Why You Need a Website if You're a Freelancer

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One of the best ways to become a successful freelancer is to treat your job as if it was a business. This means creating a brand and reputation while diversifying your client base and product offerings. A website is a powerful tool for achieving these objectives.

Many freelancers don’t think of themselves as being big enough to have a website. But websites are now commonly used by personal bloggers and small businesses, among others, so it makes sense for a freelancer to have a website. Here are some of the main benefits.


The first thing a website does is give your business an identity. It allows you to outline the services that you can offer, and it gives you an opportunity to differentiate yourself from the competition. A website also serves as a platform you can use to set your own prices, which places a firm value on the job that you do.

A website allows you to build this brand over time to find new clients and get new orders.

Marketing Tool

A website is also a powerful marketing tool. You can outline your services and abilities, but you can also write a blog about your industry to show your expertise. This will give potential customers confidence that you will be able to complete their project.

When you apply good SEO practices, your website will be a place where potential customers can find and browse at a time that suits them. You can also be more proactive with your online marketing.

With a website, you can begin practicing and applying a number of different skills, such as content marketing, PPC, email marketing, or social media marketing campaigns. Technically you can do some of these things without a website, but you can expect more when you apply them on your own site because you will be able to create powerful landing pages that can convert visitors into clients.

Establishes Credibility

A website also makes you look more professional. It shows that you have invested time and money into building your brand, which makes you look more like the real deal. This creates trust with your potential clients.

You can also improve on that level of trust by putting testimonials from customers on your website. Testimonials show that other businesses and customers have had a good experience working with you.

Puts You in Control

The final benefit of having your own website is that you can exercise control. This means control over how you market your services, control over terms and conditions, and control over your price.

There is still a place for freelance marketplaces and classified websites, and you will probably still get clients from these sources even if you have a website. However, you will have much more freedom if you have your own platform. As a result, the clients that you get from your website are more likely to be won at a higher rate, making them more profitable.

A lot of benefits can be achieved by having your own website. Given the vast range of tools that are now available for creating your own website, you can get one online at minimal cost.

Posted 5 August, 2015


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