Magician Hires Freelancer to Design Magic Show Poster

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Whenever we hear this word, we quickly associate it with magic.


Magic knows no age. Both children and adults are mesmerized by the wonders it brings. It is an art that everyone enjoys.


This inspired 30-year-old magician and comedian, Bayden Hammond. “I love the effect that magic has on people. It creates a sense of awe and bewilderment, a feeling of impossibility that transcends age, gender, and culture. It's nice to create that special moment for people, no matter what their background is. Bringing them smiles and reminding them that nothing’s impossible was invaluable,” he shared.


Falling In Love


Bayden’s journey in the world of magic began when his parents hired a magician to perform at his birthday party. All the tricks he saw that day amazed him. “It sparked an interest that would grow exponentially over the years to come,” he added. The love he had for the craft kept on growing until he decided that he wanted to become a magician.


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Aside from his gigs, Bayden also works as a risk manager in an Australian telecommunications company. His day job supports his passion for business and his desire to be financially independent, while his sideline job as a magician satisfies his passion for performing arts and creativity. He describes his two roles as “yin and yang” where everything is balanced.


Although his jobs look all happy and exciting, he also experiences problems along the way. “As a performer, in both magic and comedy, the hardest thing is establishing a name for yourself. You have to convince people that you are worth seeing, and that doesn't come easily,” he mentioned, “that is why marketing is so important for us entertainers.”

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To effectively market his upcoming show with co-entertainer Dom Chambers, he needed a good poster to catch people’s attention. Bayden and Dom knew what they wanted -- a design that shows a great mix of comedy and seriousness.


Their search for a designer led them to Freelancer.


The Right Designer


In a festival held in 2015, Bayden caught up with a friend of his. He commended his colleague’s poster and wondered if he could get the designer’s contact details. His colleague mentioned that he posted a contest on Freelancer, and that he had the luxury of choosing among multiple styles and ideas.


“That immediately convinced me to use Freelancer, and I didn't even think about other similar platforms. I simply didn't have to, because it was clear that Freelancer attracted the highest caliber of designers,” Bayden revealed.


Like his colleague, he posted a contest on Freelancer. After a week, Bayden received nearly up to 60 designs, all of which offered unique interpretations of what the duo had in mind.


The winning candidate was Laura, a Canadian designer. Bayden was blown away by Laura’s entry. He gave some feedback and she got to it immediately. Bayden commended her work ethic and invaluable communication. ”She was such a pleasure to work with, and we can't wait to work with her again. Our expectations were exceeded in every way,” he shared.

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Hiring a freelancer was also a financially-wise business move. According to Bayden, it would have cost him around $500 to $750 if he had made locally.


Hiring Laura was a huge boost to Bayden and Dom's confidence. With the poster ready, all there is left to do now is to rake in the crowd and give a splendid performance.


“Not only do we now have a final product we are absolutely 110% satisfied with, we also have a list of designers we would like to work with directly in the future. Most importantly, we are confident that this poster will help us to sell tickets. For many of our customers, this poster will be the first thing they’ll encounter. It's thoroughly eye-catching and engaging, and will most certainly draw audiences in to take a closer look,“ he said.


Through Freelancer, Laura was able to find a project she specializes in, while Bayden got the eye-catching poster design he needed for his show.


If they got their project done, you can too! Whether you’re a freelancer or an employer, check Freelancer for your daily dose of work and collaboration opportunities.

Posted 7 December, 2016

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