Five Killer Content Marketing Techniques

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Modern marketers have a lot to worry about if they are to realize their marketing objectives. There are dozens of tools that must be mastered to bring forth real results. While some marketers are really successful and make marketing look easy, others struggle with it. The secret is that there is no problem with stealing ideas from successful ones and customizing them to meet your strategy.

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While content marketing was initially emphasized and used to complement SEO strategies, that is no longer the case. It has actually become an important element of Internet marketing that cannot be ignored. Have you unsuccessfully been trying to get it right? Here are five killer content marketing techniques for you.

1. Maximize With Visual Content: We live in a visual world, and it becomes more convenient in content marketing. The evolution of digital technology is fast and unstoppable. Marketers can now share their stories with the world through infographics, videos, and persuasive imagery. You should incorporate more visual elements into your articles, tweets, posts, and any other form of content since visual content can attract more viewership than their text-only counterparts.

2. Test: Before you roll out a comprehensive and costly content marketing campaign, you should consider testing and tweaking various elements of your strategy. Feel free to use various tools and don’t shy away from messing around with diverse images, titles, videos, and call-to-actions, then weigh the performance.

3. Get Social: Currently, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are the top three preferred social media platforms for forward-thinking marketers. You don't have to limit your options though –  there are other viable options such as Google+, SlideShare, and YouTube that are all equally reliable. Go for platforms with the highest potential to keep targeted audiences engaged longer. Social medial profiles should not just be used for promotional content but primarily for customer engagement and content dissemination.

4. Embrace Curation: Most customers are no longer interested in promotional content. Instead, they are more drawn to thought-provoking content. Content marketers should strive to avoid sales-oriented content and instead invest more in creating valuable relevant content. The Web has lots of information that one can curate and offer followers with and not what you think they need.

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5. Keep it Fresh: People are always searching for fresh information, which is then shared with family and friends because no one has time for copy-pasted garbage. If you must copy, try to customize your content to meet your customers’ needs. Also, ensure that you segment your content to fit a specific target audience. Niche-targeting can be done through incorporation of long-tail keywords in the content, as well as the use of blogs and social media. The era of one-message-fits-all is long gone and marketers must find ways to personalize their messaging for different audiences.

The basis of any marketing effort should be a marketing strategy. It is therefore paramount that the above are clearly captured in your content marketing strategy. You should also invest in competent and creative writers as well as Internet marketers to support your business objective. This is a viable option because most of these experts can be outsourced at a very moderate price. 


Posted 18 June, 2015


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