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In 2016, the estimated total amount of Valentine’s Day spending was a whopping $19.7 billion. That’s because of brands that are coming up with their unique campaigns to satisfy their love-stricken market.

These brands came up with brilliant strategies that earned the hearts of many people across the globe. See what you can learn from some distinguished brands and how they pulled off their Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns. These will surely give you ideas for your heart’s day gimmick this year.

valentine's day marketing campaigns


In Feb. 14, 2013, the ridesharing company introduced ‘Romance on Demand’, a special Valentine’s Day offer where users in selected cities in the US could request Uber to deliver roses to their significant other.

This type of offer works best if your business has a delivery service. It will also be a whole lot easier if you have a mobile app to pull off the on-demand delivery service requests.


How could you resist red velvet flavored Oreos? In 2015, Oreo brought to the market this limited-edition cookie for Valentine’s Day through a series of animated videos that showed how this special flavor created sparks for strangers.

Do you have a product that you can customize for special days like Valentine’s? This strategy works because people get a sense of urgency over products that are available for a limited time only. Nobody wants to be left behind. FOMO is real, you know.


This year, Revlon takes advantage of its popularity to call for a special cause. In the campaign  #LoveIn3Words, the public will upload a photo to the microsite and write three words that define what love is for them. The cosmetic company will donate $250,000 to the Women’s Heart Alliance, regardless of the participant’s purchased product or uploaded post.

Campaigns that benefit an organization or a cause is one way of showing that your brand has a heart. Are you supporting an advocacy? Make it easy for people to participate in your cause and think of a way to put the spotlight on the advocacy.


Will you binge-watch “Orange Is The New Black” for 500 hours because it’s your crush’s favorite series? Ah, the things we do for love! This Netflix Valentine campaign hit the spot by putting the right kind of romantic vibe and humor in the storyline.

Tip for you? Tell a story that many people can relate to.


You want to know where to find love? Google it. “Parisian Love” is one of Google’s Search Stories that tells how an American finds love in Paris.

Focus on your main purpose in the lives of your customers. Again, think of a story that could make a lot of people remember their own experiences and show how your product or service plays a huge part in making the story memorable.


This campaign from Cesar celebrates a love that will never be forgotten and how a pet dog tries to keep that love alive.

Valentine’s Day is a celebration for everyone. Pets included.

Got a marketing campaign idea you want to get done in time for Valentine’s Day? Find a freelancer and post your project for a campaign that will boost brand love.


Posted 3 February, 2017

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