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  • raulbehl's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in JAMMU, India
    76 Reviews

    I am a Electronics & Instrumentation Engineer. My skills set include: i) Matlab/LabView/Logisim ii) Engineering Mathematics iii) Assembly (ARM, MIPS, PLP, x86 and pep/8) / Computer Architecture iv) Verilog/System Verilog/UVM v) Raspberry Pi/Arduino/TMS320C5535 eZdsp/TM4C123 vi) PSpice vii) C/C++, Qt, Python viii) ...

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  • kandamunlabs's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Sofia, Bulgaria
    83 Reviews

    We offer :   - low-level / system programming   - small, fast, optimized executables   - implementation of complex algorithms   - bug fixing of alien source code   - reverse-engineering   - software protecting/unprotecting Area of Expertise - MS Windows(NT, 2000, XP) - Linux (Slackware, CentOS, Gent ...

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  • SteveGuo's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in , United States
    5 Reviews

    C/C++ expert with over 10 years experience Adept at software performance optimization Author of miniEngine (a lightweight game engine for my own projects use) Familiar with most famous game engines like Unity3D, cocos2d, cocos2d-x Inventor of G's digital input system With rich experience of porting game titles to v ...

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  • phdenis40's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in ANGLET, France
    16 Reviews

    Since I've graduated, I'd several experiences in Electronics and Embedded real-time software. I've designed some electronics boards based on micro-controllers. I'm used to design my electronic board from schematic step up to prototyping including routing the PCB. I've also a hard experience in real time software fr ...

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  • djordjevpetrovic's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Novi Sad, Serbia
    20 Reviews

    A professional embedded software engineer with more than 5 years of experience. A lifelong enthusiast in software, wires, mechanics and science in general. Very adaptable to new topics and fields, should you manage to get his attention.

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  • nauman187's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in islamabad, Pakistan
    78 Reviews

    i'm good in , PIC, AVR embedded system designing, PCB layout, assambly, mikroC, C/C++, matlab, PROTEUS, electronics,Data entry and communication devices.

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Finding Assembly Developers on Freelancer

Assembly language, or ASM as it is often abbreviated, is a specialized language used in computer programming. Assembly is a collection of languages rather than a single language, and it is also commonly referred to as assembly code.

While assembly is considered one of the more basic computer programming languages by those in the industry, that doesn’t mean that an untrained novice could take up your assembly project and run with it, assembly is still a highly technical computing language and if your project requires those skills then hiring through Freelancer.com will provide you with the highest guarantee that the task will be completed successfully and with competence.

Assembly describes the process of converting a language into a format that can be understood by a device and while it is considered a basic language if you are a professional in the field, to somebody not completely competent in computer programming it is intricate and sophisticated and requires an expert to carry out your task efficiently.

Whether you are a looking for someone with assembly skills or you are qualified in ASM and looking for your next role there are many benefits of using Freelancer.com.

If you are looking for your next assembly role then registering with Freelancer.com will give you access to hundreds of people who are looking for the industry specific assembly skills that you possess. You will be able to gain experience and further enhance your ASM skills and choose the projects that you want to work on rather than being directed to your next task by a permanent employer.

More often than not, those that require the skills of a freelancer will also request that you work from home which means that you have the freedom to work around your day to day life and still get paid to do so. By registering your skills and services at Freelancer.com, you will be able to choose the job and company that you are interested in, dictate your salary and enhance your skills in the process.

If you are looking for an assembly expert, choosing an ASM programmer from Freelancer.com means that you can select the best in the industry. You are under no obligation to interview and recruit for a permanent position, and Freelancer.com gives you the opportunity to ‘try before you buy’.

If you are looking for a permanent employee for your company, you can sample the skills of an ASM expert and decide if they are suitable and if they’re a good cultural fit for your organization before hiring permanently. More often than not, in an interview situation people will make promises that they are unable to deliver on but hiring through Freelancer.com eliminates that risk entirely.

Whether you are looking to hire someone with specific experience in ASM or you have assembly skills and are looking for your next project, Freelancer.com provides an avenue for both requirements to be met. A budget and a timeframe will be agreed in advance which means that both parties can plan financially and understand the timespan involved in the project. If it is suited to both parties then work can continue once the project is complete but if not, there is no obligation on either side to continue with the relationship.

Post a project on Freelancer.com today to see how you can have the freedom you deserve in your next assembly programming task.