Why Hiring A Writer For Your Website Content Is The Best Business Decision You Can Make

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When you already know your own business so well, why would you pay someone to write the web content for your website?

The answer is simple: You are the genius behind your own business, whether it’s in selling products or services to your customers. So, unless writing web content IS your particular skill, you may be wise to consider getting a professional to do this for you.   These are the key considerations you should look at first before creating your own content:

Wordsmith skills:

So for the same reason you would hire a welder to weld a metal frame, or an accountant to prepare your management accounts, so too you would benefit from hiring a set of skills you don't need to have yourself to be successful in business.  Excellent word skills are not as easy to find as one would think, even on a site such as this, so it warrants a thorough search and vetting to find the right person with the right words for your website.

SEO alignment:

A writer with SEO skills not only writes content that grabs and lights up your website, he or she also brings into effect words and phrases that are going to make your website visible when potential customers do online searches for a business like yours.  This means your website will come up on the first results page and increase your chances of being the selected website more than a 100-fold!


A business and its associated website are a bit like having a child that needs to be cared for and nurtured.  It also predisposes you to bias towards your own business because you will have filters and blind spots that will shape the content you write for your website in such a way that it might create expectations for visitors to your website you don’t want them to have.

A seasoned web content writer will ask you many questions about your business, gather information such as your product or service brochures and ask for customer feedback around which to write the all-important aspects your website should be focused on.

The ‘4-Eyes’ Principle:

I once worked for an insurance company and we had a set rule that no correspondence could leave our business until it had been seen and vetted by ‘four eyes’, that is, by at least two people who then agreed on the content.  Any piece of writing, whether it was a letter, memo, quotation or agreement, had to be approved by at least two people to ensure that there were no spelling or grammar errors (these are notoriously useful in legal arguments and could count heavily against you), the format, spacing and fonts needed to be as per the brand alignment of the company, and, of course, the content needed to reflect accurately the purpose of the document.

Your website may be the first thing potential customers see about your business. That is the first impression you can't afford to lose.

Words with an impact that set your website apart from the hundreds of others out there that do what you do, will prove themselves to be worth every dollar you spend on them.

Of all the significant strategic decisions you are going to make about your business, choose a seasoned web content writer to make your website shine.

Posted 19 September, 2017


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