Yaro Starak Reveals His Secrets to a $1 Million Blog on Warrior TV

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Yaro Starak, the founder of Entrepreneurs-Journey.com, joined us for a Warrior TV event called “Creating a $1 Million Blog” on July 30, 2015. For those who missed it, the video recording will be available soon on Warrior Forum. For now, take a look at some of the highlights of this event.

Yaro, the Online Entrepreneur and Blogger

Yaro built his first website when we was still in college finishing his Business Management degree at the University of Queensland in Brisbane. The website was for a popular card trading game called Magic: The Gathering, which earned him $1,000 per month by selling cards. Almost straight away, he became an online entrepreneur.

He then embarked on his first full-time business with BetterEdit.com, a site which offers online proofreading and editing services. After a few years, he realized that he’s more interested in blogging about internet businesses than reviewing academic papers. In 2005, Yaro’s blog, Entrepreneurs-Journey.com, came to life.

The Entrepreneurial Goal

Yaro’s primary goal was to have the freedom to chose how he works. He preferred being an entrepreneur who can work at a coffee shop than being an 8 to 5 office guy. The desire to fulfill his goal intensified when he became heavily involved with the Internet and saw how people make money online. Yaro made a bit money here and there, put everything together, quit his part-time and casual jobs, and became a full-time Internet marketer at age 22.

Yaro’s Blogging Career

Yaro focused on blog topics about being an entrepreneur. People got interested and followed him online. The blog eventually grew and became an income source for him. He also started teaching other people what he learned about blogging. Yaro loves the simplicity of the business model - sharing your ideas, sharing your learning, writing some emails and creating products that help people.

On Content Creation

When writing content, Yaro’s tip is to write subjects that help people do something. His blog was a little all over the place when he started. That was until he realized that he really likes information marketing, email marketing, and building a sales funnel out of a blog.

Yaro also pointed out that there’s no such thing as a bad blog content as long as you’re staying around what you’re audience is there for and you’re still providing value. According to Yaro, the key to writing more is if you know who you’re writing for. But these days, he prioritizes quality over quantity by publishing once a month on his blog.

Yaro suggested that 20% of your time and effort should be spent on doing the content and 80% on marketing it. To have good results, share one piece of a powerful content (blog post, podcast, video, etc.), seed it on a platform (community, YouTube, social media) and get those people back on your email list.

Recommended Marketing Strategies

Yaro is a big fan of focus. Know where you’re good at and lean on that strength. Next, pick your platform and make sure your audience is on that platform then focus on it.

Email marketing is one of the most essential strategies in growing an online business. Yaro tried an automated system by setting up email, auto-responders, and products with upsells and downsells. He took his launch techniques and put them in an automated funnel. That funnel sat on the backend of his blog as the blog helps in building an audience and getting more people.

Three years ago, he figured out it’s time to rebuild the funnel. He spent the last three years completely recreating new products, updating his flagship training, rewriting the email sequences, and proving that his formula, the blog sales funnel, actually works.

On His Blog and Products Today

When asked what changed in his blog from the time it was built, Yaro shared that stuff like webinars are now easier to do because of technology-related updates. But for him, the most important change was the strategic decision to build fundamental evergreen funnels that have longevity - funnels that live on for a long period of time after it was first launched.

Yaro started with advertising and affiliate marketing as income streams which earned him around $10,000 a month back then. But he realized that having his own products and email list works better. He finds it more lucrative and personally satisfying. Now, Yaro has three different e-books, an interviews club, a flagship blog training course, and some smaller courses on niche subjects like podcasting and productivity.

Steps in Getting Started with Information Marketing

According to Yaro, your first step should be about getting clarity on who you serve, what their problems are and what their emotions are about spending money to solve their problems. Spend more time setting these things clear before building your business.

To elaborate the first step, do initial research by going to areas where your products are being sold. When you’re done observing, start interacting by asking questions to learn more about your customers. Afterwards, form an assumption (ex. what is their biggest problem) and create something around it but ensure you have affinity to whatever it is that you plan to roll out. Armed with your own product or service, get in front of people who can give you money.

The next phase is building a platform to serve those people. This becomes so much easier after spending some time interacting with them because it’s clear to you what blog post to write, what offers to make, and what products to start creating and delivering to people.

3 of the Most Important Tips from Yaro

1. Start something.  
2. Be action-focused.
3. Make sure blog is part of your strategy.

Yaro’s WSO Deal

Yaro is giving away an exclusive deal for Warriors. You can buy his incredible book  “Blog Traffic for Beginners” for $9 instead of $49, only in Warrior Forum! To view this offer, click this link. This is a rare opportunity to gain insight into how a millionaire blogger runs his business behind the scenes that every content marketer and blogger will benefit from.


About Warrior TV: WAMA Events: Hosted by Warrior Forum,Warrior Ask Me Anything (WAMA) events are Q&A video interviews where the world’s top Internet Marketers and entrepreneurs share their strategies that have helped them become industry icons.

Posted 12 August, 2015

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