Coworking: The Key To Freelancers Success

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Coworking is influential; this fact is not subtle from the working class. This phenomenon is the most commonly observed in metropolitan cities. However, in recent times, the tradition has faced a measure setback.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 53 million people are working as a freelancer only in America. These freelancers are the challenger of the routine clock job.

The rapid changes and the frequent adaptation of the freelancing have proven beneficial for the number of organizations. It can also be termed as the ‘modern industrial revolution’.   

Freelancer’s Success Key

The rapid increase in the population of freelancers, almost 78%, also arise multiple issues. Among them, the top of the list is the motivation and working space.

It seems convenient that you are working from home in a peaceful environment, but is it so? Aren’t you distracted or demotivated?

As a solution, multiple commercial spaces build up to where you can work with other freelancers. These shared workspaces are of different sizes and provide additional facilities.

This co-working can create an ample impact on the success of freelancers in multiple manners.

1.     Distractions

While working, one thing that keeps on distracting is your cell phone. Whenever you desire to pick up your phone and scroll social media, you will waste your time.

This activity also breaks the flow and attention of the freelancer. To this problem, the shared working space can be the solution.

When you are distracted, you notice that every individual is busy working and earning money. You are the only one wasting time in the elements that are not even related to your work.

Along with this, it also triggers the fact that you are not the only one in this field the competitors are increasing rapidly, almost 59% growth only in the UK.

2.     Flow of Work

Regardless of your job nature, you require rhythm and attention while working. Whenever you are working from home, the distractions are evident that breaks the flow of the work.

Similar to the synchronized and rhythmic functions of the body, the work also requires flow. Now don’t confuse it with the regular working hours. It is reflecting the attention and flow your work need to be of top-notch quality.

When you work in a shared space with negligible distractions, a flow is created. This flow will surely increase the quality and working capacity of the lancers.

3.     Not a Heroic Job

Working as a freelancers means working in isolation is a myth. We all are being in isolation and acquire that; isolation is not key to success. Working from isolations and remote location restrict social networking.

The shared spaces providing the coworking environment is an adequate one. It provides an atmosphere of an office, but it is not an office. You can term it a social office. These spaces are experiencing a growth rate of 21.3% annually.

There is a diverse range of necessities that can is provided by the coworkers. You are enabling to build your network. You can collect insights into various topics.

 You can even have a chit chat with your neighbour. This serves as a close social circle providing leverages to the freelancers. Being part of anything is better than isolation and depression.

4.     Blinkers

The blinkers are the small leather patches attached with the bridle over the eye of the horse. The core purpose is to avoid any distractions and maintain the focus on a horse in the race.

The coworking also serves as a blinker. Imagine for a while that you are a horse running in a race. The social space is a blinker that avoids any distraction in achieving your goals.

The homeworking environment, despite all the comforts, serves as an obstacle in achieving the goal. Imagine working calmly at home, and suddenly a neighbour knocks at the door.

What will you do? Defiantly answer the gate. These are eliminated in the coworking; thus, improving your abilities.

5.     Ready for Action

Imagine that you are working with a loyal and satisfied client for ages. He/she suddenly demands the development of a website or an application you are not aware of.

You search in your neighbourhood or the friend circle, and no one could perform that task. At this point, the coworking space can help.

According to Statista, almost 185 people are a regular member of the working space. This means that you have 185 options available.

You have a pool of talented people working around you. Some of them are busy in making digital marketing strategies, some are catering students request to write my assignment for me, and some of them may be developing a website. Moreover, imagine a vice versa situation; you can also get multiple learning options in this situation.

6.     Professionalism

The larger segment of the population has a distinct perception of freelancers. They perceive them as a shabbily dressed individual with a messed up personality. People also believe that these workers do not contribute to the tax or GDP.

Hence, this creates a negative impact on the lancer-client relationship. Well, this is not the case; they do contribute to the GDP and pay taxes. Their contribution is also known as the gig economy. As per the Gig economy study, approximately $1 trillion is being contributed in the gig economy by the freelancers in the year 2019.

I believe that this contribution can create a sense of urgency and inclusion of the freelancers. The working spaces provide meeting rooms and other digital facilities. These can be utilized to deal with the client professionally.

This will ultimately increase your business and strengthen your relationship. Imagine you are a client video conferencing with a freelancer, and suddenly a pet bombed the conversation. How will it feel? To avoid this, coworking spaces are the ideal place.  


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