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Employers evaluate freelancers in different ways, usually depending on their priorities. Some hire freelancers based on their past work experiences, location, rates, or even educational background. That’s why you have to exert an effort to present yourself well so you have a good chance of being noticed.

There’s no better way to showcase your freelancing expertise than having a first-rate profile. You need to create a professional image to catch a potential employer’s attention and get that most wanted job.

To ensure that every profile listed in our directory is of outstanding quality, Freelancer released the Profile Rating feature to assist you in improving your profile and make it work for you.

What are the benefits of’s Profile Rating?

  • Increased award rate

  • Improved profile visibility

  • High exposure of the profile

  • Real-time ratings and personalized feedback

Profiles with excellent content will be pushed to the top spots of the directory while those which received poor ratings will fall off the list.

How does it work?

Our staff will receive a notification each time you update your profile (e.g. picture changes, summary edits, or portfolio additions). Your updates will be reviewed and rated. Take note that you’ll receive your rating in record speed if you are a membership plan user.

Once your rating is released, you will be ranked among other users. Don’t fret because it will not be visible to them. You will be rated and ranked each time you upload new content or make changes in your profile. You’ll also receive personalized tips and tricks on how to improve your profile rating. The higher the visibility of your profile is, the more chances you get for successful job awards.

While your profile is being reviewed, you will temporarily be restricted from bidding as you polish your professional image. Once your content update has been approved, the restriction will be lifted and you can continue bidding for projects.

What should you improve?

Your picture. Evaluate your photo. Does it show you adopting a professional look? Upload a good quality and decent photo that would make employers take you seriously. Make sure it is in high resolution and appropriate size. It must have proper lighting and uncluttered background.

Your logo. Remember that the maximum score for logos is 4 out of 5. So make sure it increases your chances of getting noticed by employers. It should be of good quality -- just the right size, has an overall visual appeal, and most importantly, must be relevant to the work that you do.

Your summary. This section will give prospective clients an idea of your skills, experiences, and expertise. Be concise in presenting your work credentials.

Your display name. Your real name should be displayed here. Don’t use monikers.

Your portfolio. Show off your noteworthy projects in the most appealing way possible. Write a summary which describes each project in your portfolio. It must not contain any link or contact information and should observe correct spelling and grammar.

Your resume. This section displays a brief description of what you do, education background, work history, certifications, publications and awards. Basically, it contains vital information that helps employers decide if you’re the freelancer they’re looking for.

Freelancer will help you get many work opportunities, but you need to do your part to win them. Make sure that your profile content is of top-notch quality so you’ll get top ranking. Who knows? After your profile makeover, the employers may be the ones chasing you!

Posted 10 December, 2014

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