Top Resources Every Freelance Interior Designer Needs to Know

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As a freelance designer you will know that staying on top of trends and getting new ideas is the lifeblood of your business. One thing is for certain - there is no shortage of interior design websites, blogs and social media accounts on the internet. The problem is you can't read, watch or follow them all, and many of them are not worth your time.

And as a freelancer, your time is one of the most important commodities that you own.

So, here is a carefully curated list of interior design resources that you should take the time to become familiar with.

Design Inspiration

Houzz - a huge website with tens of thousands of design and home improvement ideas - if you are looking for the unique, unusual, and highbrow, this is the place to go - because finishing touches are all important - many interior design websites are focused on a single country but this one offers design inspiration with a truly global feel - this site lets artists and designers sell their creations, but it is also a good place to get design inspiration.

Money Savers – Etsy is like your local boutique market, only bigger. It is much more creative than eBay and because you are buying directly from designers and creators, you can save lots of money. - Ikea products are good value for money, but with this site you can go a step further. With contributions from people all over the world, there are loads of ideas to improve on the Ikea norm. - this has now become one of the older sites on the internet, but it is still a great place to look if you want to save money on a particular item or piece of furniture - stunning and unique murals, walls, wallpapers, prints, canvases, and more - this is a good place to look for design inspiration, but it is also a great place to find new pieces, including those from up and coming designers - if you need a storage solution, this is the place to look

The Retro Look - salvaged and reclaimed lighting - Bristol based architectural salvage with an impressive collection – the perfect place if you like Scandinavian design with a retro look

Blogs To Follow - entertaining and informative blog from Amanda Wright. You will find the tips both practical and useful. - design and lifestyle blog from Rohini covering home inspiration, design trends, and more - a design a lifestyle blog from the floral designer Chelsea Fuss

Social Media

@Benekejurgen - tweets from the designer and film-set designer Jurgen Beneke

@housetohome - style tips, advice and interior design inspiration

@inhabitat – eco-friendly design ideas, advice and inspiration

Including these websites, blogs and social media accounts on your regular reading list will ensure you are always up-to-date and inspired.


Posted 26 September, 2015


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