Musician Chooses to Hire Freelancer for Music Video Production

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Ben Heine, a 33-year-old artist from Belgium, has achieved great heights in his visual arts career. His long list of exhibits proves his excellence. He is most known for his original series “Pencil Vs Camera”, “Digital Circlism”, and “Flesh and Acrylic”.




As an artist, Ben aspires to communicate through his works. He uses his art as a means of influencing his audience. “My dream is to inspire and surprise people,” shared Ben.


A New Art


In 2012, Ben stepped into the music industry where he started producing and composing. Music was a familiar field to Ben. He learned how to play the drums and the piano when he was younger. Since then, his love for music kept growing.


Despite his skills and a strong interest in music, shifting to music production was no easy feat for Ben. He had to learn how to use advanced music software, and find musicians willing to collaborate with him. Yet even with these challenges, Ben remained confident that he was going to do well.


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His recent composition “Where Are You?”, sung by Dominika Timoszuk, is a love song that describes Ben’s outlook on love. “It's simple, strong, short, and complicated sometimes,” he said.


After writing the song, he looked into having a music video made.


“A good music track with a bad clip will never be a hit. The video gives the final touch, the mood, and the general atmosphere of the song. It can add a layer of creativity and surprise. It creates a story that accompanies the song,” Ben added.


His desire to have a music video made led to his search for a graphics and video designer. Ben searched Google for possible candidates, and that’s how he came across Freelancer.

The Music Video


Ben was able to go through portfolios and choose the best freelancer for the job. Having access to a database with millions of professionals from around the world gave Ben top notch contenders.


The video was created by Pakistani freelance team Your Outsourcer. Ben hired them to make a lyric video, and collaborated with the team to work on the script.


Ben was overjoyed he hired freelancers for the job because it saved him up to thrice the amount he would have paid for a local graphic and video production team. Producing his music video only cost him $350 USD. He was ecstatic with the music video, and with the services provided by Your Outsourcer.




“They were very kind and professional. I really liked how easy it was to communicate with the freelancer. The project was a successful one,” mentioned Ben.


The video has been viewed 12,000 times since it was uploaded last September. Some users expressed their admiration by leaving comments. Having the video has really helped Ben get his name around the music community. Truly, a great first step for Ben.


No project is too big or too small. Join Freelancer and choose among the best freelancers all over the world.


Posted 22 December, 2016

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