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    I am on the hunt for an exceptional BTC/USDT trading Algorithm developer with expertise in Java, Python, and JavaScript. Profound knowledge in machine learning and deep learning will be advantageous. You will be responsible for the development of a unique software that mirrors the vision of our project. Key Responsibilities *Time series models like ARIMA ,STL , LSTM networks etc. * Machine learning models like regression models, decision trees, random forests, support vector machines etc. *Deep learning models, such as recurrent neural networks and convolutional neural networks etc. *Reinforcement learning techniques, such as Q-learning or deep reinforcement learning etc. *Technical analysis using various indicators or combinations of indicators to generate noise free, statistical...

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    I'm looking to develop a robust algorithm capable of accurately detecting and counting tents in images using both panchromatic and multi-spectral channels. This tool is essential for my project, which involves analyzing satellite imagery for various purposes, including disaster response and camping site management. The algorithm needs to be developed in MATLAB, a programming language I've selected for its powerful imaging and computational capabilities. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in MATLAB, specifically in image processing and algorithm development - Experience working with both panchromatic and multi-spectral image data - Understanding of object detection techniques and challenges associated with satellite imagery - Ability to optimize algo...

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    ...functionalities. 6. *Manager Panel:* - Implement a manager panel with specific control permissions. - Managers should have access to relevant data and functionalities for efficient supervision. 7. *Home Page Booking Form:* - Design and integrate a booking form on the home page. - Include fields for "Book From," "Book To," "Weight (kg)," and "Dimensions (cm/in/foot)." - Implement an algorithm to calculate the estimated freight based on the customer's input details. These requirements aim to create a user-friendly and efficient system for consignment management. We are keen on ensuring a seamless experience for both customers and internal users. Your expertise in handling such projects is highly appreciated, and we l...

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    68 bids, able to enhance my page's follower growth and engagement metrics, with a special focus on conversion into virality. This person needs to thoroughly understand the intricacies of the TikTok algorithm for optimal content creation and marketing performance. My Tiktok account is blank Key Responsibilities: * Craft creative and interactive content for all age groups * Implement effective marketing strategies * Using the TikTok algorithm for user engagement and growth * Tiktok optimal Settings Skills and Experience: * Proven experience with TikTok marketing * Deep understanding of the TikTok algorithm * Proficiency in developing viral content * Successful track record of follower growth and engagement on TikTok * Capable of reaching a diverse age ...

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    ...To keep users engaged and up-to-date with relevant information. - Advanced features such as: - Community Support and Donations: To foster a sense of community within the user base and allow them to contribute. - Feedback and Rating System: To improve the app based on user experiences. - Delivery Coordination: To manage and track the assistance provided. - Matching Algorithm: To match volunteers with those who need their support. - Volunteer Registration: To let individuals sign up for volunteering via the app. - Submitting Requests for Assistance: A function to help users request the aid they need. Ideal skills include solid experience in cross-platform development, proficiency in implementing geolocation and push notification services, an...

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    I'm looking for a capable developer with a strong background in C++ and a solid understanding of data structures and algorithms. Lower the execution time of the algorithm, the better. ● Key Responsibilities: - Implement and optimize a time-efficient algorithm using C++. - Utilize Array as the primary data structure. ● Required Skills and Experience: - Proficient in C++ programming. - Strong understanding of Array and its applications in algorithm design. - Proven experience with time optimization of algorithms. - Ability to design and implement intermediate-level algorithms.

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    ...Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Python and Django framework - Experience with secure password practices - Familiarity with encryption algorithms (bcrypt preferred due to its robustness) - Ability to implement email verification systems for password resets Requirements: 1. Implement an effective password encryption mechanism, preferably using bcrypt, considering no specific encryption algorithm was chosen. The choice of bcrypt is due to its security features against brute-force attacks. 2. Develop a user-friendly password reset feature, enabling users to securely reset their passwords through email verification. This includes generating a secure, time-limited link that users can click to enter a new password. 3. Ensure the entire process adheres to best security practices,...

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    I'm in urgent need of a marketing content manager who can breathe life into my brand, Ondina C., across various digital platforms. Here’s what I’m looking for: - **Social Media Mastery**: You should be comfortable crafting engaging posts for Facebook and Instagram. An eye for trends, understanding algorithm changes, and the ability to analyze engagement metrics will be key. - **Blog Brilliance**: With a requirement for one blog article per week, you’ll need to have a flair for writing informative, compelling content that resonates with our audience. SEO understanding is a must to ensure our content ranks and reaches our target demographic. - **Email Expertise**: The crafting of captivating email newsletters is also part of the role. You should know how to s...

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    ...Knowledge and experience in implementing OpenCV for image processing and analysis are crucial, as the main interaction with the application involves uploading and assessing images. - **Familiarity with CNN (Convolutional Neural Networks):** Since the core functionality relies on accurately identifying counterfeit medicines, your expertise in CNN will be invaluable for developing the detection algorithm. - **UI/UX Design:** Ability to create an intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to upload images and receive reports. This project is not just about technical implementation; it's about creating a tool that can potentially save lives by reducing the circulation and consumption of counterfeit medicines. If you have the skills and are passionate abo...

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    I'm in the intermediate phase of understanding Python programming and the Floyd Warshall algorithm. My goal is to leverage these skills to develop a project focused on calculating distances, which could cater to different applications from network optimization to pathfinding in various contexts. Here's what I need: - **Implementation of Floyd Warshall Algorithm**: A robust Python script using the Floyd Warshall algorithm to calculate the shortest distances within a given network of nodes. Experience with graph theory will be crucial. - **Application to a Specific Problem**: Adaptation of the algorithm to suit a particular scenario where distance calculation is vital. While my project is not confined to a single application, familiarity with areas suc...

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    I'm in need of a proficient coder capable of developing a complex algorithm in order to calculate the likelihood of a specific betting outcome for soccer matches. This algorithm will need to be highly precise, taking into account a variety of possible inputs and variables. Key Requirements: - Experience with statistical analysis and prediction algorithms - Strong knowledge in soccer analytics - Excellent coding skills Unfortunately, I won't be able to provide specific information for the matches, so the code should be flexible enough to adapt and learn from different data. Additionally, I'd appreciate it if the work could be completed within a month.

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    Steps to complete the project: 1. Develop an algorithm using OpenCV to detect a drowning person in the swimming pool. 2. Design a robot using ROS-Gazebo to rescue the drowning person, incorporating prismatic joints and a control algorithm for the bucket. 3. Create a ROS-Gazebo simulation of an arena with specified dimensions and the necessary actuators for the rescue robot. 4. Develop a distance calculation algorithm to determine the distance between the origin and the detected drowning person in the pool. 5. Implement the rescue algorithm, including the derivation of the bucket to the destination. 6. Implement the algorithm that control the position and velocity of the actuator with mathematics. 7. Provide the camera calibration algorithm math...

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    I'm actively seeking a skilled Communication Engineer with expertise in Audio Signal Processing and proficient in MATLAB. This project revolves around creating a sophisticated flowrate meter that is not only functional but also adheres to specific design and performance criteria. **Key Responsibilities:** - **Algorithm Development:** You will design and develop cutting-edge audio signal processing algorithms that are pivotal for the flowrate meter's operation. - **MATLAB Implementation:** The algorithms must be implemented effectively in MATLAB, ensuring efficiency and reliability. - **Prototype Testing:** Construct a prototype of the flowrate meter, rigorously testing it to meet the desired specifications. **Required Specifications:** - **Accuracy:** The prototype must ...

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    ...advanced scraper to gather data from Google's search results. Primarily, this task involves: - Building a scraper capable of extracting specific data from Google - essentially search results. Experience with scrapers and understanding Google's handling is essential. - The scraper developed has to include a feature for specific search-type results. So, a sound comprehension of Google's search algorithm will prove advantageous. - The focus should be on web search results. The ideal candidate should have prior experience scraping this type of data and have a solid understanding of the anatomy of Google's web search results. The ideal freelancer for this job would be a web scraping expert who has previously worked with Google's API or webpage structure, und...

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    Vimeo Visual Hunt 6 days left

    ...talented developer to create a reverse image search functionality tailored for Vimeo on a web platform. This tool will empower users to upload either images or videos to locate Vimeo content featuring specific individuals or elements, drawing inspiration from the operational model of Google's reverse image search or Pimeyes. **Key Features Required:** - **Reverse Image Search:** Develop an algorithm that scans images or videos uploaded by users and finds Vimeo videos with general resemblance. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - **Web Development Proficiency:** Strong background in developing web applications, with a focus on media-rich content. - **Machine Learning Knowledge:** Experience with machine learning algorithms capable of image and video recognition and co...

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    The backend pulls streams from the cameras of network devices (Hikvision, Dahua) through RTSP streams and performs algorithm discovering an alarm, push it to the front end of the platform. The algorithm to be written includes: someone smashing an ATM machine falling to the ground inside the ATM machine room are fireworks inside the ATM machine room To apply for intellectual property rights, not only does it require model files, but also the training process Duration:2 months

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    The backend pulls streams from the cameras of network devices (Hikvision, Dahua) through RTSP streams and performs algorithm discovering an alarm, push it to the front end of the platform. The algorithm to be written includes: someone smashing an ATM machine falling to the ground inside the ATM machine room are fireworks inside the ATM machine room To apply for intellectual property rights, not only does it require model files, but also the training process Duration:2 months

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    The backend pulls streams from the cameras of network devices (Hikvision, Dahua) through RTSP streams and performs algorithm discovering an alarm, push it to the front end of the platform. The algorithm to be written includes: someone smashing an ATM machine falling to the ground inside the ATM machine room are fireworks inside the ATM machine room To apply for intellectual property rights, not only does it require model files, but also the training process Duration:2 months

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    ...premium debt settlement guides that will empower users to take control of their finances and embark on a debt-free journey. **Requirements:** - Experienced in creating engaging sales pages specifically on Instagram. - Skilled in graphic design to create visually appealing posts. - Proficient in copywriting to communicate the value of debt settlement guides effectively. - Familiar with Instagram's algorithm and how to maximize post visibility. - Able to provide insights and strategies to consistently increase sales over time. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proven track record of successful sales pages on Instagram - No previous experience in the financial industry, or debt settlement. - Creative thinker capable of producing original content that converts. - Strong ana...

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    ...ESP32 from the pathfinding algorithm. User-Friendly Feedback: Implement a feedback system to notify users or administrators of detected defects and the recalculated shortest path. This could include notifications through a user interface or other communication channels. Skills Required: Proficiency in programming ESP32 devices. Experience with Bluetooth and RSSI-based indoor positioning systems. Knowledge of cloud communication protocols (MQTT, HTTP, etc.). Familiarity with fault tolerance concepts and algorithms. Expertise in pathfinding algorithms for dynamic environments. Deliverables: Codebase for ESP32 devices for RSSI-based communication and defect identification. Cloud platform integration for data reception and defect reporting. Path recalculation algorithm con...

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    Robust Trading View Indicator 5 days left

    I'm proactively looking for a skilled programmer to design an efficientrading view indicator for me. Proficiency in financial analysis and trading indicator algorithms are crucial for this task. Key requirements: - I need developer to suggest best trading indicator. - The programmer doesn't need to code for p...programmer to design an efficientrading view indicator for me. Proficiency in financial analysis and trading indicator algorithms are crucial for this task. Key requirements: - I need developer to suggest best trading indicator. - The programmer doesn't need to code for particular trading signals l - I need to see the performance Qualified freelancers should have proficiency in finance, algorithm development, and a concrete understanding of indicators t...

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    ...our audience. - Follower Growth: Implementing organic strategies to increase our followers on TikTok, targeting specifically parents and families interested in educational content. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven track record of creating viral educational content on TikTok. - Experience in targeting and engaging parents and families on social platforms. - Solid understanding of TikTok’s algorithm and how to leverage it for business promotion. - Creative storytelling and video editing skills. - Know-how in measuring and analyzing engagement metrics to refine strategies. This project is perfect for someone who thrives in the intersection of education and entertainment, and who understands the power of TikTok in reaching and engaging our target audience. If you believ...

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    24 bids level. Key Responsibilities: - Product Research for fashion accessories. - Market Analysis and Competitor Analysis. - Pricing Strategy development. - Listing Optimization for better SEO. - Branding (if I decide to create my own brand). Skills Required: - Proven experience in managing Amazon seller account. - Excellent understanding of Amazon Marketplace. - Good knowledge in Amazon SEO and algorithm. - Preferably has experience in selling fashion accessories. - Understanding of branding strategies is a plus. By the end of this project, I expect to have a well-developed Amazon seller account with competitive product listings for fashion accessories. The possibility of building our own brand may also be discussed. Your expertise in this field will be greatly valued and refl...

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    ...**Core Features Required:** - **Automated Conflict Resolution:** The system should be capable of automatically identifying and resolving scheduling conflicts without manual intervention, ensuring a smooth operation. - **Employee Preference Input:** It’s vital that the software allows employees to input their available times and preferred shifts. This input should be factored into the scheduling algorithm to increase satisfaction and reduce turnover. - **Real-time Updates:** Given the dynamic nature of our business, schedules can change frequently. The schedule generator must support real-time updates and notify relevant parties promptly to ensure everyone is always informed. - to asign patients to every therpyst base on sex identity **Ideal Skills and Experience for the J...

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    ...nurturing a positive and interactive environment. • Analyse content performance and provide insights for refining future content strategies. Requirements  Demonstrable experience as a content creator, supported by a diverse portfolio that highlights expertise across various content formats, particularly on LinkedIn.  Expert knowledge of LinkedIn, including content engagement strategies and algorithm optimisation.  Proficient in video production and editing, with a strong grasp of relevant software.  Creative and strategic thinker capable of conceiving innovative content ideas.  Exceptional writing and communication skills, with an eye for detail.  Self-motivated, with the ability to independently manage content schedules.  Knowledgeable in analytics tools, with the a...

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    ...with a critical task - implementing an obstacle avoidance algorithm. Ideally, you have prior experience in designing, developing, and implementing robust algorithms within a similar context. Despite being a swift assignment, it's a central part of a more considerable project and requires acute attention to detail and accuracy. Please note that efficiency is crucial in this task, and your algorithm design's quality and performance will be paramount. Although the completion timeline isn't rigid, I appreciate a reasonable turnaround, keeping the urgency in mind. The task includes: - Implementing a robust obstacle avoidance algorithm - Designing it to be efficient Skills / Experience: - Proven expertise in MATLAB - Experience in algorithm design - ...

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    ...possible, aiming for a quick turnaround without compromising quality. **Goals and Focus:** - The prime objective is to elevate my website's rankings on Google. - Immediate commencement with a fast and efficient approach to see quick results. **Requirements:** - Proven experience with SEO strategies that have successfully raised Google rankings in past projects. - Extensive knowledge of Google's algorithm updates and SEO best practices. - Ability to conduct comprehensive keyword research and optimize website content accordingly. - Skill in both on-page and off-page SEO techniques. - Experience with SEO tools and analytics to monitor performance and adjust strategies as needed. **Ideal Skills:** - Strong analytical skills to identify SEO opportunities and weaknesses. -...

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    I'm looking for a skilled freelancer who can create AI videos for TikTok that ...necessary. - Captions: Vivid and catchy captions are highly significant. - Trending Sound: The use of trending soundtracks is required to increase engagement. - Product Placement: Effective and strategic product placement should be emphasized. - SFX/VFX + Realistic Voiceover + Follow a Scripts + subtitles + Special effects Ideal candidates should have experience with AI video creation, TikTok algorithm understanding, and product placement strategies. Familiarity with viral trends on TikTok and the capacity to integrate trending sounds would be advantageous. This will be a chance for you to show us what skills you have and if we are impressed this will be a long-term project for you So take this as...

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    ...our listings - A stronger brand presence across the Facebook Marketplace **Requirements and Skills Needed:** - Proven experience with Facebook Marketplace - Expertise in digital marketing, specifically within Real Estate - Strong understanding of sales strategies suitable for Rentals, Sales, and Real Estate sectors - Ability to target a national audience effectively - Knowledge of Facebook's algorithm and how to leverage it for sales - Competence in analytics, able to track performance and adjust strategies accordingly **Project Approach:** - Tailor our listings to appeal more effectively to our target national audience - Implement a robust marketing strategy that leverages Facebook's features and algorithms to maximum effect - Use data-driven insights to optimize lis...

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    ...recognition system. This endeavor aims to leverage OpenCV for advanced image processing and computer vision tasks, specifically focusing on recognizing individuals accurately within a given environment. ### Key Project Objectives: - Implement a reliable face recognition system using OpenCV - Ensure the system can operate efficiently on Raspberry Pi 4 with the attached camera - Develop a robust algorithm capable of accurately identifying faces in real-time ### Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Python programming, especially in the context of using OpenCV - Prior experience with Raspberry Pi hardware, including setting up and interfacing with the Raspberry Pi camera - Solid understanding of computer vision concepts, specifically related to face recognition technologie...

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    ...**Skills and Experience Required:** - Proven SEO experience, particularly with multi-website management. - Expertise in both on-page and off-page SEO techniques. - Ability to conduct thorough keyword research and optimize website content. - Familiarity with content management systems. - Solid understanding of Google Analytics and other SEO tools. - Knowledge of the latest SEO trends and Google algorithm updates. - Experience in building high-quality backlinks to enhance website authority. - Capability to provide monthly reports on SEO performance and strategy effectiveness. **SEO Goals:** - To significantly enhance our search engine visibility and rankings. - To implement effective SEO strategies tailored for each specific website. - To achieve measurable improvements in web tra...

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    Sealed NDA
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    ...specialist with proven Instagram growth strategies. The goal is to increase both followers and engagement with the primary focus on instagram. Key objectives include: - Expanding my followers base dramatically - Enhancing the engagement rate of each post - This dual approach should eventually increase overall Instagram presence Expertise needed for the project: - Well-versed in Instagram's algorithm, hashtag use, and content trends among young audiences - Proven record in steadily growing a brand's online following and engagement rate - Ability to identify the type of content that resonates with teenagers and young adults - A strategic thinker who can suggest possible Instagram campaigns or collaborations to reach and engage the youth audience. Please include exam...

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    ...Developer who shares our passion for innovation, beauty, and technology. Project Description: The Smart Skincare App is designed to revolutionize how individuals approach skincare by leveraging advanced AI and photo diagnostics for a personalized skin analysis, leading to customized skincare recipes and the ability to order tailored ingredient kits directly from the app. Core Requirements: - AI Algorithm Development: Develop sophisticated algorithms capable of diagnosing common and complex skin health issues (acne, wrinkles, dark spots) and assessing skin conditions (oiliness, dryness) to ensure product compatibility and safety. - User Interaction Design: Create an engaging and intuitive user interface that allows seamless photo uploads for skin analysis, interaction with a det...

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    I am seeking a skilled freelancer to enhance the SEO ...Do:** - Analyze the current SEO setup and identify gaps. - Implement strategies to boost organic traffic. - Focus on improving our rankings on Google. - Optimize the website for speed and user experience. **Required Skills and Experience:** - Proven experience in SEO projects, particularly for PHP websites. - Knowledge of current SEO tools and strategies. - Familiarity with Google's ranking algorithm. - Technical SEO skills for site speed optimization are a plus. - Ability to provide insights and regular progress reports. I believe that with your expertise, we can significantly enhance the visibility and accessibility of our website to our target audience. Join me in taking this exciting step towards maximizing our websi...

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    I need your help to increase my YouTube views to 100,000 with a primary focus on adults aged 25-44. My content is entertainment-based and I'm looking for someone who can deliver consistent, organic growth for my channel. Key skills and experience required: - Proven track record in YouTube optimization and promotion - Deep understanding of the YouTube algorithm and how to use it efficiently - Extensive knowledge of the digital habits of adults aged 25-44 If you possess a blend of these skills, I'd love to hear from you. Let's see how we can work together to achieve our goals.

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    I'm looking for an expert to quickly elevate our brand presence on TikTok. We aim to engage our audience through memorable, original content. Ideal skills for this project include: - Proficiency in TikTok trends and algorithm - Creative content creation & video editing - Strategic planning for brand awareness - Ability to work under tight deadlines Experience in viral marketing or previous successful TikTok campaigns is a plus. The goal is immediate visibility and engagement enhancement on the platform.

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    ...holistic tools. **Ideal Skills:** - Proficient in photo and video editing software (e.g. Canva, Capcut) - Experienced in creating and curating content for Instagram, with a focus on educational material. - Experience and interest in collaging and mixed media art. - Ability to research and incorporate industry-relevant topics that appeal to the audience aged 25 to 34. - Strong grasp of Instagram's algorithm and proven strategies to increase engagement and follower count. - Talent for expressing complex concepts related to personal growth, mindfulness, and healing through creative and engaging content formats, such as storytelling, visual metaphors, and interactive posts. - Knowledge of holistic wellness practices, including energy healing, and mindset coaching This project...

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    ...plastic waste but also providing meaningful empowerment and financial incentives to waste scavengers. We aim to create a sustainable ecosystem where plastic waste is a currency for positive change. **Core Functionalities Needed:** - *Waste Empowerment*: Enable scavengers to earn credits efficiently. - *Tracking System*: Accurately track waste volume and type. - *Credits Calculation*: Develop an algorithm to calculate credits based on specific criteria. - *Data Analysis & Reporting*: Insightful data interpretation for continuous improvement. - *Waste Verification*: Ensure reliability through a thorough waste verification process. - *plastic credit trading platform*: users can buy the plastic credit through reliable system - *Credits Redemption*: Facilitate cash redemption of...

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    ...create a high-frequency trading (HFT) software focused on the stock market. The ideal candidate should have a strong background in Python and experience with developing algo-trading platforms. **Key Requirements:** - **Programming Language**: The trading bot must be developed in Python, given its extensive libraries and strong community support for trading applications. - **Market Focus**: The algorithm should exclusively target stock markets, capable of analyzing market data to make rapid and informed trading decisions. - **Trading Frequency**: The software is expected to perform at high frequency, conducting multiple trades per second. This requires the bot to process large volumes of data with minimal latency. **Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in Python, specificall...

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    Maximize Profits: AI Trading 4 days left

    ...AI, machine learning, and possibly deep learning - Extensive experience in financial markets, especially stocks - Ability to implement and backtest trading strategies - Knowledge in risk management techniques - Familiarity with real-time trading APIs and data analytics platforms **Scope of Work:** - Develop an AI model that can analyze and predict stock market trends - Implement a trading algorithm that autonomously executes trades based on the AI model's predictions - Ensure the system has robust risk management to safeguard against market volatility - Include the capability for real-time monitoring and adjustment of trading strategies if necessary **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Strong background in computer science or a related field - Previous experience in devel...

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    Skyrocket Your Site SEO 3 days left
    VERIFIED Technical SEO to enhance my website's structure, ensuring it is indexed and ranked effectively by search engines. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proven track record in significantly improving website visibility and organic traffic. - Expertise in content analysis and optimization recommendations tailored to a specific audience. - Strong knowledge of the latest SEO trends and Google's algorithm updates. - Experience with SEO tools (e.g., Google Analytics, SEMrush, Ahrefs) for tracking performance and identifying improvement areas. - Ability to provide actionable insights for content creation that aligns with SEO best practices. Your strategy should be comprehensive, addressing both immediate improvements and long-term growth opportunities. Let's make my we...

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    I'm seeking a savvy SEO expert to raise the position of in Google search results. Goals: - Rank improvement for on Google is paramount. Requirements: - Develop and impl...Goals: - Rank improvement for on Google is paramount. Requirements: - Develop and implement an effective SEO strategy. - Conduct keyword research to guide the strategy implementation. - Monitor performance regularly and adjust tactics as needed. Ideal freelancer: - Proven SEO experience - Proficiency in relevant SEO tools and analytics - Excellent knowledge of Google’s ranking algorithm - Ability to identify valuable keywords. I will provide specific keywords that the chosen expert must target. I look forward to watching climb Google's ranks with your help.

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    Electronic Buyback Platform 3 days left

    ...Requirements:** - Real-time pricing: The ability to provide instant quotes for various electronic items based on their condition and model. - User accounts: Implement secured user accounts for tracking offers, submissions, and transaction history. - **Key Features:** - A robust database that supports updating and managing a wide variety of electronics and their respective models. - An algorithm to accurately calculate the buyback price of electronics, considering the item's current market value, condition, and demand. - Integration of secure payment gateways for user transactions. - **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in web development, particularly with experience in e-commerce platforms. - Knowledge in creating real-time data processing syst...

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    I am looking for a skilled social media marketer with expertise in Facebook to elevate my company's online presence and performance. The ideal candidate will focus on key strategies to enhance brand visibility, direct tr...enhancing brand awareness and generating leads on social media platforms. - Familiarity with analytic tools and metrics to gauge campaign performance and adjust strategies accordingly. The ideal candidate will not just have technical social media marketing skills but also the creativity to engage an audience that consists predominantly of small business owners. A solid understanding of Facebook's algorithm and how to harness it for lead generation is crucial, as is the ability to potentially cross-promote across other platforms like Instagram or WhatsAp...

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    ...provide a space where young entrepreneurs can connect with experienced mentors to receive guidance, practical advice, and insights to help them develop and grow their businesses. Key Features of the Platform: 1. Mentor and mentee profiles: Users will be able to create detailed profiles showcasing their skills, experience, and areas of interest. 2. Matching system: An intelligent matching algorithm will connect young entrepreneurs with mentors who best match their needs and goals. 3. Messaging and video calls: The platform will enable users to easily communicate with their mentors through built-in messaging features and video calls. 4. Resources and guides: Useful resources, articles, and practical guides will be available to help young entrepreneurs overcome common challeng...

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    ...through enhancing 'Shares' and 'Likes'. The chosen candidate will have a keen understanding of what makes content shareable and likable on this platform. The video content should be crafted in an 'Informative and Educational' tone, aligning with our brand philosophy. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in video editing software - Previous experience with Instagram content - Understanding of Instagram's algorithm and factors influencing engagement - Ability to merge information and education in a compelling way - Creativity and innovative approach to drive engagement This role is perfect for someone who understands how to blend information and aesthetics to create engaging content. I'm excited to see how your skills can increase our brand's...

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    AI Powerhouse Needed Now! 2 days left

    I'm seeking a highly skilled AI (Large Language Models - LLM) Engineer, with a clear focus and expertise in the realms of Data Analysis, Algorithm Development, and Machine Learning Model Training. This project has an immediate need, with a timeline marked as ASAP. Here are the specifics: I have AI LLM models some are free and some with paid API, I want to use them to generate questions and evaluate these questions based on certain criteria. the results should be examples of questions and the results of the evaluations of these questions. I already have the models I just want some tweecking in the results in order to use it.

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    ...through paid advertising. - Proficiency in Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter management tools. - Strong understanding of geolocation techniques and how to target specific demographics. - Creative content creation skills tailored to resonate with diverse audiences. - Ability to analyze performance data and adjust strategies for maximum engagement. - Familiarity with current social media trends and algorithm changes. **Your Proposal Should Include:** - Brief overview of your past work and successes in similar projects. - Detailed plan outlining both organic and paid strategies tailored to my profiles. - Examples of content strategies or campaigns you’ve executed successfully. - Proposed budget and timeline for achieving follower growth targets. I'm excited to work with ...

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    ...required to design and develop an app (initially on Android, with consideration for iOS development later), which will consist of approximately 5 screens. Requirements, functionalities, and features: -Approximately 5 screens (TBC) -User account creation -It must have a data entry form (not too large, 10 inputs) -The data from this form must be stored in a database -An algorithm must be created to relate data from this database (Algorithm already designed) -It must have a calendar function -It must have a message inbox (not real-time chat) More project information will be provided later. Post-application maintenance will also be contracted, to be specified once the app is developed....

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