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Employment opportunities have been shrinking over the years, but there are still millions of unfilled vacancies all over the world. Searching for, and finding the right job is a daunting task. You have to craft a compelling resume, write a flowery cover letter, attend interviews where you have to answer numerous questions (some of which may even be irrelevant to the job), deal with arrogant and even clueless interviewing panels… the list is endless. However, since you need a job, you really have no option. It doesn’t have to be so complicated though—you can easily land the job of your dreams in your country or city of residence if you understand how to wade through the job market.

find your next local jobs with ease

It can be discouraging to apply for various positions, and you might have even experienced a situation where you don't even receive an email from the hiring personnel confirming receipt of your application. Job search is a ‘job’ in itself—and it's one that requires strategy and understanding of the employment trends in the areas you are interested in. Narrow your local job search through the following strategies.

Job Resources

There are many resources that can expose you to suitable opportunities. Do you have access to a website that lists various opportunities in your city? If there is, proceed and sift through the listings—you might find an opportunity that meets your qualifications. Don’t limit yourself to websites because some employers still use conventional ways (such as newspapers) to attract suitable candidates. Increase your chances by reading the classified ads for companies hiring locally.

Filter Your Searches

Regardless of the resource you use, don’t forget to filter the results to those that you are really interested in. Most websites allow you to search for location-specific jobs, which will save you the pain of having to go through a bunch of listings that are of no use. You can narrow your searches further to specific areas of specialization, expected remuneration, and even language.

Improve your local job search to find your next job

Visit Potential Employers

To find your best job, you have to show that you are unique. Get out of your comfort zone, identify various companies in need, and try to talk to the human resources managers. It might not be easy, but it is effective. In as much as you might not land an opportunity, you can still be asked to submit your resume for future consideration. Opportunities only find those who go out searching for them.

Freelance Marketplaces

Employers post opportunities on various platforms, including freelance marketplaces such as This is a great opportunity to search for thousands of local jobs posted on such sites, place bids, and win gigs. Some might be short-term assignments, but you may get lucky and find an employer interested in hiring you for the long term.

It doesn't matter how you land a local job. You can always transact business on where the payment is guaranteed upon completion of the task and the client is also assured of quality work. Other than that, you can use your accumulated feedback to beef up your portfolio and give you better chances of finding jobs that pay better. If you feel connected to your city or neighborhood, you can still find well-paying jobs without moving, if you do it right.




Posted 6 July, 2015


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