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  • YenotPoloskun's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Gvardeyskoe, Ukraine
    137 Reviews

    Hello, my name is Artur! Promising graphic designer, app designer, illustrator, tattoo designer, photoshop master. - Continued support after the delivery of final product - Clear communication throughout the project - 100 % satisfaction guaranteed Sign in to my portfolio. I am an expert in creating: ○ Graphic ...

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  • dataworker2009's Profile Picture
    Balsamiq Online Marketer
    825 Reviews

    More than 5 years of experience in all types of online marketing services. Offers: data entry, data processing, product adding, social media presence, eCommerce, and many more!

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  • GraphicsPixel's Profile Picture
    Experienced Balsamiq Designer
    126 Reviews

    A team of professional graphic designers with more than 5 years of experience that provide 100% client satisfaction, best service with reasonable price and quick turnaround times.

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  • kasibleiz's Profile Picture
    Balsamiq Services
    92 Reviews

    Serving international clients for the last 10 years. Fluent in: Android, Flash, animation, banner design, CSS, graphic design, illustration, Photoshop, user experience design, etc.

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  • wemited's Profile Picture
    Passionate Balsamiq Developers
    48 Reviews

    A team of passionate developers who worked on iPhone and Android applications, custom web design and development projects. Projects like: work/side scrolling, chat/group chat apps.

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  • FernArbulu's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Miami, United States
    52 Reviews

    Over seven years of professional experience in user experience design and four years of experience working in mobile app development environments. Working with companies across multiple verticals such as healthcare, transportation, services, logistics, and software, I have successfully collaborated with top clien ...

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Finding Balsamiq Designers on Freelancer

What is Balsamiq? Balsamiq is a software tool that allows for the creation of mock ups on the computer as opposed to the traditional whiteboard method. By providing developers with a simpler method for producing and sharing mockups, development teams can spend less time creating plans for a software project and get to the actual coding portion of the project much more quickly.

Balsamiq also allows for agile development teams to keep track of previous versions of software and requirements for the upcoming version. The easy to use drag and drop WYSIWYG editor is available on the desktop platform as a plug in for Google Drive, Confluence and JIRA.

A freelancer with expertise related to Balsamiq to can be a valuable member of your web development team. In the planning phase of web or application development, a development team must meet with project stakeholders to ensure that the software will have all of the expected features and functionality. A Balsamiq expert can help keep the software development team on track to reach the requested milestones in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

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Many employers choose to post their project publicly. Simply provide a detailed description of your project’s objectives and expectations, the skills needed to complete the project and the project’s budget. It won’t take long for freelancers from around the world to find your project and place competitive bids along with their proposal to complete your project.

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