Animation: Bringing Life to Pictures

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Animation has brought so much beauty to the world. To animate an object is to “bring it life”. Pictures no longer stay still, instead they tell more accurate stories through movement and music.


Freelancers all over the world try their best to acquire such skills because of the high demand for it nowadays. Animations are used in a plethora of projects. From a simple GIF one sends on Facebook to a complex video promotion of a product, it’s safe to say that this generation has been blessed to have such an experience.


Check out some cool animations from our awesome freelancers.


1. Ajay Sharma

Ajay GIF.gif
Check it out here!

2. Andrey Istomin

Istomin GIF.gif
The longer version is great too! Here you go.

3.  Gaston Muyano

Gaston GIF.gif
Get to know more about Bob’s problem here.

4. Serigne Mar

Serigne GIF.gif

Need a business-type GIF? Watch this video.

5. Amy Baniecki

Amy GIF.gif

Sing around to the catchy tune of Housing Bubble.

6. Saikat Ghosh

Saikat GIF.gif

A great business graphic. Imagine how good the whole video could be? View it here.


7. Galen Nolan

Galen GIF.gif

In need of an informative graphic animation? Could this be the template you’re looking for?


8. Ayodele Badejoko

Ayodele GIF.gif

If you need an ad like this one, you know who to call.


9. Andrey Valkevich

Valkevich GIF.gif

Any random projects? A business animation? Cartoon animation? Choose one here!


10. Muhammad Sumair

Muhammad GIF.gif

Want a cartoon-type animation like this one? Hire a freelancer!


If you have some animation projects in mind but don’t know where to begin, get some inspiration from our Showcase page. Once you have a clear picture of what you want to see, hire a freelancer and get the job done.


Another week comes to an end. One GIF to sum it all up.



giphy (1).gif

Posted 28 October, 2016

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