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How to I know a genuine employer and a fake one?

asked by dandy01 16 March, 2016

I joined freelancer 2 months ago and I have won some contests. Although I got a project last month to do but I couldn't tell the difference whether or not the employer was real. He pushed me to do his project in 2hrs! Whereas the bid was for a day ($150). As you may guess, he was a fraud and he closed his account. I was charge anyway by freelancer. Yesterday I got another project, to protect myself and my work I had them watermarked and requested for milestone but he declined. I insisted but yet no avail. Please tell me how do i prevent this from repeating ever again.
Thank you all!


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ray designs
ray designs
answered 1 year ago
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hi before bidding you can create milestone to make sure that the project will become guranteed so he cant he have to accept the milestone and you can also check the reviews of employer and and you can also check if he verify the payment method or make a deposit for project i hope it will help you thanks