Top jQuery Mobile Device Plugins

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jQuery is a feature-rich Javascript library that is fast and efficient, making it a favorite tool for web and mobile developers.  It's compatible with a wide range of browsers, and is commonly used for tasks such as event handling, animation, and HTML document traversal.  Now that one in five Internet searches is being done on a mobile device, jQuery mobile plugins are in even more demand.  Here are some of the best that you can use for specific applications.


Plugin for Google Maps

The Google Map API has long been a headache for many app builders, but with the Google Maps V3 Plugin for jQuery and jQuery Mobile, things are much easier.  The main difference is that you can use jQuery to click events on the map and markers instead of Google listen events, making things simpler for the app developer.



The jQuery Mobile Pagination Plugin provides ample support for using mice, keyboards, and touch input for sequential pagination between pages.  If you add this plugin to your Web page, you can more easily link between documents using conventional HTML anchors.  The jQuery mobile pagination enhances those links for different input methods, and gives them touch and drag capability in browsers that support it.

Device detection plugin

Device.js is a jQuery plugin that makes it much easier to write Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and/or Javascript no matter what the operating system of the device is.  It features user-friendly checklists with options for choosing Android, Windows, Blackberry, and other operating systems.  It also makes it simple to switch between landscape and portrait orientation, as well as tablet and mobile types.

Scrolling plugins

There are two good solutions for jQuery mobile plugins for scrolling.  If you are looking for a plugin that will allow for scrolling within a window in a browser that's similar to mobile devices like the iPhone and Android, jQuery-Mobile-iscrollview is the answer.  This plugin lets users scroll a window within the browser with the use of native-looking scroll bars.

Another good plugin for this task is Mobiscroll.  This plugin works with a variety of Javascript frameworks, libraries, data sources, and MVVM frameworks. 


If you are looking to add a sleek-looking menu to a website intended for mobile users, Mmenu is an excellent plugin for the job.  It's a Javascript plugin that creates a professional-looking sliding menu for a mobile site.  The best thing about it is that it takes only one line of code to do all of that, making this one of the most useful jQuery Mobile Device Plugins for your developer bag of tricks. 


Leaflet is a jQuery device plugin for interactive maps that are mobile-friendly.  This open-source Javascript library has all of the features for any developer that needs to work with online maps.

Posted 10 April, 2015


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