How to Get High Ratings for Your App

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With millions of apps available today, it becomes more challenging to break into the market. Good ratings and reviews will help you do that.

When your app is given good feedback and high ratings, users are more compelled to check out what else you have to offer. As an app developer, that should be one of your main goals. Here are tips on how you can do so.

Make a Good App

No amount of advice on app ratings will get you a notch higher in the ratings game if you don’t have a good app to begin with. So make one that can and address a particular need and provide people with a solution. Make sure that it has a good layout, an interface that’s easy to navigate, and elements that will set it apart from its competition.

Start Well

Before you launch your app, make sure that it functions properly. At this point, you haven't been rated, and you wouldn't want to leave a bad impression on your first users. If there's one thing that you want them to do, that would be to fall in love with your app so much to the point that they head over to the app store and leave you a good review. 

Use a Good Title, Icon, and Description

These are the first elements that people are going to see. Make your title catchy and on-point. Likewise, make your icon unique and striking enough that it compels people to check out your app description and screenshots.


The description that you provide is also crucial. Make it concise, fun-to-read, but filled with all necessary information about your app and why people should download it.

Ask for ratings and reviews the right way

Reviews and ratings will give your app better rankings in different app stores. That's why you need your users to provide feedback. Unfortunately, that’s not on top of their priorities. That’s why you need to remind and encourage them to do so from within your app. But, you need to be careful not too seem too pushy.

The last thing you would want to do is annoy users with constant pop-ups or notifications asking for their review. Timing is key when you ask your users to rate your app.

If your app is a game, wait for a user to reach a particular level before asking for a review. When you do, please don't do it during gameplay. That's just rude. You can, however, provide a reward for people who opt to rate your app.

Be Accessible

When you receive complaints or questions, make sure that you respond to them. This lets your users know that you care about their experience and you are willing to make improvements so that they’ll enjoy using your app even more.

In your app store listing, make sure that there’s a link to your website for customer support. Additionally, you can make yourself available through social media and let users know that they can reach you through these channels.

Be quick to fix app problems

It's not enough that you're good at interacting with users. You need to act on their issues and improve your app from time to time.

As soon as you receive a complaint, start fixing it right away. When Instagram released a buggy update, it cost them 1.5 stars. That’s a setback that you wouldn’t want to happen if you intend to stay on top

Posted 30 March, 2015


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