”I had to work 12 hours a day, seven days a week and I only got around $400USD a month. That wasn’t enough for my family.”

Nurul Hadi, a 31-year-old Indonesian, chose to leave his job as a pharmacist in order to become a freelancer. His decision to do so relied on two factors -- time and income. Working as a freelancer would let him spend more time with his family and also net in as much as four times his previous income.

A New Career

He learned about Freelancer on a blog he read in 2014. “Freelancer is an easy platform to understand. It has many employers, good payment, great security, fast support response, and cheap project charges. Amazing!” said Nurul.

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The limitless earning from freelancing was key in his decision. He needed to save up because his wife will be giving birth to their second child soon. Being able to work at home was a huge blessing for him since he was able to go on breaks and assist his wife, Dini Restiani.

Learning Never Stops

When Nurul isn’t resting, he works mostly on web research and on Microsoft Excel projects. Nurul devotes his time learning and mastering a new skill set to offer. He recently began working on his photo editing, accountancy, and English-speaking skills. Once mastered, he plans on taking some Freelancer Skills Tests to get certified.

Photoshop wasn’t Nurul’s cup of tea but he chose to bid for a project that needed basic knowledge of the photo editing software. The project requirement was to alter the background of an image. Fortunately, he was awarded the project. Nurul read tips and watched tutorials that taught him how to get the job done.

After a few hours, Nurul completed the task and received a five-star rating. It was Nurul’s most memorable job to date because he was very proud of the rating he received for a project new to him. That’s what inspired Nurul to learn and develop other skills.

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“When we, the freelancers, are certified, employers see that we have the necessary skills for their projects and it also gives us better chances of getting hired,” shared Nurul.

Getting hired for an assortment of projects isn’t the only perk Nurul enjoys. He also loves interacting with clients from all over the world. It’s not just work he talks about with his employers. Nurul also engages in discussions about the culture and tradition of the countries his international clients are from.

Working as a freelancer offers more than just jobs, it also presents opportunities to learn and grow.

Freelancing has given Nurul the chance to provide for his family’s basic needs and also some luxuries. He now has the financial capacity to buy the newest gadgets on the market, good-quality furniture, and modern TVs.

Try new jobs and learn new skills. Be a freelancer!

Posted 20 January, 2017

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