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On a whim one Saturday afternoon a few short months ago, I created a profile at

I had done previously done freelance copywriting for companies (bricks and mortar) in a traditional manner but in recent times had put my writing aside and concentrated on other things. Without having constant writing to do, my life was more boring.

I opted to take the Professional Membership promotion and started to poke around on the site. I now began to dream again of being able to make a living from writing, my absolute passion.

I had no idea how to use the site, but I read some information about how it works, the security features and some tips about how to create a great profile.

I set up the skills that I was interested in and completed my profile and did the test on US English (100% woo hoo!!).

I browsed projects looking for my skill set and made bids. I did not know exactly how to price myself. After only a few days I met my first employer who offered me a really interesting project through the chat portal which was so very easy to use.

It was an academic piece of writing and he needed it within 12 hours. It was after hours when I was awarded the project and of course I said yes to whatever money he was offering and got started. It was 2.30am when I turned in the piece, and during the writing he was often available for me to ask a few questions.

He responded to me the next morning when I woke up that the piece was acceptable and well written. I was happy that I had managed to meet the challenge set to do a 5 page researched and cited piece on a topic I only had a broad knowledge of.

True to his word, he began (and continues) to give me work. His support and confidence made a big difference and in the last few weeks I have completed over twenty projects and met some really interesting and genuine people. I have done entire websites, blogs, articles, marketing letters, academic pieces and currently I'm working on a local history for a sight-seeing app and I’m loving it.

I love writing exceptional copy under pressure and to receive great feedback fuels me to get more. Most of the employers are really keen to develop ongoing relationships with me as I've been able to deliver on my promises. Even when you encounter problems you can ask contacts for their advice or ask the admins at Freelancer to help resolve any problems.

The day I got my first money into my real bank account and so far have earned almost $2000. This confirms to me what a great system this is. It is well integrated and has protections built in.

I find myself obsessively bidding and accepting project. Even though I can’t retire yet, I definitely will keep writing anything and everything I can.

Try it and you won't be disappointed.

Posted 11 December, 2017


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