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    ...catamaran one in silhouette darkened shadowy over the shoulders shot looking at this magical fantasy but realistic cove in amazement ( even though you only see them from behind... a very small wooden zeppelin in the sky in the clouds.. The characters - Dimon Dez , The catamaran captain but also a miner of gold and diamonds.. safari / pirate captain / miner look and feel Dr Zaya Moralis - An Alchemist genius from London / A witch dressed like a smart wizard - Loves to sing - looking for gems minerals and magical items Skye Erso - Rock Climber from Oregon - Cheerleader - loves to show her flexibility... Tomb raider , climber , traps .. Think Lara croft , Bethany , Awkwafina in a cheerleader (Flyer position) A shadowy figure. -------------------------------- All fil...

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    We would like a Poster in the form of a Comic Book Page as a memento for the actors/cast and crew who took part in a fringe theatre play. There are 6 characters to be depicted and we were hoping for it to look like the first page of a comic book story with a title and approximately 7 frames depicting different scenes in the play. We would a memento for the actors/cast and crew who took part in a fringe theatre play. There are 6 characters to be depicted and we were hoping for it to look like the first page of a comic book story with a title and approximately 7 frames depicting different scenes in the play. We would like it to be coloured and include some lettering/dialogue. The play is about a woman who steals souls for an alchemist and the Detective investigating her missin...

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    A Machine Learning system that can be built into Blender python as an addon, for automated texture creation by importing images. The system must be able to import an image, then create a set of PBR texture maps from that image, using...Machine Learning system that can be built into Blender python as an addon, for automated texture creation by importing images. The system must be able to import an image, then create a set of PBR texture maps from that image, using ML technology. It will be something akin to the Adobe substance alchemist suite, but as a blender addon. We will provide the output image sequences and input images for the algorithms to be working on. Sources: Blender: Adobe Sampler (formerly alchemist):

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    I am starting an online crystal business and need a logo. The business is called Light Talker. I would like a design that features crystal/s and/or the five alchemist elements of fire, air, water, earth and spirit.

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    Hi, Looking for a designer that does abstract design art. I need to get a website designed and this project is for an Alchemist theme so you need to have a great and crazy creative mind. If your interested please send me your portfolio.

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    ... also this movie (film) could be of good reference - the story could include characters like: a doctor/medic, an alchemist, a priest, a knight of a knights order, a philosopher, etc - the story could include the rumor: the origin of the Black Death is China* *obviously, not with the name "China" in those times. this could be usefull for this Also, actual investigators say the Black Death initialized in China, but at those years this could be not more than

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    Trophy icon Logo for Tattoo Studio Ended

    We are a new Tattoo Studio in UK, it name is SOLEMAR Tattoo Studio. We are a couple and our origins are Brazilian and Italian. We would like to use in the logo the symbol of the alchemist Sun and the Waves of the sound. Our Studio is not just Tattoo because we will sell also surfboard and Oder gadgets. Thanks Antonio & Camilla

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    I operate , a Tipster Platform, selling monthly subscriptions to our Horse |Racing Tipsters. We have recently launched our first website, which is integrated with Clickbank. I have two objectives that I need help with: 1) Looking for Clickbank Affiliates who will promote my products. Previous experience working for similar products such as Betting Gods, Bet Alchemist. Beeting Guru's etc. 2) Create our own bespoke sales funnel to link with our Clickbank account to self generate sales. 3) Possibly pay to operate the sales funnel.

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    I need a translation of alchemist book in hindi

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    I need a translation of The alchemist book in hindi.

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    I want to display a logo that both says what i'm doing and also has symbolic value for the art of "alchemist". My business name is Solventless Alchemist and i make ice water hash rosin. Its a top tier cannabis extract. My logo which i designed myself is a philosophers stoned with alchemical symbols pertaining to "the universal one", the cross inside a circle "the sun" and water. I'd like the color profile to portray a feeling of being heightened, elevated and if i can also get an example of some colors that make it seem like we are dealing with water or ice more specifically.

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    ...speakers focused on learning Software Development. And we're going to focus on the Elixir programming language. The name of the project is Alquimia which translated to English would be Alchemy. That's the main concept. I need the logo to illustrate/draw an alchemist that integrates elements of the Elixir programming language logo (you can search for images in Google Images allusive to Elixir). The word Elixir is related to a "magical" substance produced by alchemists. So, the character I want to be included in the logo must be an alchemist experimenting with something similar to Elixir (check the logo). Please, do a little research on alchemy and alchemists; I don't need a modern lab worker. These images can help you to notice the difference:

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    In need of a logo for a start-up coffee, tea & hot chocolate name is "The Coffee Alchemist". High end product. Neutral tones of black, white & gold as primary colours.

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    I need 3 x labels for small 100ml Bright blue mist dispensing (spray) bottles with white lids. Each bottle will have a different blend of created Alchemy Sprays and their names will be : 1) The Wizard 2) The Alchemist 3) The Blacksmith I am looking for a label design for each that incorporates the attached "Tree of Life" image uploaded, however changing the colour of the tree to something other than gold is also fine to do. I am also looking for a small "flyer" for each bottle that provides a description of the bottles, but this may need to be done after some photos can be taken of the bottles once labelled? I would like images that portray a "spiritual" or "Mystical/Ancient" image or tone, that bends and looks great on the Blue Bott...

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    Trophy icon Create A Company Logo Ended

    We run a lead generation company that specializes in creating sales funnels for small businesses. We need a logo that represents us well. Our company is called: THE ALFUNNIST. This is a combination of the words: Alchemist (person who transforms or creates something through a seemingly magical process) and Funnel (as in sales funnel). We would like the logo to utilize any of the colors from the book The Alchemist (#ed5c25, #aa1b21, #f1b91c, #089dad, #095a75, #000000) & would like some sort of funnel to be portrayed in the logo. We want the logo to be/ look clever. Submit your entry as soon as possible. We will choose as soon as we find what we like.

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    really want to get some white vans and get them custom done. I was thinking League of Legends champs on one shoe and then Attack On Titan/HunterxHunter/Fullmetal Alchemist/SAO on the other shoe. I am looking for a person to get em done because I really fucking want these shoes. If you can send maybe a design concept/sketch that would make me incredibly happy just because I don't want em done bad or anything but I'm so down to get em done. Leaving some concept art. First 1-8 pictures are for shoe 1 and the other 1-7 are shoe 2. Get creative! :D

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    Hello, I'm in the process of expanding my jewelry line to include home decor. I'm looking for someone to assist with creating the product logo, labels, packing, and thank you / care card. Looking for a designer who specializes in a minimal design with handwritten elements and an aesthetically pleasing portfolio.

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    I am looking for a logo for a new business called Wise Old Owl Publications. I will be providing ghost writing, editing and proofreading services. One of the ways that I describe my services is: Providing word alchemy services so you can share your message...Publications. I will be providing ghost writing, editing and proofreading services. One of the ways that I describe my services is: Providing word alchemy services so you can share your message with the world. My role is "Word Whisperer". I would love my logo to incorporate the elements of a wise old owl (picture attached for inspiration) and either the idea of being a word whisperer or word alchemist - bringing some magic to their words to create their message. The colours I would like to include are blues, ...

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    Trophy icon logo design Ended

    I have a new online service coming out called "Embodied King" We offer guys training on how to become the best of themselves by looking inside them self for the answers. We guide them to show them how to become their full king archietype to get anything they want in life... I need a logo design for this. I need the design to: ...handover. You don’t need to use a Lion. In the brief I said "think" lion, "think" 300, "think" gladiator. By this I meant to think of the characters that were the kings and what they represent in those movies and the links I also put in the brief. Think of embodied as a whole or all or all archetypes Think of king as great warrior, person, alchemist, lover I like the idea of lion head and human head combined...

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    ...Jul (till next Friday) 4. Target Audience Research 5. Campaign Optimization 6. Keyword Research ============================================ Please check targeted audience shortlisted: - Hindi Language Audioance - our Facebook page subscribers - Sirshree & sadguru, Dale Carnegie, Wayne W. Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Robin Sharma followers - Who read the book * The secret * power of habit * The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho * The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey * The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle * How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie * Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill * The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz * Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl * The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale * The Magic of Thinki...

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    ...where playing my custom story which takes gods and story elements from hp lovecrafts mythos and i want a group picture of my party and my main four NPCs. i would like it to have a more cartoonish design with the characters all doing a pose in a group shot. and for the backround i was thinking of cthulhu learing overtop of them. my main NPCs consist of a pistol duel weilding skeleton cowboy, a alchemist knight, a purple cthulu like warlock and my main NPC a cosmic space captain who pilots the infinity void a pirate ship that travels through dimensions. my party consist of a six foot tall kobald bard that is brown and plays the bagpipes, a leather wearing electric dragonborn monk and a fallen asimar with a green jade sword and a two western revolvers and a left hand that looks lik...

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    I am lookin...your creativity to put on handouts, cards, social media, etc. I want a lot of info on this photo. I want you to use your creativity, any unique fonts, and colors. I want it to be eye-catching and clearly show the product details. I have uploaded the files of the product. I would prefer a square-shaped photo. Here's some information you might want to use for the photo: Business Name: Alchemist Tribe Website: Name of product: Empath: Release & Recharge Type: Guided Journal Purpose: Journal for Empaths and People with Empathic Traits If there's more info you may want, please let me know. You can pick and choose from all the information, photos, and videos I have uploaded. Please don't feel obligated to use everything I have uploaded...

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    Essay - analyses on the novel “The Alchemist

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    I make youtube videos and I am looking for someone to make me individual photos that I can add to my videos. I need one for my social media handles. Also, I need my hand...looking for someone to make me individual photos that I can add to my videos. I need one for my social media handles. Also, I need my handles to be in this font "Gaoel". Also for the font color please use a fill of "#660099" and outline with white "FFFFFF" CashApp: $AlchemistTribe Twitter: @ IG: @ Pinterest: Alchemist Tribe Facebook page: Alchemist Tribe Website: Youtube: Alchemist Tribe Something like the image attached, but I need each SM handle its own separate image please. I also need it as a PNG file so I can use it as an overlay in the vide...

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    I want a writer who can assimilate knowledge of Meditational culture and develop a story like Avatar the Last Airbender but with a different story line obviously. Something like an epic like Mahabarata or Ramayama or The Last Alchemist.

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    ...the right piece for me, but nothing on amazon or other poster websites have what I’m looking for. Basically I’d really like a piece I could hang in my bedroom, something that incorporates all of my favorite characters. They include: ang (avatar the last air bender), goon freaks (hunterxhunter), saitama (one punch man), izuku medoria (my hero academia), natsu (fairy tale), and Edward (full metal alchemist). It would be awesome if they could all be displaying some kind of raw emotion and power....

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    Hi Ram C., I am the owner of You reached out to me on facebook on my Alchemist Tribe page. I decided to go ahead and hire you for my website SEO.

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    I need a book analysis in 24 hours. just two pages, double spaced. I can pay $10. NO PLAGIARISM please!!

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    Hello, dear! I'm starting a new project and I need a logo. The logo you did for me for Prima Properties was very beautiful so I want to hire you again! This time I'm working on a new cosmetic brand called "The Alchemist Cosmetics". I want to use the symbol of the Pentagram. Part of the pentagram makes the letter "A" - I want that in gold. If you willing to do this for me for that price that I suggested I'll give you more info so we can continue. Best regards, darling! Have a nice day!

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    Hi, By way of introduction, my name is Max. I have designed a card game that I think has huge potential - ‘Capital of Alinea’. I’m now looking for the right design partner to work with on the illustrations and design of the game. So what is Alinea? Alinea is a fictional land set in imperial times. Players adopt characters (either a Shepherd, Prophet, Engineer, Merchant, Warrior or Alchemist) who have travelled from distant lands to set up settlements in Alinea with the ultimate aim of establishing themselves as the Capital by bettering their competition at gathering resources and growing their settlements. How is it played? There are 6 sectors (Community, Trade, Architecture, Military, Research and Wealth) that players can develop in that help them to obtain...

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    Create TV pilot based on Young Adult Fictional Series base on draft of book #1 of series. Looking for script writer, and videographer to shoot 20 min video of 5 club members dialog.

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    ...they want to return. This position would link my program with: - addiction treatment centers - addiction treatment professionals - pain clinics and doctors - half-way houses - mental health professionals - holistic medical clinics and professionals - universities and colleges - business's employee assistance programs Contact info need: - Name: Randal Lyons - Title: Owner - Company: Alchemist Recovery - Company info: Addiction treatment field, used to hire consultants-maybe in future-but right now it's just me. - Work email: - Work phone number: - LinkedIn profile This project requires: - Previous success with creating collaborative partnerships - Previous success with connecting businesses by thinking outside the box - Experience in getting to, a...

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    Create TV pilot based on Young Adult Fictional Series base on draft of book #1 of series. Looking for script writer, and videographer to shoot 20 min video of 5 club members dialog.

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    Trophy icon Create a mobile game logo Ended

    I'm looking for a designer to create a logo for a new game, I'd like to have something "similar" as the logo of "Dungeon and Alchemist Idle" feel free to check it out on your favorite search engine My game is called: "Idle Towers and Creeps"

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    ...holistic manner. My goal is to provide "a real solution" for my clients in hopes of aiding them in achieving the highest version of themselves. With that being said, I am looking to hire a creative individual to create a visual representation of the mind, body and soul of my company. To provide a little background on the name, it's pretty simple, I LOVE the book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho! One of the believed talents of an alchemist was transforming base metals like copper into more precious, valuable metals such as gold. Also, it was also believed that alchemy was associated with immortality or prolonging life. This falls right into what I want to do for my clients, assist them with achieving the highest version of themselves via addressing any pro...

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    I need an existing website rebuilt. I already have a design, I just need you to build it. We need to use Multi-sites with SportsPress Pro and Alchemist Theme to build a parent site (team and player profile) and a child site (tournament site). And we need to complete the matching flow on the tournament site.

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    I am currently working ...for a play. The script will be the baseline for the upcoming short (low budget) film titled "Caleb: A Shelter Dog". If the story is approved, then a short screenplay will be based on this Script. I want a creative writer who can develop a 30,000 to 35,000-word script based on a predefined story plot. The storytelling style is intended to be linear and would be loosely based on the novel "The Alchemist". A 10 chapter based short story is expected within 1-2 months. Total budget is around INR 35,000. Per rupee per word. An INR 5000 advance will be given to start the work. Applicants are expected to show previous writing work in any domain as proof of English proficiency. The writing style would require a decent vocabulary but highly accura...

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    I run an outsourcing company where I have a team of people from Marketing & Sales, Business Development & Consulting, Project Planning, Management & Coordination, Virtual Assistance, Sourcing and Web Development! I work in some of these areas myself, and coordinate. I am currently expanding my Team and looking to hire members of the Team on my backend processes. I n...candidates to work with me to source and secure jobs from individuals, companies(including start-ups) and organizations. If this seems like a job where you can have fun, challenge and excel by applying your talent in research, sales, networking, and acquiring and securing leads, come along on board, send in your proposal, let’s Do It! NOTICE: Write this as the heading of your proposal The Value Alch...

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    Book: the Alchemist I have specifics too the essay on requirements like the formatting and topic I will let you know once we make a deal.

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    ...PixieDuck (Fairy Duck) Name: Quakers Job: Nurse Gender: Male Mythical + Animal: GriffKey (Griffin Monkey) Name: Nanners Job: Craftsman Gender: Female Mythical + Animal: WerePanda (Werewolf Panda) Name: Cuddles Job: Baker Gender: Male Mythical + Animal: SphinxPhin (Sphinx Dolphin) Name: Finny Job: Musician Gender: Female Mythical + Animal: ParroGon (Parrot Dragon) Name: Beakers Job: Alchemist Gender: Male Mythical + Animal: Lambalisk (Lamb Basalisk (bat version)) Name: Bhaathany Job: Royal Seer (psychic) Gender: Female ...

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    I have opened the first anime cafe in my country and I want to have two banner stands...Japanese sandwiches and desserts. I would like to have famous anime characters dressed up as waiters and waitresses on two designs with my logo in a small corner of the banner. I hope that the pictures linked below help give you an idea of what I'm looking for. You can choose from those characters that I would like to be included in the two designs: 1- Naruto (Naruto) 2- Edward (Full Metal Alchemist) 3- Luffy (One Piece) 4- Midoriya (Hero Academia) 5- Mikasa (Attack on Titan) 6- Detective Conan 7- Gintoki (Gintama) 8- Saitama (One punch man) 9- Souma (Shokugeki no soma) 10- Goku (Dragon Ball) 11- Killua (Hunter X Hunter) 12- Kuoko (Kuroko No basket) Please let me know if you have any fur...

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    Chicken Chernobyl illustration #2 I need an illustration for a magazine article. By 14 Dec. Please quote. Black and white. Grey shades OK. A chicken in a coup. Name tag on the door - Chicken Chernobyl. The chicken is standing in a nest lined with or containing a technology magazine called Ny Teknik (which we can read). We can see an article titled An...called Ny Teknik (which we can read). We can see an article titled An Impossible Invention, and its author Mats Lewan. The chicken has laid (in the nest) an egg, which is glowing in the darkened coup. The egg sports a radioactive hazard sign. A fox is peeping through a crack in the wall, hungrily licking its lips at the sight of the glowing egg. The chicken says The worst thing about being an alchemist, is that my eggs glow in...

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    The coffee shop is called The Alchemist. It's a new age, exotic, and healthy take to a coffee shop. We came up with the name because Alchemy is turning regular objects into gold and we are taking regular coffee and making it as good as gold. Please do not feel like you have to have the color gold in the design. It is not necessary.

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    115 bids hints of the content of the card. These unexpected messages from another team member can bring a smile to your face. We are changing the way we work and we are cognizant that we need a creative way to bring this message to the market. We need a tribe to make sure that the message is heard, that customers can find us and become more productive and appreciated. Currently, we are part of Alchemist Incubator in San Francisco () specializing in enterprise startups. We will have our first beta release end of November and will have a demo day broadcast by Techcrunch January 17th. We want no less to create an exceptional (kick-ass) entrance into the market. We are looking for individuals who can help us execute in this vision through digital marketing outlets

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    ₹2175 / hr Avg Bid
    34 bids development, and I need a designer to design art for the cast of characters in order to simplify the process of creating the character and also some backgrounds to be used in the game's loading screen and the empty spaces in the UI. It would be helpful if the art is designed in a way that it can be used for in-game dialogue. The art should be in anime style like the art in the mobile game alchemist code. There is no specific deadlines, but I need a freelancer who have little to no jobs in progress, or to simplify, i need a freelancer who can work very fast, and does not need me to hold his hands the whole time.I want someone who can design the character within two days with updates on the progress in the first day. The story will have alot of characters, so I need som...

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    I need you to write a essay on the book The alchemist Paulo coelho. I have the details on the essay.

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    ...order to test it in unity. The type of the game is idle game so not much animations required just (Idle, Sword Slash, Special Skill, Ultimate Skill). The special Skill will be just a wide slash that hits all enemies, and the ultimate be a spirit coming out of the sword and slashing all enemies multiple times. The type of graphics am looking for is the following 2d or 3d: 1- Onmyoji arena 2- Alchemist code 3- Battleborn tap 4- Law of creation Onmoyji will be the best of course, but dont have to give me that, I'm looknig for good graphics but I don't to destroy my budget. And Another thing, the games I mentioned are just examples of what i'm looking for in terms of quality, you don't have to clone them, as a matter of fact you can be creative and give me opti...

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