Innovation Leader Uses Freelancers for Startup Planting Business

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“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” - Steve Jobs

Who knew that a simple shoe organizer could change the way we see planting? Dennis Gelbaum did. On a day just like any other, Dennis observed that his behind-the-closet shoe organizer was on the verge of breaking. It was made of cheap material, the stitching around the pockets and the seams were already loose, and the shoes just kept falling to the ground. At that very moment, his mind wandered on other things he could use the old organizer for – other than ground fill.

The Vision

The combination of Dennis’ and his friends’ ideas led to Happy Herb & The Spice Gals-- an outdoor vertical hanging canvas planter. It is perfect for growing fresh, organic herbs, vegetables, and flowers.

“We use high quality, mold, mildew, and rot resistant canvas material. We are looking into alternative natural materials like bamboo or hemp and also looking at using recycled coffee bean burlap bags. We will be offering seed packs for a variety of herbs, vegetables and flowers, selected for specific geographical regions, potting soil discount coupons, and Happy Herb & The Spice Gals comes with a booklet containing the history of each herb,” explained Dennis.

To market the brand really well, Dennis thought of having a logo and four cartoon characters made. A logo is a very vital piece of company branding. Consumers recall a brand, in a matter of seconds, through its logo. Dennis knew the importance of creating just the right image for this product and how it would help lead the business to success. He also knew how important the branding would be to successfully engage in social media. So, he decided to go on with the idea - a fun-filled project.

Building the Brand

Dennis did a thorough search on different freelance sites around the web. A considerable amount of time was spent reviewing these sites. He then turned to to get the job done.

Once registered, he immediately put up a bid  for the project. In a matter of hours, he was receiving more than a dozen bids and inquiries. All bids were enticing and really good, but he had to pick only one. Dennis chose Pinky from India.

“Pinky did an outstanding job. She added her own style in to the characters that helped bring them to life - exactly what we wanted. She responded to all our change requests with professionalism and always in a timely manner. We ended up with a fun, colorful, somewhat silly, but definitely, attention-grabbing and memorable logo, plus a cast of characters to represent our company, brand and product,” said Dennis.

Also in Dennis’ agenda was to develop an accessible Wordpress eCommerce website. Again, he turned to a freelancer for the job. “Nahar Singh Parmar, also from India, developed our Wordpress eCommerce website. He was amazing! The results were outstanding. He created a fully functional and easy to navigate site. It was exactly what we wanted. It was accomplished within a tight schedule and budget,” he mentioned.

If the project was done in Dennis’ locale, Texas, USA,  it would have cost him around five to 10 times more than what he spent on hiring freelancers. His experience working with freelancers was phenomenal. “I enjoyed working with different freelancers. Collaborating with freelancers from all over the world was great. The communication was satisfactory, and overall, the work was consistent, high quality, and very affordable,” explained Dennis.

What’s Next for Happy Herb & The Spice Gals

Dennis and his colleagues have so much planned for their product. There’s a lineup of activities to get the product out in the market, including updating their eCommerce site with new products, social media marketing, producing a series of live events, and an animated web-based series. Through these actions, they’re anticipating a successful launch of Happy Herb & The Spice Gals.

Dennis manages many other companies. Currently, he is the COO and CMO of Septien Entertainment Group and the CEO of CMOH.Dallas|Ramp It Up Entertainment, where he focuses on helping business owners with their creative and business strategies. Dennis is also an inventor, multimedia director and producer, and a published author. His known publications are “Beyond Reasonable Doubt” and “Something About Going Home”. He is also the brainchild for Buddy Lite Illuminated Safety Leash.

Despite the numerous projects he owns, Dennis finds time to grow the Happy Herb & The Spice Gals. has given Dennis valuable assistance in his startup. It allowed him to focus on different aspects of his life -- family, business, and career.

Do you have a logo or a cartoon project you need to be done? Hire Pinky today. Now if you’re looking to hire a website developer, check out Nahar’s profile here.

Posted 7 September, 2016

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