8 Ways Freelancer Local Jobs Can Help You Have a Fail-Proof Valentine's Day

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No matter who you are, what you do, and where you are in the world, you can’t escape the Valentine frenzy.  If you’re a business owner, you might even be busy running a marketing campaign inspired by big brands.

But, have you planned something for your loved ones already?

It’s great if you have but if you haven’t, here’s what you can do:

Find and hire local freelancers to get things done for you this Valentine’s Day. It’s like having your own Cupid to help carry out your plans.

There are many ways to have a fail-proof Valentine’s Day celebration. We’re giving you eight fun and endearing gift ideas that freelancers from Local Jobs can help you pull off.

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Deliver your gift

Flowers? Coffee? A puppy? Ask a freelancer to bring your gift to your significant other during midday while you’re still at work. But make sure you have something else that’s truly special planned out before the day is over. You can always go for the classic date night stuff like watch a movie or dine at your favorite restaurant.

Cook dinner

If there’s one day in the calendar where restaurant reservations could turn from exciting to maddening, it’s Valentine’s Day. That’s why some people opt to have dinner at home instead.

You’d love to have gourmet dishes on that special night but what if you can’t cook? Before you cry out of desperation, call for help. Look for someone in your area who does magic in the kitchen. Either that or ask a freelancer to bake the fluffiest, chocolatiest cake for your loved one.

Clean the house

If you often complain about the chaos in your significant other’s home, why not do them a favor by having it cleaned? And surely you’ll need all the help you can get if it’s a huge apartment we’re talking about.

Make a video

Create a memorable video with a heartwarmingly funny or downright romantic storytelling. Don’t have a creative flair? Ask help from a video editor.

Take photos

Do you and your partner love taking pictures together? Feel like the most photographed Hollywood couple and arrange a photo shoot. Think of a nice theme and hire a local photographer. Dress up and have fun!

Capture a significant moment

Ready to take your relationship to the next level? If you’re planning to pop the question on Valentine’s Day, have a videographer on-site to document this milestone. Best of luck! We all hope she’d say ‘Yes!’

Build something

Is your other half a bookworm? That one corner in your house could be a cozy reading nook. If that’s space consuming, a customized bookshelf would still be a lovely gift! Get a carpenter to build it for you.

Organize a party

We all know that Valentine’s Day is not exclusive for couples. You can do something special for your family, your best buddies, and your officemates by throwing a Valentine celebration.

Gather your favorite people, especially the ones who don’t have dates! Need your event staff? Get three or more freelancers to cover all the bases on the night of the party.

Posting a Local Job

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Find freelancers in your area and post what you need to get done for Valentine’s Day. Here’s how:

1. Enter the location where you need the task done
2. Choose a service
3. Receive bids from local freelancers
4. Pick the best freelancer for the job

Whichever you think is the perfect way to show how you feel, help is available on Freelancer Local Jobs.


Posted 9 February, 2017

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