractions. It is highly probable that you begin walking for overcoming this monster and end up buying groceries. Keep in mind that you have work to do!


4. Read relevant sources:

It is possible that you are doing technical writing or research writing. There is no or little fiction present in that form of writing. Walking or sleeping (did I mention sleep before?) may not help you in overcoming this writer’s block.

Still, you do not have to despair. You can begin reading relevant sources of information. When you will have read a good amount of information, you will have no problem in beginning your new paragraph.

If you think that reading various sources of information will put you in over-thinking mode then you should remember the point mentioned in #2. There is no way that writer’s block can defeat you after you do the above.


5. Don’t procrastinate:

Oh, you love procrastination too. That’s great. I think we have much in common. We should get to know each other…

One of the biggest weapons of writer’s block is procrastination. You know that the earlier you finish your work the better your situation would be. But still, you delay it until you are ‘forced’ to do it.

This method of writing is wrong and you should avoid it at all costs. Instead of delaying your work because nothing comes to your mind, you should focus on thinking of something. If you delay your work due to idleness then you should tell yourself- I am a hard working person. I will not face defeat this easy. I will write and I will begin right NOW!


6. Believe in revision:

When I told you in the first point that you can begin with writing anything, you might have laughed at me.

However, you can follow that point because every writer revises (you revise don’t you?).

Revision is very helpful. Writer’s block exists as long as we cannot think of a good beginning sentence. But when you don’t have to worry about the writing quality in the first place you can write anything. Writer’s block will not stand a chance against you.

Therefore, you should start with anything and know that revision is there to help you. Don’t procrastinate in terms of revision. You have to revise in order to give final touches to your creation.

Posted 19 December, 2017


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