From Your Mind to Her Screen: Freelance Designer's Blueprint

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Jessica Walker is a 27-year-old freelance graphic and women’s apparel designer. Although she specializes in designing sportswear, Jessica also accepts design projects for different kinds of clothing. Being a well-experienced designer, she earned herself a plethora of clients.

Through her vision and skills, Jessica transforms a client’s basic concept into a visual representation. She turns ideas into reality through the help of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

An Unexpected Opportunity

Before becoming a freelancer, she lived in Germany and was a designer for the internationally-known brand Puma. When her partner decided to move to Auckland, New Zealand, she chose to do the same.

Jessica struggled in finding a good job in her first two months in Auckland, so she turned to online freelancing. “This was when I discovered and decided it was a great way to carry on my passion, and also earn a decent wage,” explained Jessica.

“ is clutter-free. You can see clearly the projects that are most suitable for your skills. You can see the client’s budget and proposed payment. Everything is up front and laid out on the table before you bid, so this is great to see. You can manage your accounts, see what money is coming in and what’s going out. You are able to communicate with your client very easily and by rating the person, you can create a good reputation and build up more successful client relationships,” said Jessica.   

“If I did not have then I would not be able to live here abroad! I have gone from having a great full-time job, to having a great freelance opportunity which makes nearly more money than a full-time job would,” Jessica mentioned.

To cover all her expenses, Jessica has another part-time job aside from freelancing. When she’s not working, she spends her time doing some of her hobbies, such as cooking, swimming, and paddle boarding.

Freelancing Online, Away from Home

The biggest benefit of working as a freelancer is the opportunity to build your portfolio. When you choose to work as a freelancer, you also choose a profession that involves diverse projects and assignments. Here, you are able to hone your skills and incorporate the knowledge you have acquired from different countries and cultures.

Despite the diversity of people you meet as a freelancer, you also end up meeting some people from your locale. Not only do you build relations with people from other nations, but also with people from home. “One day I hope to go back to the UK. Obviously, I will need to find work. Through, I have met clients from the UK. Hopefully, one day I can go back home and continue working for them in person. The site has secured me a better and safer future,” said Jessica.

Getting the Job

Of the numerous projects Jessica had worked on, her current project is by far the most memorable one. It involves a startup sports brand based in the UK that hired her to design their first collection. Jessica loves the project for three reasons:

  1. The company is very passionate about their startup. Their products, according to Jessica, are great.

  2. If the project goes well, Jessica might have a job waiting for her back home.

  3. Since the project involves designing new things, she continues to develop her knowledge and skills.

For a freelancer to win bids and land projects they want, Jessica’s number one tip: Sell yourself well. Since you’ll be competing with the world’s best freelancers, you must stand out. Exhibit confidence and professionalism. Nothing beats an excellent portfolio, so never settle for mediocrity. Be open to the idea of creating sample content, it may lead to paid content in the long run. Also, always keep in mind that communication is key.

Future Plans

Jessica is planning to start her own fashion label. “The plan is in its initial stages but by earning money through freelancing, I hope to save enough to start doing what I really love for myself, which is designing clothes,” she mentioned.

Jessica’s journey has allowed her to do what she loves to do, wherever and whenever she wants to. The experience she has gained from working as a freelancer is phenomenal.

Do you have a clothing design in mind? Make it come to life. Hire Jessica today!

Posted 13 September, 2016

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