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    I'm working on a small React and MongoDB app and need someone to help me complete it. Key Features: - User Authentication - CRUD Operations (Create, Read, Update, Delete) - Data Filtering and Searching. Design: You'll need to use basic Tailwind components to create the UI as I haven't designed it yet. External APIs: I'm not sure if the app will require any external APIs or integrations, so guidance on this would be appreciated. Your role will primarily be to help me finish this project and ensure it functions smoothly. Prior experience with similar projects will be a plus. project details- The database that needs to be used is mongo db and react will be used All users should arrive at the login page User1 – admin user - Once login cred...

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    For an existing website I need this: Likely Laravel framework. Please keep in mind you need to make the MySQL db for this ...team member page 11. Affiliate profile page 12. Commissions page Super admin (No Affiliate access, only superadmin access) 13. All users/Affiliates + view single Affiliate 14. All orders + view single order 15. All Commissions + view single commission 16. All team bonus + view single bonus 17. Admin (add/edit/delete) news and events 18. Top lists, same as in Affiliate dashboard 19. Products page - set pricing and commission and bonus (Add/edit/delete product) 20. Ranking page - set the ranks, the sales to reach the rank, and commission/bonus levels for each rank So you will have no HTML to do, just exchange the relevant valu...

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    ...need the file upload functionality from our public area to be copied to our backoffice. This will allow the backoffice to upload files for users in the public area. Key Requirements: - Transfer file upload feature from backoffice to public section - Support for the following file types: pdf - Visual feedback of the upload process with a success/error message - Backoffice should be able to both delete and replace files after an upload Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Xano and WeWeb platforms - Experience with file upload feature implementation - Ability to create a visually appealing and informative upload process - Understanding of user and content management systems This project involves integrating and mirroring an existing feature, so familiarity with Xano and WeWeb is crucia...

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    ...another page of the site) * Add generation of an invoice for using the site in pdf form (the form will be provided) with saving on the pages in the admin panel and on the user page. * Edit the account pages created in the admin panel, add a filter by user, month, account status and account number (these fields have been created, you just need to display them on the page). It should be possible to delete and download invoices, both individual documents and all at once. * There are 2 fields created on the site (tariff payment and number of contacts). You need to make sure that these fields are also displayed in the mobile version of the site and add statement generation for these fields. * Set up the generation of a report (pdf file, form will be provided), which displays infor...

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    ...Customer Support Automation. Key specifics include: - Application Audience: The target audience for this app is primarily businesses. It's crucial that the developer understands this specific user base and can ensure the app is tailored to their needs. - Primary Functionality: The main functionality of this app will be customer support automation. This includes features such as automated responses, ticket management, and potentially even sentiment analysis. The ideal candidate should have experience in developing and implementing such functionalities. - Deployment: The ultimate goal is to get this app up and running, so deployment knowledge is essential. Experience in deploying ChatGpt-based Model In summary, I'm looking for a developer who is not only proficient in...

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    ...experienced Django developer to implement an access control system in our existing web application. The access control system will allow the super admin to define access levels and assign them to team members. Each access level will determine which parts of the application a user can access. Key Features: Access Level Management: Implement functionality for the super admin to create, edit, and delete access levels. Each access level should have customizable permissions for different parts of the application. User Management: Allow the super admin to add, remove, and manage team members. When adding a team member, the super admin should be able to assign an access level to them. Permissions Assignment: Implement a mechanism to assign permissions to each access level. Permission...

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    ...English, we have to communicate through translation. If I chat in Korean, you use a translator. Be clear about this and think carefully before participating. And I want someone who can get the job done quickly. There are a total of 3 development projects and many more. 1 SNS ad matching website / development budget $350 2 it development matching website / development budget $350 3 QR meal ticket management and attendance management site / development budget $400 All are website environments and have a smartphone shortcut icon push function. Supported by browsers. Development progress order 1 List of development function definition requirements (organization of conversation documents involving developers and planners) 2 Flow chart (professional planner) 3 UI UX screen d...

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    ...listings, filters, property details, chat functionality, and more are already in place. Required Work: Establish a comprehensive and secure database architecture. Integrate the database with the existing Adalo app interface. Set up user authentication and authorization systems. Create relationships between various data tables (users, properties, chats, etc.). Implement CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations for property listings. Ensure the app's data flow is seamless and intuitive. Specific Functions Needed: User profile creation and management. Property listing management for sellers. Search functionality with filters for property buyers. Real-time chat system between buyers and sellers. Administrative panel for content moderation and user management (if not alre...

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    I need an experienced Laravel developer to integrate and manage the database for my existing project, www.getyourhomes.in. The task is not only basic CRUD operations but also extends to admin panel updates and AJAX call filters. - Database Management: You should be adept at advanced database management with stored procedures, triggers, and optimization. - Language Proficiency: Strong language skills in either Bengali or Hindi is essential. Your role would be crucial in improving the functionalities of my project. Prior experience in similar projects would be a bonus.

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    ...is to increase ticket sales, and I believe that social media would be the best fit for this campaign. Key Responsibilities: - Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy to increase ticket sales - Create and manage social media advertising to target the general public - Regularly monitor and adjust the strategy based on performance data - Deliver detailed performance reports on the campaign I'm looking for a skilled marketing professional who has experience with social media advertising and a proven track record of increasing ticket sales for events. The ideal candidate should have a good understanding of digital marketing tools and techniques and be able to work towards achieving the set goal. Experience in event marketing would be a big plus. Payment will ...

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    I require a freelancer with skills in WordPress, RecordRTC usage, and video editing....WordPress, RecordRTC usage, and video editing. The goal is to create a WordPress page which includes the following: - A voice recording feature using RecordRTC capable of audio and transcript recording, the recorded files should have option to save locally on the device or saved onto OneDrive cloud storage. - The page should list the saved voice recording files and able to play the recording or delete the recording file. - A YouTube instruction video using recorded screen activity to guide users on how to use the page and the recording feature - A very brief instruction text beneath the video - A contact form for user inquiries Experience in similar projects and proficiency in English language a...

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    I'm planning a community app. Users should be able to register in this app (email + password, Google, Facebook, etc.). In addition, the user should be able...information} --- END OF SMS --- ***) All content/programming of the link and button targets are not part of the work When the recipient confirms receipt, the sender should receive a push notification and be able to see this in the list of threads they created. The user should receive an overview of all threads, he can neither change the message nor the date, but only see what data he has saved OR delete the thread. If the recipient has saved a reminder, they will be informed that the thread has been deleted! If the recipient does not respond to the creation message, then the recipient will not receive any further inform...

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    My project necessitates a top-notch custom web-based ticketing system, prioritizing ticket submission, tracking, and superior user management. Key Features: - Ticket submission and tracking: The system should enable simple ticket submission and comprehensive tracking. Users should be able to monitor their tickets' progress with ease. Ticket Priorities: - The system must classify tickets with a three-tiered system: Critical, Major, and Minor. Each category should have its distinct features and priority level. User Roles: - The ticketing system should incorporate three crucial user roles: Admin, Agent, and User. - Admin: Full control over the entire system. - Agent: Responsible for handling and resolving tickets. - User: Able to submit ticke...

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    YOU MUST ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THIS IS A GAY ADULT WEBSITE, OR I WILL DELETE YOUR OFFER. I need an experienced web developer who will work periodically on my gay adult website. An adept knowledge of handling PHP, MySQL, and server-side issues is crucial, as this is the job. Key tasks will primarily involve: - Dating website structure - Regular bug fixes - Working on necessary layout adjustments - Server-side management - Repairing and managing RSS feeds - Creating efficient data tables I'm seeking someone flexible, detail-oriented, and reliable for an ongoing relationship. Let's work together to keep the website running smoothly and efficiently. About the pay. It’s $15.00/hr. I do pay this lower fee because the work is easier, and I will give you work periodically....

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    I'm looking for a skilled web developer to design a movie ticket booking website as part of a college mini-project. This project requires: - A user registration and login feature, allowing regular users to create accounts. - A schedule section showcasing movie showtimes. - A booking system for selecting and reserving seats for a specific showtime. - Gantt charts, SRS document, COCOMO calculations, github experience Ideally, candidates will have experience with e-commerce sites and may suggest additional features to improve user experience. Prior experience with similar projects will be heavily favored.

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    WordPress Site Development 5 days left

    This is a small 3 or 4 page WordPress website. Skills needed: MySQL / AJAX / fetch / Axios / PHP / JavaScript - Registration & Profile Management page - User Data Entry Form with Data Entry History page - User Data search field page Site will need to integrate into a page builder (Oxygen) Be sure to View attachment for bidding instructions to avoid bid deletion.

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    I require a profici...User account creation: The app should support an efficient and secure system for user registration and login. - Messaging system: An integral communication network that allows for direct messaging between users is required. - Ticket Scanning system: A robust ticket scanning algorithm implemented for service accessibility. Ideal skills for this project are Swift and Kotlin for iOS and Android respectively. Other necessary skills include a good understanding of backend development for handling user data, and proficiency in algorithm development for creating the ticket scanning feature. Experience in developing apps that have a messaging system integrated would be beneficial. Similarly, past experience in providing workable scanning solutions in...

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    Website improvement 5 days left

    ...another page of the site) * Add generation of an invoice for using the site in pdf form (the form will be provided) with saving on the pages in the admin panel and on the user page. * Edit the account pages created in the admin panel, add a filter by user, month, account status and account number (these fields have been created, you just need to display them on the page). It should be possible to delete and download invoices, both individual documents and all at once. * There are 2 fields created on the site (tariff payment and number of contacts). You need to make sure that these fields are also displayed in the mobile version of the site and add statement generation for these fields. * Set up the generation of a report (pdf file, form will be provided), which displays infor...

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    I'm looking for a skilled .NET developer with experience in JSON, MS SQL, AJAX, and HTML to help me migrate my existing website to a new template. The specific features that need to be migrated are the design layout and content pages. To give some context, the primary objective of this migration project is to enhance the functionality of the website. An ideal candidate should be well-versed in enhancing user experience and updating design aesthetics. Your role will be pivotal in ensuring that the new template not only preserves the existing features but also improves the functionality. The key difference I'm aiming for in the new site is faster loading times. This means that you should be able to optimize the site's performance and ensure that the migration process ...

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    ...developer for a quick project. We need a simple task management app built using React.js and JSONPlaceholder API for backend simulation. Expected completion time: 3-4 hours. Key Features: Task List: Display a list of tasks with options to mark tasks as completed, edit task details, and delete tasks. Add Task: Enable users to add new tasks to the list with a title and optional description. Edit Task: Allow users to edit task details, including the title and description. Delete Task: Provide the functionality to delete tasks from the list. Mark as Completed: Allow users to mark tasks as completed, visually distinguishing them from incomplete tasks. Requirements: Proficiency in React.js and JavaScript. Experience with frontend development and RESTful APIs. Abil...

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    Unity automation 5 days left

    Hi We are building one app launcher that will have many apps in it, we are working hard to adjust all apps to fit it and we need automation to scale our manual work, what we do is: if you know a way this can be done using automation please reach me first i open each games in unity to see the libraries they are using than i delete the In-app purchase and ads libraries After deleting the libraries, we get errors in codes that uses ads and lAP, so i fix them than i modify the code to give the in app items to users for free Than i have to check for all the static variables used in games, because they needs to get reset every time user come back to home page, else, they will get error the next time we play the game Than i have to create bundle of all the images, sounds and stuffs ...

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    ...change? We have tried both the Smart Home Basic and the Smart Lock open service getting error codes such #illegal { "name": "test_id3", "password": "123456789", "effective_time": 1715372160, "invalid_time": 1718050560, "password_type": "ticket", "phone": "1234", "type": 0, "time_zone": "Europe/Athens", "ticket_id": "1234", "schedule_list": [ { "effective_time": 450, "invalid_time": 542, "working_day": 111 } ], "relate_dev_list": "" } { "name": "Guest Access", "password": "12345678", "effective_time": 1715372160, "in...

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    Hello. I can create a blog website and any optimization you want in your web. I have 7+ years of experience in WordPress/Ecommerce website creation. I have developed and designed dozens of sites in WordPress. I am proficient in PHP, MYSQL, HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY, and AJAX. Please send me a message so can show you, my work. Sincerely, Vivek

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    you should start right away should have proficiency in core php, jquery, ajax and mysql budget INR 100 per hour, need to work for another 15 to 20 days

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    I am seeking an experienced website designer who can help me build an event booking website with direct purchase capabilities for online ticket sales. Key Requirements: - Creation of an intuitive, user-friendly interface for online ticket sales. The end result should allow customers to directly purchase tickets on the website itself without being redirected elsewhere. - The designer should have more than 10 years of relevant experience in creating booking websites, specifically with online ticket sales functionality. Ideal Skills: - Strong UX/UI design experience with a focus on e-commerce - Experience in event booking website development - In-depth understanding of online payment processing mechanism Please include a portfolio or examples of previous event boo...

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    long term , full time flask developer needed to build ecommerce backend you should start right away should have proficiency in flask, jquery, ajax and mongodb budget INR 100 per hour, need to work for another 15 to 20 days

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    ...the functionality of the Trending Screen, specifically to display products currently available on Wishive, which are integrated with Woo-Commerce and modify the click behaviour for in-app web-view. API calls will be provided. Below is a detailed breakdown of the tasks involved: 1. **Modify Trending Screen:** - Remove the search bar object located under the Wishive Live Marketplace bar. - Delete categories (breadcrumb) displayed under the search bar. - Eliminate the "Add to Cart" button from the products taxonomy. - Modify the display of thumbnail product images to fetch from the CDN entry from API dataset instead of the internal media gallery. 2. **Modify Product Item Behavior:** - Change the default behavior when clicking on a product item. - Ensure...

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    I'm looking for a skilled web developer to create a modern, responsive website for my film compa...releases and highlights. - An about us page with content about the films we've created, the accomplishments of our team. - A movie listings page where visitors can browse the movies we're currently showing. - A booking page that includes: - A functionality to select the time and date of movie viewing. - A dynamic interface for seat selection. - An automatic display of ticket price upon selection. You should have a portfolio that shows strong aesthetic design and competent web development skills, particularly in creating functional interaction systems for customers. Experience in the movie industry or related field is preferred. Understanding of...

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    I'm seeking a proficient Flutter developer who can create widgets compatible with Android, iOS, and Flutter web applications. The primary function of the widget will be to facilitate ticket booking. Key Requirements: * Create a user-friendly Flutter widget for ticket booking * Ensure compatibility across Android, iOS and Flutter web applications * Payment gateway integration using Stripe for seamless ticket purchases Ideal Skills and Experience: * Prior experience in Flutter development * Knowledge in integrating Stripe payment gateway * Familiarity with creating ticket booking systems * Understands platform compatibility requirements for Android, iOS, and Flutter web applications.

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    The success of this project hinges on the creation of a compelling and functional lottery application. This app should be compatible across iOS, Android, and Web platforms, to ensure maximum user reach. Key Features: - It's critical the app facilitates a streamlined Ticket Purchasing process for users. This process needs to be simple, secure, and swift to engage a broad user base. - The second must-have feature is Number Selection. The application has to offer an intuitive interface where users can comfortably select and pay for their lottery numbers. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Experienced in multi-platform app development, particularly iOS, Android, and Web. - Proven excellence in creating secure digital transaction systems. - Previous work in developing applications...

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    ...can like and comment on existing reviews. Admin Requirements 1. User Management - **1.1 CRUD Operations on Users** - Admins can create, read, update, and delete user accounts. 2. University Management - **2.1 Adding Universities** - Admins can add new universities, which will then be available to users. - Each university entry includes details such as name, location, and available courses. 3. Course Management - **3.1 Adding Courses** - Admins can add courses to specific universities. - Course details include name, description, and associated faculty. 4. Content Moderation - **4.1 Managing Posts** - Admins can delete any reviews deemed inappropriate or not compliant with platform policies. - Admins can perform CRUD operations on posts to edit or update d...

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    Trophy icon Creative Wedding Photo Editing 5 days left

    I'm seeking a talented photo editor to apply creative filters to 598 wedding photos. DOWNLOAD WEDDING PICTURES HERE!!! I would like some Black and White some Sepia and Some color. You may delete any images you don't want to use. To submit an entry please show 3 pictures you edited and if I like I'll award the gig to complete the rest of the work. IF CHOSEN THIS GIG HAS AN OPPORTUNITY TO TURN INTO A REGULAR 2 TIMES MONTHLY JOB!!!! Key Requirements: - **Experience**: You should have a strong portfolio and prior experience in photo editing, especially in creative editing. - **Attention to Detail**: Each photo is special, so I need an editor with a keen eye for detail. - **Timeliness**: I'd like to have the edited photos returned within a reasonable timeframe....

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    ...be both can be WhatsApp in the beginning of the client page we have a history of the tasks done by date our and how, When we do any task automatically it adds in the history We can add Task xx, we can remove Task xx, We can change number of tasks We can change the link and name of Task We can add up to 3 links for 1 Task We can add or remove the way of doing the Task For each Task we can add or delete more ways to do the Task We can define contact as C1or C2 or C3 or C4 or C5 or D1 or D2 or R1 or R2 Main Page: We can select by categories C1 C2 C3 C4 C5 D1 D2 R1 R2 We can select by date or by range of date we can select by zip code We can select by activity We can select by task number we can select by the way to do task Admin can give access to all contacts ...

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    I'm hosting a pool party at a hotel and I need an expert who can effectively promote and sell tickets for me. Responsibilities will include reaching out to potential attendees and driving ticket sales. Ideal skills: - Experience in event promotion - Strong marketing and sales skills - Familiarity with various ticket selling platforms I expect between 50-100 attendees, so your resourcefulness and ability to engage a wide audience will be vital.

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    I'm seeking a competent web developer to create an e-commerce bus ticket booking platform from scratch. This project involves the following requirements: • Development of a fully functional e-commerce website • Integration of a simple bus ticket booking system that requires creation from ground up. Ideal freelancers for this project should have: • An extensive experience in e-commerce web development • A strong background in creating unique booking systems. • Problem-solving skills to ensure an efficient and smooth user experience. This is a major project that requires dedication and innovation. I am excited to bring onboard a developer who will help me transform this vision into reality.

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    ...sector dedicated to developing software solutions. Our flagship product is a sophisticated ticket management system, built with cutting-edge technologies and integrated artificial intelligence. We plan to expand our product offerings in the future. Project Description: We are looking for an experienced web developer to design and develop the corporate website for our company. This will be the first point of contact for potential clients and should reflect the innovation and efficiency of our solutions. The website must be visually striking, high-performing, and user-friendly. Responsibilities: Design and develop a responsive, optimized website accessible on all devices. Integrate a section for our ticket management software, highlighting its advantages such as process o...

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    I'm looking for an adept developer to create a comprehensive lottery gaming application which will be available on iOS, Android, and Web platforms. Key Features: - "Ticket Purchasing": The application should offer a seamless interface for users to conveniently purchase lottery tickets. - "Jackpot Tracking": Users need to be able to view and track the status of the jackpots including winnings. - "Number Generator": This function will randomly generate potential winning numbers for customers. The app's design should cater to a broad range of users including the general public, gamblers, and lottery enthusiasts. It should be user-friendly, and intuitive with clear instructions. Ideal candidates for this project should have experience in gam...

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    Update Wordpress Child theme to work with latest version of X-Pro theme and PHP 8.2 First I would like you to estimate the work using the WPEngine credentials I supplied. Environment is: volleyball2stg From the ticket: I have tried again to update the staging site with the latest copy of the production and update the plugins and theme as well as the PHP version and here is the result. Updating the Pro theme have broken the existing layout of the pages and will need an overhaul of the child theme to match the new parent theme version when it comes to the structure. Updating the PHP version to 8.2 have generated and error on the WooCommerce collapsing categories pro plugin. I am not sure if this plugin is still maintained for the only review that it had

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    ...theatre ticket sales, integrated with an Android app. I'm looking for an experienced developer who can bring this vision to life. Key Features: - Cloud-Based POS: The system should be user-friendly and accessible from any location. - Inventory Management: The POS should allow for easy tracking and management of ticket inventory. - Sales Reporting: I need a comprehensive sales reporting system that provides insights on movie ticket sales. - Customer Management: The system should be able to store basic customer details for future marketing and analysis. The Ticket Sales: - The ticket sales will be done physically at the theatre; hence, the system should be optimized for this environment. - The Android app should provide a user-friendly ...

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    long term , full time flask developer needed to build ecommerce backend you should start right away should have proficiency in flask, jquery, ajax and mongodb budget INR 100 per hour, need to work for another 15 to 20 days

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    I'm looking for someone to set up adverts on Facebook and Instagram to help increase ticket sales for my upcoming music events and concerts. Key Requirements: - Advertising Platforms: The ads will be hosted on both Facebook and Instagram. Experience with these specific platforms is crucial. - Goal: The primary aim of the advert campaign is to boost ticket sales. The ideal freelancer should understand how to create compelling content that drives conversions. - Content: I already have the content prepared for the ads. The selected candidate will be tasked with setting up the ads on the platforms and monitoring their performance over time. The ideal candidate should have a solid background in social media advertising and a proven track record of success with simila...

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    I'm looking to develop an Android application for Online Lottery. The app will be a platform for users to purchase lottery tickets and redeem their prizes. Key Features: - Ticket Purchasing: Users should be able to easily buy their lottery tickets through the app. - Prize Redemption: Once the lottery results are out, winners should be able to easily redeem their prizes through the application. Payment options: - In-app purchase: It should support in-app ticket purchases to smoothen the transaction process. - Digital Wallet: Users should be able to pay using their digital wallets. This will require integrating reliable payment gateways for a smooth and secure transaction process. Ideal candidates for this project should have: - Experience in Android app development, e...

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    Hello, I need to add a function to this free add-on, the add-on allows to add a start and end date, but I need that start date to be set automatically when I buy it and the end date as well. I need to create 3 options for 3 types of products. - Monthly option (30 days from product purchase). - Quarterly option (90 days from product purchase). - Yearly o...types of products. - Monthly option (30 days from product purchase). - Quarterly option (90 days from product purchase). - Yearly option (365 days from product purchase). It is quite simple, just add a checkbox to enable these options and the start and end date is calculated automatically when the product is purchased. Plugin for check the code: Thanks a lot. Best Regards.

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    ... Users should be able to easily navigate through the city's various locations, businesses, and landmarks. The map should be visually appealing and intuitive to use. - Booking System: The secondary component of this project is the implementation of a versatile booking system. This system should support various types of bookings, including appointment scheduling, room or venue booking, and event ticket reservations. Skillset: - Proficiency in Interactive Map Development: Prior experience in creating interactive maps, preferably city-specific, is highly desirable. Knowledge of mapping software and APIs will be an advantage. - Booking System Development: Strong background in developing booking systems. Prior experience with appointment scheduling, room or venue booking, and eve...

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    I'm seeking integration of a basic customer support chatbot that's fully integrated with Zendesk. The ideal freelancer for this project should have significant experience in chatbots and Zendesk integration. Here are my requirements: - The chatbot should focus on handling tickets for complex issues. -the ticket system should generated the response using algorithm - The information from the users should only be used for the duration of the chat and not stored. A developer with expertise in AI, chatbot programming and thorough understanding of Zendesk API would bode well for project realization.

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    Elevate your career with us, a premier STR (Short-Term Rental) management firm renowned for its exceptional portfolio of high-end rental properties. We invite accomplished sales executives to join us in our mission to expand and enhance our distinguished collection. This role has a base of $500 p/m + uncapped commision, offering substantial financial rewards aligned with your success. Commission Structure: Initial Engagement: Secure $750 on each $5000 deposit per onboarded property - 15% commission Enhanced Earnings on Balance after the $5000 payment from the prospects: 1BR - $15,000: Receive 12% commission, totalling $1,800. 2BR - $20,000: Receive 15% commission, totalling $3,000. 3BR - $25,000: Receive 18% commission, totalling $4,500. Performance Incentives: Quarterly E...

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    I'm looking for an IT engineer who has a solid understanding of ThingsBoard and CentOS7 Linux system. Requirements: - Delete some repeat file on the CentOS 7 server. - Configuration of ThingsBoard to cater to specific requirements. This includes setting up devices and ensuring that all device management functions are properly in place. - Install Mosquitto-clients. - install Curl Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proficient in CentOS7 Linux system installation. - Strong knowledge of ThingsBoard, with emphasis on device management. - Ability to customize ThingsBoard configuration based on specific requirements. - Prior experience in similar IT engineering projects would be beneficial. Please get in touch if you have the necessary skills and expertise for this project.

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    ...Inline editor like Gutenberg. The current setup of everything being at top is a bit old fashioned though completely functional. A block-based system with modern inline editor would be really great. - Shortcuts: It should support shortcuts. Obviously things like bold, italics, and underline should work (duh, it should be obvious). But, we also use CTRL+S in our current system to Save the form via AJAX. The saving functionality is built from our side, just that you should have functionality to pass such key presses our of the WYSIWYG IFrame. - Buttons: We have a lot of our functionality running over TinyMCE, this includes our own tools for monetization, inserting YouTube videos, etc. The code for that already exists from our side. We would just need the WYSIWYG to have functionalit...

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    I'm looking for a Laravel expert with experience in MongoDB to help me build a comprehensive ticket system. We will Provide u the Static Design of the project in laravel ready "Static Design" ready by 95%, and we will provide u the Server and the host to work on it. We are using Docker to run mongoDb on our server. We will provide u the API for teh Chstsystem and call ready as well, u have to follow our instruction to get the work done. We have 3 Milestone that we need to get the whole Project done .. Key requirements: - User Account Types: The system should have distinct Admin and Staff user accounts. - Ticket Management: Admins should be able to manage tickets, assign them to staff, set their priorities, and track their status. The ideal candidate f...

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