What is Social Proof and How to Leverage It

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Social proof, or informational social influence, is a concept that basically explains why people assume a certain action based on the actions of others. It's a type of social conformity where people will act a certain way because it's assumed to be the correct behavior when given a certain situation. Simply put, if everyone around you looks at the sky, and this causes you to do the same, that's social proof at work.

So how does this concept translate into your online marketing efforts?

Applying social proof concepts to your website can energize your credibility. While a number of brands will usually say that they have "the best" product, it usually won't matter unless the public believes it. The challenge, therefore, is to make them believe it, and profess that belief to others. Here are a few ways you can do that using your website.


A testimonial may not be the very first thing that a website's visitor will see, but it's definitely something that they'll check once they start their decision-making process regarding your product or service. This sheds light on what other customers think about your products and services, and a positive testimonial is ultimately more valuable than having Web copy that simply says your product is "the best". This is one of the most effective ways to create value and credibility.

Encouraging Testimonials by Customers

To create a positive impression on your customers, you can start making a testimonial to have healthy website ratings. Follow the simple steps and you are ready to go:

1.   Capture pictures of the project only with a professional camera. Make sure the pictures are clear and they are taken from the right angles. A good photo with good resolution always attracts customers. You can hire a professional photographer for this purpose.

2.   Ask your customer to sign for the project photo, their photo and the testimonial you want to use for your website.

3.   Any of your customers who does this favor can be given some gift card or any coupon to some restaurant as an option.

This is how you can create effective testimonials to use for your website for the promotion purposes. 

Social Media Connections

Anyone who creates a page for their business on Facebook should ensure that they get as much "likes" as they can. This can show that there are a lot of people who know you and some might even be discussing or sharing your activities and service. To increase the number of likes, you can add Facebook Friends Connection feature. Consult the Facebook Developers page to look for the “Like Box” and learn how to include friends and contacts.

Posted 26 March, 2015

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