How to become a successful freelancer?

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Freelancing is one of the most popular ways of earning money online. Having the right skill set is necessary to start an online freelance business.

Who can do freelancing and what it is?

  • This can be done part time/full time based on the individual who is running this business also aside by doing your regular job or study if you had enough time. But this should be done seriously with dedication and time, something similar to doing a job if you really want to be successful.
  • Freelance can be done by an individual or a team of people with a self-motive to be successful in the business/self-employment/entrepreneurship goals. But remember always teamwork is even more effective to be successful.

This freelance industry has given good number of opportunities to the people to earn money online at the comfort of your home or even set up a new business. The reason people choose this way is to make a living out of it with their skills.

This blog will teach you a complete guide to earn money online through freelancing in the IT Industry.


Freelancing Introduction:

  • What is freelancing?
  • Payment system in freelancing?
  • How much can you earn?
  • Who is qualified to be a freelancer?

How to start a freelance business (Guide):

  • Signing Up on
  • How to find the clients for your business?
  • How to search for jobs/projects in freelancing?
  • Winning Proposal for Project.

Things to Know in Freelancing:

  • Skills
  • Tools and Equipment.


Freelance introduction:

What is freelancing?

  • For more than a decade, the freelance system has existed. Let's take a closer look at the fundamental idea and how it works in real time.
  • When someone gets paid hourly, weekly or on a project basis rather than a general monthly income, it is referred to as freelancing.
  • Clients submit jobs on freelancing websites, and the freelancer works on them remotely, outside of the client's or company's office and all this happens mostly online.
  • Both the client and the freelancer agree on the following details:
    1. Job/Project details
    2. Scope
    3. Budget
    4. Duration of project
    5. Fixed/hourly payment scheme
    6. Milestone reporting interval.
  • The project is completed when all deliverables have been completed and all payments have been made. If the client is pleased with the work and has another project in mind, the freelancer is hired again with a new project or job by contacting the freelancer again. Long-term contracts are necessary for some requirements.

Payment System:

In freelancing, payment system is generally of two types in which client pays the freelancer by

  • Hourly
  • Fixed
  1. Fixed: In a fixed payment system, the project is paid on milestone basis or for total project. Here for example, if you are working on an app development project with a budget of 900$. The goal is to add 3 new features to the project. Then the new features you add to the app can be taken as a milestone to ask for payment.
  • Milestone 1(300$): Adding of feature 1 
  • Milestone 2(300$): Adding of feature 2 
  • Milestone 3(300$): Adding of feature 3
Hourly: In an hourly payment system, freelancers get paid based on the hours spent on the project. Here the hourly payment for freelancers depends on the skill level or task he is accomplishing. 
    • For example, 15$/hr for Automation Engineer


Here earnings always vary and do not remain constant like a salary in your account by doing a job. If you are having trusted customers with your consistency in delivering the projects to them correctly you can earn a constant decent amount equal to or even more than a job.

Qualified freelancer:

  • Anyone with a college degree from university or without a degree can join.
  • Effective communication skills
  • Relevant Skills required for projects posted.


How to start a freelance business? (Guide)

Signing Up on

  • There are a number of websites that provide freelance projects from big companies, startups, and also individual projects.
  • is one among them with good opportunities. Recruiters from organizations, startups post projects on this platform. 
  • Sign up with some basic details and creating an account is an easy process. This way one can have access to the projects available.


Finding Client:

Clients on freelance platforms can talk to freelancers only if the project bid is well written and if they have a suitable profile for their project.

Finding Project:

Clients post projects along with some basic details like amount, project description. If the freelancer is interested and has the right skill to do so he can bid on the project with the proposal relevant to the project and then the client sees the freelancer proposal to award the project.


Winning proposal:

It is always good to be short and effective when writing a proposal. It should be uniquely written for the project posted by the client and should never be the same for every project posted on the platform. Then the freelancer is having a good chance of getting the project from the client.

Things to know:
  • Basic computer skills, programming languages, effective team communication and/or more required on the basis of kind of project etc.
  • Some basic tools like computer, chair, table, office kind of working space.
  • One open secret is, never lose the trust of customers you are working with, who are genuine.

Happy learning!!!

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