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You need to know where to find a product manufacturer if you are to have the chance to translate your idea into something that the consumers can buy. The resources that you use will determine the manufacturing options from which you can make your selection. You should therefore take time to utilize as many resources as you can in order to find the best product manufacturer for your business needs. Here are some resources you can use.

1.      Search Engines

The Internet has made life easier for businesses that need information. Use it to your advantage. You can simply leverage the power of search engines to find a product manufacturer. All that you need to do during your search is to specify the kind of manufacturer that you need and the location, and you will receive multiple links to potential manufacturers.

You can then use customer ratings, reviews, and authority ratings like BBB ratings, to weed out manufacturers who are not a good fit. You can also use production costs and manufacturing capabilities to narrow down your list. Government policies that govern manufacturers outside your locale should also help you make your final selection.

Search engines can also lead you to B2B listings that provide contacts of vetted manufacturers available locally and abroad. Where possible, use those listings to make the search for the right manufacturer easier on yourself.

Here are some websites to help you get started:

·         HKTDC- This offers you the chance to connect with Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China manufacturers, exporters and wholesalers.

·         Quirky- The gives you a chance to tell the world about your product idea. If the idea impresses people, they can vote for it. If you have the most number of votes, your product will be manufactured on your behalf.

·         Industry Net- This site gives you a chance to find the right North American manufacturer for your products.

·         Alibaba- This is one of the largest platforms in the world for anyone looking for product manufacturers and suppliers.

·         10Times- This offers you a list of the most popular international trade fairs in the world for your choosing.


2.      Referrals

Referrals offer you the chance to get access to reputable manufacturers. You can simply talk with various businesses that include wholesalers, marketing firms and retailers. Let them know about the kind of manufacturers that you are looking for and then ask them for suggestions.

Many businesses would be willing to refer you to reliable manufacturers especially if you have a business idea that they stand to gain from. Referral systems of this nature therefore offer a win-win scenario for you, the manufacturers, and the distributors who may end up selling your products.

While referrals are more likely to lead you to reputable manufacturers, you still need to do some research on your own. That way, you can completely ascertain whether the manufacturers mentioned are a good fit or not.

3.      Trade Shows And Fairs

Trade shows and fairs are events that offer all major business stakeholders in different industries the chance to meet under one roof, and show what they have to offer.

You should attend trade shows if you are on the search for a product manufacturer. You will be able to network with important figures in the industry that may be just what you are looking for to meet your manufacturing needs. Alternatively, those that you meet will end up pointing you in the right direction.

4.      You

You are your own resource where product manufacturing is concerned. There is no rule that prevents you from starting your own production plant if you do your research properly and all your documentation is in order.

The challenges of becoming your own product manufacturer are many. If you choose to rely on yourself to produce your products, be sure that you have the right business partners and professionals to back you up.


You have many resources for finding the right product manufacturer for your business. For that reason, you should be open-minded about the options available to you. By doing so, you will have a far better chance of finding a manufacturer that will be a perfect fit for your business production requirements.


Posted 28 April, 2015


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