The Best Freelancer Membership Plan for Your Needs

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What’s your Freelancer Membership plan?


To make the most of your experience, you need to enjoy as many features on the site as you can.


Consider a paid membership as an investment. If you’re a hundred percent committed to growing your freelance business on our platform, then choose the best membership plan for your goals and needs.


What more could help you maximize your freelancing opportunities than by subscribing to a powerful membership package? Let’s take a look at two Freelancer Membership plans that are packed with awesome benefits — Professional and Premier.


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Common benefits between the two plans:


For freelancers:

  • Daily Withdrawal Requests

  • Unlock rewards

  • Unlimited project bookmarks

  • Preferred Freelancer eligible*

  • Custom cover photo

  • High value project bidding*


For employers:

  • Free project extensions

  • Free Sealed Project upgrade

Grow your freelance business bigger with these other benefits:

Bids per Month


Premier allows 1,500 bids while Professional has 300 bids. The more bids you can make, the more work you can possibly take.




If you’re on the Premier plan, you can list up to 400 skills on your profile, which means you have that number of chances to win projects under your identified skills. Meanwhile, the Professional plan lets you list 100 skills.


Employer Following


One common benefit between these two memberships is that you can select your favorite employers, follow them, and receive real-time notifications whenever they post a project. With Professional, you can follow 20 employers, while with Premier, you can follow as many as you want.


External Invoicing


Are you working with clients outside Freelancer? You can send them invoices and we’ll take charge of the accounting and payment processing. With Professional, you can do 15 invoicing, while with Premier, you can have unlimited invoicing.


Benefits of Upgrading


Think about the benefits you would earn once you upgrade to any of these paid memberships and how they’re meant to give your freelance business the push it needs. Consider these:


1. You maximize your earning opportunities with more bids, skills, and rewards.


2. Monthly and annual billing cycles are made available. But if you opt to pay annually, you can save up to 20% as compared to paying monthly.


3. You can get exclusive access to high value projects through the Preferred Freelancer Program*. Learn more about the program here.


Free Trial


Have you decided which membership plan to upgrade to? With the comparison we presented on some of their benefits, you’re most likely convinced by how terrific the Premier plan is. BUT if you want to go for the less expensive but still solid option, try the Plus plan.


Now for the best part -- you can get a FREE TRIAL of the Plus plan! Grab this special deal and experience all its fantastic benefits (you can change plans anytime).


Subscribing to a paid membership plan allows you to make the most out of your membership. Don’t miss out and invest in the best Membership Plan for you!


*Benefits require Membership plan and additional criteria for eligibility




Posted 12 December, 2016

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