How a 24-Year-Old Entrepreneur Revolutionizes On-Demand Delivery in Turkey

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Arda Ulusoy, a 24-year-old local of Istanbul, Turkey, is an industrial engineer and entrepreneur who focuses on innovating new businesses in lucrative international markets. He went to Koç University and University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) where he developed his expertise in engineering and marketing respectively.

Arda’s education background led him to build sustainable and efficient businesses and income models. Along with his colleagues, he thought of localizing the on-demand delivery services found abroad. Thus, they decided to create Hooppala.

Hooppala: The On-Demand Goods Delivery App

Hooppala is a company that connects various markets to the customers. Through their services, people all over Turkey can order a boat load of stuff such as food, clothing, groceries and medicine using their smartphones. The idea of ordering things online and having it delivered was a hit in the US and in Europe; however, it wasn’t being offered in Turkey, until Hooppala came to existence.

Since their services are meant for smartphone users, there was one thing left for Arda’s team to do -- create the smartphone app.

The Search for the App Developer

Arda then tried going around his locale to get quotations on how much it would cost to create the app. Local developers would have charged Hooppala as much as $12,000. As an entrepreneur, Arda knew that shelling out a big amount for a service that had alternatives was a no-no.

That was when he decided to look for a freelancer that could bring his team’s masterpiece to life. Arda knew that is the best freelance site to turn to because of the services it offers that he couldn’t find on other platforms

After a few clicks on the site, Arda’s team was able to find the right freelancer to get the job done. The rate was perfect, so they chose to go for it. It saved the company a big chunk of money. An India-based engineer was hired for the job. It only took 15 days to get the app ready to go. Arda and his team were thrilled to know that they were one step closer to their dream project.

“Working with our freelancer was a great experience because he was a great communicator and he tried to provide the best in this project. His performance was above our expectations with all the extra support he gave us,” said Arda.

Hiring on makes both employer and freelancer feel safe from the beginning of a project. The workflow planning and payment agreements were very helpful, which make the users feel secure.

The Freelancer app was able to connect Arda to the best freelancers around the world. He was able to keep track of the bids and connect to the bidders in an instant. To view past projects and read on the bidder’s reviews were the app’s two most handy features. It allowed Arda to choose the best fit for his project.

Arda also shared a few tips in looking for the best freelancer:

  1.  Don't be afraid to create projects. It's free.
  2. Carefully search for a freelancer who fits your expectations. Read all the reviews and descriptions of his past projects.
  3. Be proactive and talk to every possible freelancer who bids.
  4. Set your price first but be ready to modify it.
  5. Get in touch with the reliable's support team for any concerns you might have in hiring.

During his free time, Arda enjoys playing basketball and soccer. He also loves traveling around the world to see new places and meet new people.

Are you also in need of a mobile app for your business? Post a project on Freelancer today.

Posted 19 August, 2016

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