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How to make sure Project you are applying is not a fraud?

asked by sachin_22 30 March, 2016

I've bid for several projects out of which some employers contacted me through messaging and documents
but they were infected documents. So i wanted to understand how can they send infected file and anyway we can trace them early.


2 Answers

answered 4 months ago
Hire Me

There are many people that open a fake project just to get freelancer information and try to scam them. Always prefer employers that already did a project and that have reviews. If the employer opened his account on the same day he opens a project, it might be a scam. Look for texts like "We only allow new freelancers to bid". That's a common line for scammers. If they ask for "contact information" or ask to "pay a guarantee fee or a project fee" surely they are scammers. Avoid employers from NIGERIA (mostly scammers).