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    c05e05de4fReports7b809cea92, Dissertations Article c05e05de4fwriting7b809cea92, Blog c05e05de4fWriting7b809cea92, Content c05e05de4fwriting7b809cea92, Advance Microsoft Office Certification and can perform all Excel, PPT, Access, Word and project management work. c05e05de4fData7b809cea92 c05e05de4fprocessing7b809cea92 ... Professional Freelancer with Cumulative Experience of 10+ Years of industry and able to enough my clients project with Quality and Care My Expertise are. c05e05de4fAccounting7b809cea92 & c05e05de4fFinance7b809cea92 Book Keeping c05e05de4fWriting7b809cea92 ... and Management. Book c05e05de4fwriting7b809cea92 Translations Copy typing Virtual Assistance Business Plan, Financial Analysis Presentations *****Graphic Designing***** Website design Photoshop Design Logo design
    Professional Freelancer with Cumulative Experience of 10+ Years of industry and able to enough my clients project with Quality and Care My Expertise are. Accounting & Finance Book Keeping Writing Reports, Dissertations Article writing, Blog Writing, Content writing, Advance Microsoft Office Certification and can perform all Excel, PPT, Access, Word and project management work. Data processing and Management. Book writing Translations Copy typing Virtual Assistance Business Plan, Financial Analysis Presentations *****Graphic Designing***** Website design Photoshop Design Logo design Illustrator work Flyer Design Business Card Design Cloth. T shirt Design Broucher, Catalouge Company Profile Design Website Design UI/UX designing App Interface designing Art Works Banner Designing Image Editing I look Forward for your Consideration and selecting me as your best Choice. Thank you !! less
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    entire marketing program implementation for a Rs 50 million product line. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 1993-1996. ANJUM ASIM SHAHID AND COMPANY i. c05e05de4fAccounting7b809cea92 of Regional Development c05e05de4fFinance7b809cea92 ... of WAPDA xiii. Privitization of: 1. Pattoki Sugar Mills 2. Kamalia Sugar Mills xiv. c05e05de4fAccounting7b809cea92 and control systems of NADRA (National c05e05de4fDatabase7b809cea92 Development and Resourse Authority) xv. Due ... Procedures (SOP). 3. To c05e05de4freport7b809cea92 Various c05e05de4freports7b809cea92 to direct repartees a. Account Ledgers b. Trial balance c. Bank Reconciliation statements d. Cash Closing summary and statements. e. Balance Sheets
    INDEX AA. PERSONAL PROFILE OF MANAGING DIRECTOR BB. COMPANY PROFILE OF ALLTECH CONTRACTORS AA. PERSONAL PROFILE _______________________ IMRAN JAVED AZIZ A highly experienced Operations Executive and Financial Analyst who has demonstrated the ability to lead diverse teams of professionals to new levels of success in a variety of highly competitive industries, cutting-edge markets, and fast-paced environments. Strong technical and business qualifications with an impressive track record of more than 15 years of hands-on experience in strategic planning, business unit development, project and product management, and system engineering strategies. Proven ability to successfully analyze an organization's critical business requirements, identify deficiencies and potential opportunities, and develop innovative and cost-effective solutions for enhancing competitiveness, increasing revenues, and improving customer service offerings. • Domestic and Global Sales • Key Client Retention • Brand Awareness • Business Development • Relationship Management • Project Management • Fortune 1000 Accounts • Product Development • Training and Teambuilding RECENT ACCOMPLISHMENTS SABRO GROUP OF COMPANIES • Successfully oversaw the start-up and development of its Corporate Office from Rs 0 to Rs 1.2 Billion in revenue with 700 employees. • Spearheaded the successful Construction of a Rs 250 million Central Air Conditioning Unit STPL resulting in improved capacity for developing Custom products. • Developed an on-going future business plan and secured 1.2 Billion in both institutional and strategic financing during difficult economic conditions. • Established and recreated good relationship with investors and financers like Askari Bank Ltd, Saudi Pak Bank Ltd and Faisal bank Ltd and getting discounts in Mark up rates to save heavy financial costs. COMPANY PROFILE ALLTECH CONTRACTORS During my Service in Sabro Group of Companies I stroke an intending contract with my principal company owners and established a family own contracting company and as such, with the help of my family members, successfully generated business for the company. This Company is now controlled by my family members as a privately owned enterprise. By establishing and running this enterprise I have developed my self as an entrepreneur. Recently Alltech Contractors managed a joint venture agreement of three companies namely AWCC, A&ACC Pakistan And Aliya Constructions LLC. UEA. I am working as the director finance for the said joint venture. And the joint venture partner companies have mutually decided to take business forward through alltech contractors and share a common profile. The accumulated yearly revenue of the joint venture partners working under Alltech Contractors sums up to of US $ 3 billion. • Spearheaded the 40% annual growth of Air Conditioning products supplier serving a wide variety of clients. • Enhanced the public image and recognition of the firm' name within the business community through new business development, community outreach, and aggressive networking. • As Directors Business Development of the company successfully oversaw the entire marketing program implementation for a Rs 50 million product line. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 1993-1996. ANJUM ASIM SHAHID AND COMPANY i. Accounting of Regional Development Finance Corporation ii. Audit of Redco Group iii. Audit Of Blasing company 1996-2001. FORD RHODES SIDAT HYDER AND COMPANY FORMARLY SIDAT HYDER QAMAR MAQBOOL AND COMPANY. i. Audit of Rufafab Pvt Ltd ii. Audit of Rupali Ltd iii. Audit of Ramna Pipe iv. Audit of Gusitan textile Mills v. Internal Control Systems of Gulistan group of Company vi. Internal Control Systems of DDFC (Designer Development Fabrication Corporation) vii. Audit of Harapa Textile Mills Lts viii. Audit Malik Mineral ix. Audit WAK Gas ltd. x. Audit Paramount pvt ltd. xi. Audit of Haseen Habeeb Pvt ltd xii. Corporate Structure of WAPDA xiii. Privitization of: 1. Pattoki Sugar Mills 2. Kamalia Sugar Mills xiv. Accounting and control systems of NADRA (National Database Development and Resourse Authority) xv. Due Diligence assignment Of Small Business Finance corporation. xvi. Audit of Islamic Relief International. xvii. Audit of Kuwait Joint Relief Committee. 2001 to 2008 Joined Sabro Group Of Companies i. 2001-2001 Corporate Accountant 1. To Record all the transactions of a group with respect to: a. Occurrence b. Accuracy c. Completeness d. Existence e. Valuation 2. To Follow the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). 3. To report Various reports to direct repartees a. Account Ledgers b. Trial balance c. Bank Reconciliation statements d. Cash Closing summary and statements. e. Balance Sheets and Profit and loss accounts. ii. 2001-2002 Accounts Manager a. Analysis of Reports Prepared by the Accountants b. Insuring the Completness of the Accounting cycle. c. Designing of Chart of accounts and Presentation of various reports for the Management d. Getting transaction audited and approved from competent authority. iii. 2002 to 2003 Finance Manager a. Preparation Proposing Yearly Budgets and getting them approved. b. Preparation of Cash Flows for the year. c. Execution of cash flows with in the budget. d. Follow-up of Cash in flows from Related departments e. Keeping the Out Flows with in the budget limits. f. Obtaining daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly reports from Regional, central accounts managers and after analysis preparing a management report on state of affairs of business. g. Making of internal Control Systems to insure check and balance. iv. 2003 to 2007 Chief Finance Officer (CFO)and Interim Chief Operating Officer • Performed as CFO for approximately 4 Years during the rapid growth and financing period for the company. • Secured all funding for company operational start-up including Rs 2 Billion in funding and a recent additional Rs 30 million in funding. • Set-up all financial relationships, systems, and processes necessary for International Accounting Standards (IAS) compliance. • Responsible for starting and growing product of Air Conditioning Company from the ground up resulting in Rs 1.6 Billion in revenue and over 700 employees. • Oversee the strategic management and operational oversight of the company's Business Development and Operations in order to provide streamlined operations, reduced operating costs, and greater profitability. • Interface with partners and large clients to develop and maintain organizational strategies, operational efficiencies, and proposals for increasing technical efficiency and improving profitability. • Managed the Above by taking into accounts, the underlying points during business operations during the process of team building: i. 2007 to 2008 Executive Secretary Board of Directors and Business Consultant to the Chairman.. a. Coordination amongst the Directors b. Calling of Meetings of the Board c. Recording of Decisions d. Follow Up. e. Monitoring the Commercial direction of the Company. EDUCATION Article Ship of 5 Years , (1996-2001) FORD RHODES SIDAT HYDER, Islamabad, Pakistan (representing Arthur Anderson World Wide) Certification of Institute of Chartered Accountants Of Pakistan (ICAP) (1996-2001) Bachelor of Commerce (private), (2004) UNIVERSITY OF PUNJAB, Lahore, Punjab. Professional Accounting Practices BB. COMPANY PROFILE OF ALLTECH CONSULTING We provide the support services to accountancy practices. Our complete subcontracting outsourcing services to accountancy practices include followings: 1. Bookkeeping services 2. Year end accounting services 3. Tax returns 4. VAT returns 5. Payroll 6. Preparation of management accounts 7. Preparation of business plans and forecasts. All these services are rendered in accordance with Client Firm's instructions and guidelines. On completion of each assignment, Client Firm is provided with a working paper file tailor made to its specific requirements. If clear instructions and guidelines are provided, the work produced by ALLTECH CONSULTANTS would not require a manager/partner of Client Firm to spend more than 4 to 5 hours to review and finalize the assignment. The assignments are completed within the agreed deadlines using a wide range of softwares. Each assignment is handled with total confidentiality and no contact is ever established with the clients of the Client Firms and we also never disclose our clients' identity without prior written consent. All our services to accountancy practices are offered at a very competitive rate applied to predetermined hours required for the completion of each assignment. The objective of providing support services to accountancy practices is to take out their stress from the routines work and enable them to focus on providing value added services to their clients and have more time for interacting with their existing and prospective clients. In rendering our services, our staff members do not consider themselves as subcontractors rather as perfect employees of our Client Firms. Our services are ideal for those accountancy practices who wish to expand without hiring additional staff, adding new offices and undertaking expensive staff training. They can simply focus on adding new clients in their practices and let ALLTECH CONSULTANTS to do all the routine work on their behalf. As a trial we are quite pleased to undertake one or two sets of your bookkeeping and accounting assignments to illustrate our actual operational procedures, quality of our work and the level of customer satisfaction we provide. * Operational Procedures * Time target/Schedule * Fee & Rebates * Quality of work * Work Review * Interaction * Softwares * Obligations * Professional Indemnity Operational Procedure * ALLTECH CONSULTANTS will appoint a Chartered Accountant from its office to liaise with the Client Firm relating to each assignment provided by the Client Firm. * ALLTECH CONSULTANTS will get you connected to its network to download all your documents along with the control sheet by using your own staff and inform your designated liaison officer or send the documents along with the control sheet by using post or courier service to our London office where our staff will arrange its scanning and downloading to our network. The control sheet should specify the nature and number of the document forwarded, instructions/assumptions for processing the assignment, the software to be used, specifications of the working file to be prepared and estimated hours to be spent on the job. * There after we will agree the number of hours required for completing the assignment and the amount of our fee. * In case of each new assignment we will require from the Client Firm a set of last accounts, list of opening payables and receivables and sample working files, along with instructions as regard to preparing schedule/referencing/cross referencing. * On the receipt of missing information we'll process your documents and prepare the first draft of accounts to forward you electronically using the desired accounting software and in excel format, along with a list of pending queries. * Upon receipt of your reply we'll prepare the second draft of accounts within two days and email the same again to you along with working paper file. * At this stage we will request you to review our work and provide us instructions relating to post review adjustments. We will also be quite happy to process for you post client review adjustments at no additional cost. * For payroll processing the Client Firm will forward payroll data and all instructions and guidelines electronically. We'll confirm the receipt of data by email along with the request for providing missing information/instructions in any upon receipt of missing information payroll will be processed and forwarded in the format desired by the Client Firm within 24 hours. * For all our other services such as tax return, VAT return, management account, and business plan etc. on receipt of your documents and information on our network we shall be sending you acknowledgement along with missing information in any. On receipt of missing information and instructions regarding the processing of job we will complete the assignment within the time mentioned in our target and schedule section and forward the same electronically for your review. All desired post review adjustments will be processed and assignment will be resent electronically within the next 3 days. If within the next 3 days no further instructions/adjustments are conveyed the working file will be dispatched. Time Targets/ Schedule Provided all information and instructions are received to complete your assignment, the average expected time required for the assignment would be: Book-Keeping: 4-6 days Accounts: 10-15 days Tax Returns: 3-4 days VAT Returns: 3-4 days Payroll: 24 hours Audit 2-3 weeks Sales & Purchase Ledger: 2-3 days Bank Reconciliation: 2 days Management Accounts: 3-4 days Cash Flow Projections: 3-4 days Business plan 4-6 days Rates & Rebates Our normal hourly rate is £ 8 ex VAT although volume rebates are given up to £ 1 an hour, using following scale: Hours Billed Rebate 10,000 hours + Rebate @ £ 2 per hour 8,000 hours + Rebate @ £ 1.8 per hour 6,000 hours + Rebate @ £ 1.7 per hour 3,000 hours + Rebate @ £ 1.6 per hour 1,000 hours + Rebate @ £ 1.5 per hour We invoice you at the end of each month, i.e. work completed in January is payable by 15 th February. Quality of Work We guarantee that the quality of work will be as good as of your own staff, if not better. The members of our team are trained by UK Chartered Accountants and have vast experience in UK Accounting and Tax matters. We prepare your working paper file using your current style, specification, and software. In most cases a Manager or Partner would not require more than few hours to review our working files. Work Review The Client Firm is requested to review ALLTECH CONSULTANTS work before finalizing any assignment. It should not simply take the ALLTECH CONSULTANTS work as being final. All ALLTECH CONSULTANTS work has to be considered as Draft. Comments as to serious errors of work done by ALLTECH CONSULTANTS should be forwarded to your liaison person in order that ALLTECH CONSULTANTS is both aware of this and can improve its quality. Interaction As a Policy ALLTECH CONSULTANTS will not be speaking or communicating to the client of the Client Firm. Under these circumstances ALLTECH CONSULTANTS will be totally dependent upon the Client Firm in providing clear instructions and guidelines and where necessary comments on assumptions used in processing a job. The are expected to provide all the missing information and response of queries promptly without this co-operation from the Client Firm , it will be difficult for ALLTECH CONSULTANTS to produce the quality work within the time frame it is promising to the Client Firm. In the initial stages, it is expected that Client Firm will allocate some extra time to us to ensure that we build up the right understanding levels with it and that we are given the full assistance to prove that we can produce the quality of work the Client Firm is looking for. Softwares We can prepare your Accounting work in any of the most popular softwares such as IRIS, Sage Accounts Production, CCH, VT, Digita, Viztopia, TAS Books, Quickbook, MYOB and for Payroll: - Sage, Quickbook or IRIS. W e own licenses to most of Accounting and Taxation software being commonly used in UK . In the event your Firm or your client is using a software for which we do not have a licence, we expect a copy of such to be forwarded to us, under the strict understanding that it will be used only for your Firms and your clients work. This way we would not be breaching any licensing rules. Obligations Obligations of Client Firm * Providing complete and relevant documents for the processing of the assignment. * Providing the precise and clear instructions and guidelines including the assumptions relating to assignment within the reasonable time. * Conducting promptly review of the assignment carried out by ALLTECH CONSULTANTS at a manager or principal/partner level and provide post review adjustments with clear instructions and guidelines. * The Client Firm will assist ALLTECH CONSULTANTS in obtaining the copy of software to be used in processing the assignment if the same software is not available with ALLTECH CONSULTANTS. Obligations of ALLTECH CONSULTANTS * The ALLTECH CONSULTANTS will not move the client documents away from UK and will handle all the information data and record of the clients of the Client Firms confidentially and securely. * ALLTECH CONSULTANTS will not establish any contact with the clients of the Client Firm unless required or permitted in writing by a partner/principal of the Client Firm. * ALLTECH CONSULTANTS will not engage in any activity that will conflict with the interest of the Client Firm. * ALLTECH CONSULTANTS will complete all assignments strictly within the agreed timeframe. * ALLTECH CONSULTANTS will keep the Client Firm fully informed about progress of each assignment and the client will be provided the facility to track online such progress. Professional Indemnity The Client Firm must have its own Professional Indemnity in place, as it is the one who is ultimately responsible to client for the quality of services rendered. ALLTECH CONSULTANTS is in effect a sub contractor, to be seen in effect as an employee of the Client Firm, strictly following The Client Firm's instructions. However, ALLTECH CONSULTANTS will indemnify The Client Firm for any gross negligence made by ALLTECH CONSULTANTS. The current officer in charge of professional indemnity compliance at ALLTECH CONSULTANTS is Mr. Imran Javed. less
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    ) c05e05de4fData7b809cea92 Mining 3) Web Scraping 5) Product upload 6) c05e05de4fData7b809cea92 c05e05de4fProcessing7b809cea92 ## Special skills 1) c05e05de4fReport7b809cea92 c05e05de4fwriting7b809cea92 2) c05e05de4fFinance7b809cea92 3) c05e05de4fAccounting7b809cea92 4) Audit 5) Power-point 6) Excel 7) Internet Research 8 ... entry, web research, , c05e05de4fprocessing7b809cea92, c05e05de4fdatabase7b809cea92 creation, expressions c05e05de4fprocessing7b809cea92, c05e05de4fFinance7b809cea92, c05e05de4fAccounting7b809cea92, Audit, c05e05de4freport7b809cea92 card c05e05de4fwriting7b809cea92, Powerpoint and the sum web provisions for our knowledge. ... retouching 7) T-Shirt design 8) Hair masking 9) Photo restoration 10) Photo Retouch 11) Business card 12) Color correction 13) Flyer/Brochure design 14) Banner design ## c05e05de4fData7b809cea92 Entry 1) PDF to word/Excel 2
    Applicable Skills are as follow: ## Photo Shop & Illustrator 1) Clipping path 2) Background removing/changing/deep etching 3) Image editing 4) Image enhancement 5) Image resize 6) Portrait retouching 7) T-Shirt design 8) Hair masking 9) Photo restoration 10) Photo Retouch 11) Business card 12) Color correction 13) Flyer/Brochure design 14) Banner design ## Data Entry 1) PDF to word/Excel 2) Data Mining 3) Web Scraping 5) Product upload 6) Data Processing ## Special skills 1) Report writing 2) Finance 3) Accounting 4) Audit 5) Power-point 6) Excel 7) Internet Research 8) Virtual Assistance With over 2 a considerable length of time encounter in the graphics design, photograph shop Furthermore photograph altering. We would extremely specific clinched alongside information entry, web research, , processing, database creation, expressions processing, Finance, Accounting, Audit, report card writing, Powerpoint and the sum web provisions for our knowledge. less

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