Why Your Business Needs a Killer Website

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If you have a business, then you should definitely have a website for it. Having a URL makes your business accessible to more people locally and worldwide. Another reason to go online is current consumer habits include doing Internet research for products and services prior to purchasing. Of course, you would want to be found by potential customers when they’re looking for information and turn those site visitors into regular clients.

But before jumping into creating a website, do you recall a time when you searched a product online and landed on a dubious looking site? There were no contact details, it lacked relevant information and to make things worse, the design was just bad — tacky, or too glitzy in every wrong way possible, just plain bad?

If there’s one thing worse than not having a website for your business, it’s having an ugly website for your business. What you want is to maximize the benefits of having a website — gain customers, generate online sales and revenues, address client-concerns and become easily accessible. But what an a mature-looking website will do is drive visitors away, leaving a bad image of your business in their minds.

A crucial difference between a successful business and a staggering one is the website — and not just any website, but one that looks legit, functions well, and communicates competence.

Having a strong online presence
Founder and CEO of RemoteStylist.com, Kelly Fallis, was particular with the website for her online furniture platform.

“People shop differently because of the Internet; so my gut said it’s a space I wanted to be in,” Kelly recalls. She hired web designers on Freelancer.com who did an exceptional job with her website.

“I highly recommend that people ditch the mindset that you need to be sitting next to someone to get work done, and explore,” she advises. You’ll end up saving so much time and money utilizing a service like Freelancer.”

To help guarantee a job well done in hiring a freelancer for your website, here are three tips for posting a web design project:

1. Before anything else, you should have a logo

Your logo will be a basis for your website’s theme, color scheme and design elements because the overall look of your website shouldn’t clash with the logo. When posting a web design project, prepare a psd/ai and jpeg file of your logo.

2. Collect design pegs

Look through websites and collect URLs or screen caps of design pegs that you like for your website. This will be a huge help in giving the web designer an idea of what look and feel you’re going for compared with just verbally describing it to the freelancer. Collaborate with the freelancer and since they are the design experts, consider their suggestions. In deciding the design for the website, clear communication is key.

3. Prepare major texts for the site

It’s important for you to see how a font will go with the rest of the site so make sure that you got at least most of your important texts ready, especially for the Home and About pages of your website. Check if the fonts are easily readable and not too fancy to the point of looking unprofessional. Do not go crazy with too many different kinds of fonts. As a rule of thumb, stick with one to two different kinds of fonts. Three is forgivable depending on the design, but anything beyond that is way too much.

Don’t waste a minute and start making your presence known online with an awesome, killer website to boost your business growth and revenue. Apply these tips when you post a web design project!

Posted 13 August, 2014

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