Starting Out with Hiring Freelancers? Six Power Tips

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Ever heard someone complain that they can’t find people? If the job can be done over the Net, they have millions of options on sites like

You already suspect that your competitors use freelancers for all sorts of virtual work. Many of them are successful, but some grumble about how their experience went. 

What’s the secret of a successful freelancer engagement?

These are the tips that I give my friends and family when they are starting out on hiring freelancers:

  • Get help getting started - If this is your first time, I’d try using a recruiter. We offer recruiter services for a small fee, but it will save you a lot of time. You could also ask friends for names of freelancers they've had success with. But the most important thing is starting with an experienced freelancer who can show you the ropes, and give you hints on how to manage the relationship. Also, you’ll get great advice on the best Milestone structures, until you build more experience in working with Milestones.

  • Stay safe -  The best protection is to keep your messaging on our network (using Freelancer messenger on our website, on iOS and Andriod) and send all payments through our network. This means there is a record for all correspondence, and your money is protected by the Milestone Payment system. 

  • Practice Often - Like any skill, managing other people becomes easier with practice. Most of the time it goes well. Sometimes it does not (but we're here to help when it does not work out well). Either way, the experience makes managing freelancers easier over time.

  • Verify Milestones before you release funds - Reputable freelancers will always let you see work before they ask for their Milestone Payments.

  • Try an hourly project - After you get a bit of practice, you could consider going to an hourly project. This is perfect for ongoing work, and gives you protection like viewing of screens, and protection.

  • If you don’t like a freelancer - get another one - The market is large and vast, choose people who you can work with. Finish off your current Milestone and move on.

Do you have any tips to share for those just starting out?


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