Website Revamp Boosts Revenue of Wooden Rings Store

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Auburn University alumnus Jeff Hoskins put up Wooden Rings, a wood-based accessories business, in his Junior year to pay for his tuition fees and everyday expenses.

“I started my business selling custom wooden products from wooden guitar picks, wooden rings to wooden keychains and jewelry. I spent an hour working on a single ring and made a couple a day,” he said.

Eventually, Jeff graduated from his Information Systems program and spent the next year working full-time as a software developer. While employed, he continued growing his wooden rings business. He would find himself busy working on the orders of his customers after a long day at the office.

He left his day job to focus solely on the business. Customers were coming in bunches and things were going great for Jeff. However, he wasn’t satisfied with his eCommerce website’s performance. Loading the whole website took around eight to nine seconds which was dreadfully too long.

“My business is very important since it is my primary source of income. I was seeing a drop in traffic because of problems associated with hosting on a certain domain so I wanted to migrate to a reputable dedicated server host. I had never done a server migration so I wanted a professional because the site is so important,” he said.

Local coders quoted Jeff up to US$700 to a thousand US dollars for his project. The price was way off Jeff’s ballpark figure, so he searched the internet for alternatives. Freelancer was among the top results after Googling ‘coder by the hour’.

His project attracted several freelancers from all over the world. He awarded the project to Amitesh Ojha, an Indian freelancer who specializes in the setup, configuration and migration of websites.

“I backed up Jeff’s data prior to migration and transferred it using rsync,” said Amitesh. “The server Jeff was on was a very slow one plus it had very bad customer support, so we transferred to Amazon Web Services (AWS). Lastly, I implemented some features to speed up the site.”

Jeff’s project was completed in three days and for US$300.

Immediately after the project was completed, Jeff’s website’s load time was reduced by seven to eight seconds and now took a mere second to load. The spectacular speed translated into his website traffic doubling in count which later on lead to the increase of his sales.

“Freelancer connects business owners with freelancers we can trust. The whole system puts a lot of control into the hands of the employer, and it allowed me to find the best price and skills for my project,” said Jeff.

“I plan to use in further expanding and managing the more technical aspects of my business while I focus my energy on more managerial aspects of the business that I cannot outsource.”

The best freelancer in the world is just a click away.

Posted 3 September, 2020


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