Startup Provides Long-Term Relief for Arthritis Sufferers

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Arthritis has been affecting millions of people all around the world. Around 50 million individuals have doctor-diagnosed arthritis. The disorder has lead to so much inconvenience and unproductivity among people. Most medically-related work absences are caused by it. The Arthritis Foundation believes that by 2030, the number of affected individuals will rise to 67 million.


To provide a long-term relief to people suffering from arthritis, Founder Persis Anderson and CEO Andrew Loch introduced a breakthrough in pain medication -- 4Jointz®. It is a fast-acting cream formulated with natural compounds for treating painful, swollen, and stiff joints providing arthritis sufferers a safe and effective solution.


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“4Jointz is supported by robust science with published clinical trials of over 10 years. The product was launched on November 15, 2016, directly to consumers worldwide with a focus on the United States market. People have experienced exceptional outcomes and are able to enjoy doing the things they once loved,” Andrew said.


Freedom to Move


“Seeing people enjoy their renewed ‘freedom to move’ has been a key motivating factor in our entrepreneurial journey. Millions of people continually seek a long-term solution to their problem. With regular use, people’s lives have improved over time,” Andrew shared.


Like any other business, the project requires marketing, advertising, design and a lot more. Andrew turned to Freelancer to hire a group of specialists in various fields to assist in different aspects of the business.


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“We are an entrepreneurial team passionate about bringing the benefits of 4Jointz to the millions of people suffering from arthritis. Developing and launching an over-the-counter drug like 4Jointz into the global market poses many challenges; having Freelancer has made it a lot easier,” he added.


Freelancer for 4Jointz


Andrew chose to hire freelancers because of the affordability and talent they offer. He hired two freelancers multiple times for the project. Despite the differences in location, he was thrilled to have worked with them. The freelancer he hired for designing 4Jointz’s packaging was Ana Maria of amvpdesign, an Argentina-based freelancer who specialized in graphic design. Next, he hired Sergey, a Russian designer, who was tasked to render 3D images of the finished product.


Availing the services of the Recruiter Team was one of the best decisions Andrew made. He believed that in order for employers to be successful in the projects they post on Freelancer, they must get the right freelancers for the job. The Recruiter Team played an important role in the project.


“The activities undertaken by our Freelancers were executed efficiently and professionally, with the outcomes helping us to finalize our logo and the critical elements of our tube and packaging design,” Andrew shared.


The Product Launch


Andrew and the 4Jointz team have just launched their product in the market. Customers have been eagerly sharing their testimonials about the product on their website. Andrew believes that 4Jointz is the game changer for arthritis sufferers.


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"Freelancer continues to develop its platform, become a leader in online outsourcing, and provide valuable services," - Andrew Loch


Support 4Jointz and learn more about their product.


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Posted 15 November, 2016

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