7 Things which tell a Designer that his Logo Design is perfect

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At their most crucial, “logos are made to recognize companies”. May that be a combination of tiny compelling images or some alphabets inscribed within an image–logos are meant to represent companies and products in the most basis way. They are designed with the purpose of creating brand image within a customer’s mind so that whenever he comes across it, the very next second he recognize the company.

As a professional logo designer, one has to be pretty skeptical about his choices to let his designs stand out of the crowd. Nowadays, the logo industry is flooding with tons of designers drafting some crappy designs for the sake of crowdsourcing sites.

Logo Designing in a Nutshell   

Logo designing is not something bound to sketching an image and putting in the company name only. It is far more than this.

“A professional logo designer has to be creative with strong selection skills pertaining to symbols, words, and color school”

This post will give you 7 valuable tips that will help you evaluate the perfection of your designs. Have a look!

Must be a Vector Logo

Firstly, as a designer, you must observe that your logo is vector. This means that it must not be made in raster bitmap format. A vector logo is highly appreciable as compared to the one dished under the bitmap only. The reason behind this is that they are meant to be used on different platforms ranging from building symbols to websites icons–vector graphic can be easily scaled in different sizes without quality deterioration.

Must be Adaptable

Secondly, to avoid terrible situations, make sure that your logo is adaptable to different layouts. This implies that there are times when one wants to put them within small boxes without compressing the actual size–the designed logo must have a quality to fit in different areas without cutting its edges. . For instance, sometimes they are to be placed as Facebook profile pictures. For this, they must be backed-up with a horizontal or portrait option for ultimate perfection in any layout.

Must Work in a Single Color

Thirdly, make sure that your designed logo works perfectly even in one color. This means that the perfection of your design can be evaluated if it is pleading when presented in a single color tone. Moreover, a design that is dependent over a color school for its attractiveness is a complete loss because there are unfortunate times when the quality can be lost due to single color presentment.

Must be Simple

Since a logo is the ultimate elevator for perspective customers, they must be simple enough to be recognized. To make your designs perfect, ensure their simplicity.

Must be Different

The quality of your logo to be different than the competitors estimates its perfection. Usually, designers try to make similar designs as the competitors has. This devalues it and develops confusion within audience. Hence, if you want to evaluate the perfection of your design, make sure it is different from rivals.

Must be Appropriate

There is another thing called “appropriation” that tells as if your design is perfect or not. This goes for designing a logo that seems visually relevant to the industry and brand name. For instance, an automobile company should have a logo with a wheel in it. Their are many logo maker tools which can also help, But make sure the design is appropriate to at least one thing–INDUSTRY or BRAND NAME.

Must be Targeted

Last but not the least, for ultimate perfection, make sure that you have designed a targeted logo. For example, if you are drafting one for a toy store, make sure you have used vibrant colors to be attractive for children.


The above list is not everything you should know about logo designing as a Pro. The industry is dense and has a lot of things for one to gain perfection. Still, this post contains a few basics that will help a logo designer with quality evaluation of his designs for minimum perfection.

Posted 13 June, 2019


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