How to Hire an Offshore Software Engineer

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When hiring offshore professionals, you have to be very thorough during the vetting process to make sure you get the best. You may not have physical contact with the contractor to assess some important attributes related to your requirements, but it doesn’t mean that you have to settle for anyone with a flowery proposal.

There is no guarantee that whoever you engage, regardless of how competent the person is, will deliver the work as agreed. This is normal, but there are people who never honor their part of the bargain. Another challenge is that most people, due to their greed for quick online gigs, are tempted to falsify information like fake their portfolios, issue phony certificates if asked to submit, or even assume fake names. Does that mean hiring an offshore software engineer and other professionals is a gamble? The answer is no. There are various ways through which you can ensure that the person whose services you contract is not only fit for the task, but will make sure that it gets done on time, and on budget, and with the right quality. Pay close attention to the following.

Reputation: The reputation of a software developer is very important. Do your research on the potential applicant and find out if there are any negative reviews or client feedback against the person. The main reason serious freelancers will do everything to maintain a positive reputation is because it is their best online resume and cover letter combined. If people leave positive feedback and comments about a certain provider, then there must be something truly awesome about the expert. Steer clear of providers whose reputations are already soiled. 

Experience: This is a very important consideration if you want to get quality work done. Technical fields like software engineering should have the best. You can determine an engineer’s experience based on previous jobs done. Also, be wary of people who aren't willing to share a portfolio—it's a telling sign. In fact, ask for referees to confirm that the applications the person may claim to have created are indeed theirs. A more experienced software engineer with a sterling online reputation is a perfect match. Also, measure experience based on the programming language of interest.

Security: What guarantee is the provider offering to prove that the work being done is for-hire and therefore you retain full ownership the moment you remit the payment? Is there any proof provided to confirm that the work is unique and does not violate any laws? As for security, what security measures will be put in place to ensure that the application being generated is secure? Is your IP protected? Bear in mind that you are dealing with a software engineer here, and it pays to delve into the details, however petty they may sound.

Costing and Payment: The cost of a service will always feature in any transaction. With some quick research, you can find out the estimated market rates for any project. Is the contractor's price fair or do you need to negotiate? You should always concentrate on getting real value for your money. Preferably, propose to send the payment in batches according to preset milestones so that you don’t incur losses in case the contractor fails to deliver the work.

Once you have assessed all the above, it is recommended that you conduct a live interview via Skype or any other video chat application to confirm the person’s competence. It is very risky to hire offshore software engineers in a hurry, so take your time and make the right choice.


Posted 12 May, 2015


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