The 7 Best Tutorials for Learning About AngularJS

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AngularJS represents an innovative Javascript framework that can turn any web app into a dynamic and highly functional application. Not as complex to use as some might think, there are actually a number of great tutorials out there that walk you through the process, provide you with the basics, and show you exactly how to use it for extending HTML directives.

As far as your Angular education goes, you could turn to helpful video based tutorials, there are also certainly many step-by-step guides, along of course with try it yourself demos. Here are some of our favorites!


1. What to Love About

A 12 part guide, this will teach you essentially everything there is to know about Angular. They offer explanations along with curated outside info that for the most part proves incredibly useful as you begin to experiment with using this particular framework.


2. Begin with the Basics: Year Of Moo

Year of Moo certainly has something to offer with this basic tutorial that helps break you into the AngularJS school of framework. From modules to services and directives, this goes over everything you need to know when starting out. Offering tips and tricks, this is a go-to for any developer interested in using AngularJS.


3. Videos Galore @ Egghead

Egghead is an incredibly comprehensive learning center as far as Angular JS is concerned. With nearly 200 videos on board to teach you the basics and then some, you will be well-prepared upon absorbing all the knowledge this platform has to provide!


4. AngularJs the Codeacademy Way

For those who prefer to learn via coding, then this is the place for you! An AngularJS tutorial created to provide basic instruction as well as some more advanced knowledge, it teaches by way of both explanation and instruction while it also allows you to test your newly acquired skills. This one tends to focus heavily on services, directives and controllers.


5. A 60 Minute Video Worth Watching!

Here Dan Wahlin teaches you the basics. Starting with fundamental concepts he works you through to the more advanced practices with Angular JS. His comprehensive video tutorial also allows you to jump between sections in case he’s covering something you already know.


6. Starting at the Angular Beginning

Here you have 50 examples that cover everything from libraries to single page app concepts to the more intricate Angular features. Segueing to YouTube, you can also access videos that offer more in-depth explanations and techniques.


7. Tutorialspoint for All Things AngularJS

Tutorialspoint features an extensive array of teaching tools and tips when it comes to learning about AngularJS. From real live examples to hands-on opportunities that give you the chance to show what you’ve learned, this tool goes step-by-step through the process. You can also simply access the quick guide that will allow you to easily navigate between sections and training tips.


Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below!



Posted 30 June, 2017


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