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    I have 20 (to begin with) articles for a home improvement Wordpress site. Looking for someone with experience in proofreading to format the articles (about 1500 words long), while adding images (1/500 words) and outbound authority links (1/500 words), categorizing etc. Astra the

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    Original project is here the to the screen and have the option to export to pre-formated excel spreadsheet. We will give an exemple so that you know how to make the layout (filters and column formating).[login to view URL]

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    I have a python program that needs modifying so it will look different. The main things are the following: - White background with Event Logo up the top & my logo down the bottom corner - Nation flags to show up or other graphics depending on the code put in for the athletes Should be a simple enough project and if successful, there will be more work for you in the future.

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    Book professional editing and formating.

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    ... Please note - The first page doesn't have any require fillable information. however, i will need the ability to update it. I am also up for and suggestions/edit to formating and etc....

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    Task is to format 1 main and about 100 sub content tables from messed up to the desired formatting. Video instruction (<5min) will be provided. It takes me about 1min per TOC. MAybe you can be faster... The latest version of MS Word and good computer (document has 500 pages and will hang on computers where you couldn´t do some basic video editing).

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    I have an excel Spreadsheet that contains V Lookup Formulas that do not appear to be updating correctly with new inputs need troubleshooting of the formula as requi...contains V Lookup Formulas that do not appear to be updating correctly with new inputs need troubleshooting of the formula as required. also need to introduce basic conditional formating

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    I need assistance with typing up some Math booklets in Microsoft Word. This is a test project as I have many more booklets which ...that will need typing (not all the questions, roughly 70% of the total questions in this file). I will give more specific instructions on which questions need typing and the formating preferences we have for our booklets.

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    36 bids to the screen and have the option to export to pre-formated excel spreadsheet. We will give an exemple so that you know how to make the layout (filters and column formating). 2) Make several modifications, corrections improvements to the existing software. This include several front end changes and also some modifications to the backend and

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    17 bids pictures if there are new Vessels and then read in these date on some occurences I would like to update some data ##### PROJECT 2: I have data coming in in following formating: !AIVDM,1,1,,B,141iWb0P000`=blNGrhh0?vR0<0u,0*57 !AIVDM,2,1,2,B,541iWb400000tkKC3J05@PDp400000000000001S:0945t@P00mPC1CP,0*5F !AIVDM,2,2,2,B,jACSQDp00000000,2*4B !AIVDM,1

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    Hi Marina, I need a programmer. I have data coming in in following formating: !AIVDM,1,1,,B,141iWb0P000`=blNGrhh0?vR0<0u,0*57 !AIVDM,2,1,2,B,541iWb400000tkKC3J05@PDp400000000000001S:0945t@P00mPC1CP,0*5F !AIVDM,2,2,2,B,jACSQDp00000000,2*4B !AIVDM,1,1,,B,841iWb0j2d>==LL=<QT0g?`06pP0,0*6C !AIVDM,1,1,,A,141iWb0P000`=bfNGrhh0?vl0<0u,0*60 !AIVDM,1,1,,B,1

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    I need help formating and recreating charts and graphs, probably 4-7 slides, for a presentation. I have a corporate format need to use. I have title page and 4-5 slides already done and formated. Need help pulling together

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    ...calendar. But somehow, what we are doing is not allow us to sync with google calendar. Can you spend few hours with me to help me deboug the problem and solve the formating of the calendar sync. 1 : this is the link we made for Google calendar sync. outlookSync is working and the link is : [login to view URL]

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    Ebook writing for kindle with cover and nice looking formating. Book Topic : Crime/Thriller Title : The Girl in the Library - Murder in the oxford library It must be a complex story, so that the reader doesnt know from the beginning who killed a girl in the library. words : 10.000

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    We need to reformat a logo that is created in very low resolution. The elements are available in illustrator but we need an experienced designer to recreate one. There are three deliverables and we need the project completed in a 24hr time.

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    30 bids is publishing database for organizations specialized in the defense area (business and government) Therefore, we are looking for 1 freelancer for data entry and formating. The tasks of the freelancer during the recruitment test will be paid. If selected, the freelancer should be hired for a full or half time. Skills required : - Conversational

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    52 bids will be advertisement by sponsor. We want the below jobs to be done. 1. All Articles written by members will be send to you. You will do the proof reading , formating etc etc ( approx 35 pages) 2. All the Advertsiments will be send to you 3. We will advise you which page each advertisements have to be placed. 4. You will do

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    Hi Rokeya M., as discussed you have to fulfil the provided requirements for different kinds of conditional coloring in Google Sheets. The Formating should be copible and useable in other sheets too. You have to provide a Google sheet as result with all requirments fulfilled.

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    Hello, we have quite some German audio material which needs to be translated into English text. We send ...file back. We don't need a 110% accurate translation. However, the content of the audio should be still reflected as close as possible. We will provide a rather simple formating guideline. No specials like time stamps etc. are needed.

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    We...sample 2. Answer Table that should automatically reflect from correct answer from question. it should not be hardcoded 3. Chapter heading in the same way. So these 3 simple formating i need. It will take maximum 30 minutes if you have good knowledge in Latex. My max budget is 20$ . If you are fine with it then please bid otherwise ignore it.

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    ...icons which represent related data, Highlighting a row based on a single value, Comparing values, Comparing lists and Finding duplicates...find out more about conditional formating...  [login to view URL] identify trends.. .when presenting data in the form of charts or graphs, it can be helpful to include average lines, which explicitly detail the key trends emerging

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    Field update number formatting

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    Title sums it up, I just want to use an interactive .js animation background in my php site! Shouldnt take more than 5mins to fix!

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    find and explain me a complex conditional formating on an excel sheet that I would be then able to apply on all my other sheets

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    We would like to reformat and edit some form documents, adding in our company logo, colours and design. The main Document is 13 pages, and then we would like two single page documents recreated as well. The original document was created in form tools, however we have no preference as to what you recreate the document in, but it must be editable on our end when you have finished.

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    I need the conditional formatting formula to adjust to each row the cell is on. I used the format painter but this copies the same formula to all cells. need it to adjust to every row.

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    i have two editors in wordpress post type and the primary editor is working perfectly, while the formatting applied in the second editors losses when it is saved. anybody here who can fix this for me very quickly. type "Sam Ba De koo" to prove you are not a bot

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    Hello, I am looking for someone to format a text that was copy pasted, it needs to be put in a specific font+size but then also repack paragraph into properly Justified ones by re aligning each lines of text into connected paragraph. Also, each paragraph will need to have a serie a few lines to be copy-pasted at its beginning with i being highlighted in fluo. The work should take from 2-5...

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    I need you to write some content for a website.

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    We want to create a brochure with pictures and good format. Right now, we have a draft with word contents. You will need to add pictures and format it. (you will need to get good pictures and add formatting compared to the target brochure) Attachment:1 Draft (need to change to our logos and change pictures); 2 target brochure

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    I need someone who is very good with Excel Conditional Formatting. Timeline: Needs to be completed today Budget: $5. If you agree to the payment and timeline then please apply and start your cover letter with "I AGREE"

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    We want to create a brochure with pictures and good format. Right now, we have a draft with word contents. You will need to add pictures and format it. (you will need to get good pictures and add formatting compared to the target brochure) Attachment:1 Draft (need to change to our logos and change pictures); 2 target brochure

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    You will be working in WP with editor Elementor v1.9.7 and you have to format the content a little bit. 76 articles to pasted in WP posts. Formating: Align the text Font size 12 Font style Helivetica Format paragraphs as in text with headpiece H3 Implement 2 image templates at the bottom of the content I am looking for a fast person who

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    I have a business plan that needs to be formated professionally. including the table of contents. it is 20 pages

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    Hi Muhammad A., ...word document at top of document in 5 columns like table of content but without page number just blue title of each article . As well required a complete check for other formating like after title all para will be in small letters. Follow allover document like 1st para. Also need to complete in 1 day. Thank you for working with us

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    I need have a meeting minutes template redone. I has a number of formating issues Below is the link to the document [login to view URL] This is a fixed priced job, You can bid above the range bid, I will consider all offers whether high or low. when you bid please PROVIDE ONE SAMPLE

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    ...would like to have a layout designed so i can import it into my phprunner project to : -View the report as the excel sheet is -Export the report to Excel with the same formating. -Modify the layout if needed. I would like the report table to summarize on a single page a full year of entries by Center . Included is a crane shot of what i have

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    I require someone that could format , word smith and structure a report for me. approx 6-8 pages.. Needs to be high quality formating, Its part of a tender submission so keen to get it very professional, profressional design. I shall provide all the detail,

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    I want to do API Formating for Reference / Bibliography - 15 pages

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    I need you to fill in a spreadsheet with data. Analyzing reports on day to day basis, sagregation of raw Data in proper manner. Formating the cells accordingly

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    Networking Installation Server installation WIFI Installation Android Mobile Software Upgrade LAN SET up,PC Formating & Reapearing Hardware Networking All work,

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    SPSS data need to be formatted and do analsys.

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    I have a PDF file, and I need it created into word identically with proper formating etc.

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    We made text art in timber from old documents in particular newpapers. we wish to offer customized work, but formatting the vector based text is too time consuming for us. ...we wish to outsource We would anticipate providing very simple software for the work needed. The work may average around 10 hours per month, depending on response to this custom service

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    I have 2 jobs. Job 1 - I have two documents Similar in content. I need them to be combined, duplicates removed and formating of document rectified. Job 2 - I have an excel spread sheet with a product list and i have to establish which product are from am a specific location. These products are on a seperate excel spreadsheet. All i need is an,

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    Reformating and sequencing of handout 16500 words ( have other handout to use as source for formating)

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    We have a website, need to re-develop. to make it more beatiful. 1, website formating 2, Content/article formating 3, Ebook making the whole website include 6page total. Please let us know your rate. if well-done, we have another big project for you. Please say "my name is XXX" as beginning in your proposal, to let me know who

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    ...this to be formated as it is in latex with neat and clean code and diagrams strickly in "TikZ" ***Please take a note that diagrams should be strickly in Tikz ** Proper Formating Please quote your rate for each paper along with timeline, Quick and low rates are preferable.. Need to start this as soon as possible. i will accept your work only

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    ...will work 1. the user opens the software to create the book. 2, the chooser will then enter a few details such as title and author and an image which will form the 1st page. 3. The 2nd page will be a standard disclaimer which i will create 4. ok depending on the category of the book in this instance we will use weight loss as an example

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