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    ...the addition of helpful hints and appropriate subtopics to each question. Details: - You will be provided with the questions in an organized tabular format. - You will add meaningful hints and suitable subtopics for each question, adhering to the JEE syllabus norms. - You should have extensive knowledge of all sub-disciplines of JEE Physics, including Quantum mechanics, Thermodynamics, and Astrophysics. Ideal Skills: - Expert level comprehension of JEE Physics - Previous experience in educational content creation or tutoring - Meticulous attention to detail - Excellent organizational skills - Strong written communication skills. Your role will be instrumental in aiding JEE aspirants through their study journey, making understanding and revision a more straightforward process....

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    ...strong understanding of theoretical astrophysics, specifically in relation to black holes. This project requires sufficient knowledge and experience in the following areas: - Theoretical Astrophysics: A solid foundation is needed in incorporating principles from quantum mechanics and general relativity to study the physical properties of black holes. - Creative Science Communication: The project involves translating intricate scientific concepts into understandable terms in Arabic. - Interpretation Skills: Ideally, you can help me comprehend the theoretical aspects of black holes, and relay these concepts in an easily digestible manner. The successful freelancer will ideally be an Arabic-speaking scientist with a robust background in theoretical astrophysics, an...

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    I'm needing an expert in Hyperbolic Geometry, preferably with a grounding in astrophysics, quantum mechanics, and particle physics, for my project revolving around the Real Projective Plane. Key Requirements: • Deep Understanding of Hyperbolic Geometry: Your knowledge in this area should allow us to dive deep into real-world applications, presenting a clear picture of how these theories are used practically. • Interest in Projective Plane: You should be fascinated with the Projective Geometry environment and starting up on research based on duality in projective geometry needs to be your forte. I'm particularly interested in individuals who are able to contextualize their knowledge, and those who can bring forth new ideas to the table. Communication skills...

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    I am in need of a creative content writer who has a passion for unveiling science fa...scripts for my YouTube channel that primarily focuses on subjects of astronomy, space, and the universe. Key requirements: • The content you write should not only be factual but also capable of creating suspense in the viewer's mind. • Your work should primarily cater to an adult audience (18+). • Given it's a science-based channel, a degree or background in a relevant field (like physics, astrophysics or cosmology) would be beneficial but is not a must. Skills & Experience: • Excellent command of hindi and english • Proven experience in writing engaging scripts or content. • Strong background or clear understanding of the topics to be covered. &bul...

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    Astrophysics Project: Cosmology Presentation for Students - I am looking for a freelancer to create a presentation on the specific aspect of astrophysics, cosmology, targeting students as the audience. - The content should provide a comprehensive overview of cosmology, including its theories, principles, and recent developments in the field. - The presentation should be engaging and visually appealing, with clear explanations and diagrams to help students grasp complex concepts. - The freelancer should have a strong background in astrophysics and experience in creating educational materials for students. - The ideal candidate will have excellent communication skills and the ability to simplify complex scientific concepts for a younger audience. - The presentation shou...

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    Project Title: Black hole Description: I am looking for a writer who can create engaging and informative content about black holes, specifically focusing on theory and science. The content should primarily target students studying astronomy, providing them with a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. Skills and experience required: - Strong background in astronomy and astrophysics - In-depth knowledge of black hole theory and scientific concepts - Ability to explain complex theories in a clear and concise manner - Experience writing educational content for students - Familiarity with the academic and scientific community in the field of astronomy The ideal candidate will be able to break down complex theories and concepts into easily digestible content, ensuring tha...

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    I'm looking for someone to create content for my YouTube channel, faceless youtube. My main focus is to create explainer videos to educate and inform my viewers on the topic of astrophysics. I have specific themes and subjects that I would like these explainer videos to focus on, and I am looking for a reliable freelancer to create new content for my channel to be uploaded once a week. If you have experience creating explainer videos and are available to produce weekly content for my channel, please let me know and I look forward to seeing what you can bring to my channel. I will provide the script and you will create an engageing, exciting YT friendly video around my script along with SEO, thumbnail, hashtags etc

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    ...assist me in exploring the intricate world of stars and galaxies. The ideal candidate will have a passion for scientific discovery and a keen eye for detail. Skills and Experience Required: - Strong background in data analysis and scientific research - Proficiency in statistical analysis and data visualization tools - Familiarity with astronomical databases and data sources - Knowledge of astrophysics and cosmology - Ability to interpret complex data sets and draw meaningful conclusions - Excellent problem-solving and critical thinking skills Responsibilities: - Collect and analyze astronomical data related to stars and galaxies - Identify patterns and trends in the data to gain insights into the workings of the cosmos - Collaborate with other scientists and researchers to va...

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    Project Title: Black hole article Target Audience: Students Length: 500 - 1,000 words Writing Style: Informative Skills and Experience: - Strong research skills to gather accurate and relevant information about black...Length: 500 - 1,000 words Writing Style: Informative Skills and Experience: - Strong research skills to gather accurate and relevant information about black holes - Ability to present complex scientific concepts in a clear and accessible manner - Proficiency in writing engaging and informative articles for a student audience - Knowledge of the latest advancements and discoveries in the field of astrophysics - Attention to detail to ensure accuracy and credibility of the information presented - Familiarity with proper citation and referencing techniques in academ...

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    I am looking for a skilled Python developer to help me model a specific concept in astrophysics. I don't have any specific requirements or constraints for the Python code, and I am open to all kinds of suggestions. The expected level of detail and accuracy for the physics model should be high level and broad strokes. The ideal candidate should demonstrate in-depth knowledge of Python and a proven experience in physics modeling. Please include relevant examples of previous work when applying.

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    ...landing pages. The illustrations should represent Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. I prefer a vector style for the illustrations. The purpose of the landing pages is to promote a product/service. ///////// Illustration #1: - One pipette (see picture), arranged diagonally. - Round objects in the back that represent other fields of science. (see example picture, where we have earth science, astrophysics and chemistry - but if you can come up with something better, please go ahead) ///////// Illustration #2: - a paint brush, also arranged diagonally but facing the other direction (see picture) - Round objects in the back related to science / representing scientific fields. ///////// Color scheme: Please stick to the following brand colours: #981869 #FFCC66 - for highlight...

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    I am seeking a freelancer with expertise in advanced astrophysics simulations using Python. The project involves numerical simulations and physics research related to 21 CM FAST Code and LaTeX software Research Topic: Astrophysics Simulations Level: Advanced Programming Language: Python The ideal candidate should have the following skills and experience: - Strong background in astrophysics and numerical simulations - Expertise in Python programming language - Familiarity with 21 CM FAST Code - Experience in research related to cosmology, astrophysics, or particle physics The project requires the following deliverables: - Advanced simulations using Python - Research analysis and report - Clear documentation of the code and methodology If you have the r...

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    You will calculate planetary parameters for five different planets using five graphs and will describe the properties of those planets

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    Hello, We are an astrophysics research group studying black holes. Our name is SMASHERS, it is an acronym. I would like a minimalist design, similar to that provided in the attached image. I would be interested to see a modification where the logo is incorporated into the letter 'S' as indicated by the blue edits in the second file. Thanks.

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    Hi there. I am an establish professional screenwriter in Los Angeles. I am currently developing a science fiction feature film project regarding the Alcubierre Drive, a speculative warp drive through which a spacecraft could theoretically achieve faster-than-light travel. An integral part of the project is that it must be "hard sci-fi" -- the science must, at the very least, feel real. I am not a scientist, although I have some background as a hobbyist in astronomy and just a general curiosity (hence the inception of this project). So I require assistance in gathering and processing the necessary materials from the requisite scientific journals, speculative lectures, popular literature, etc. In other words, any help in parsing through and digesting the amount of materials out the...

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    Need an expert for completing a small project on astrophysics.

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    I am hiring a temporary assistant researcher who would work with me and under my direction on a couple of projects in the fields of particle physics and astrophysics. Applicant must have a strong experience in programming and a proven record of ML/DL research-level work. I expect you to work with me for at least 3 months, on average 2-3 hours per week (up to 10 hours per week if we are very close to reaching publishable results). Applicants who are affiliated with universities will have priority, and along with being paid for this work, and depending on how much you get involved, I might consider adding you as a co-author (otherwise if your contribution is not sufficient for inclusion, you will be acknowledged in the paper(s)). You need to be flexible in working with me, some...

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    cosmologist and astrophysicist

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    Astrophysics,Stellar and cosmology

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    Need Help and guidance with my Dissertation of astrophysics and python

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    Hi team, We are looking someone who...Harishachandragad, Narayangad are some of the other historical forts nearby and some of which have become great attractions for trek. :- Bhima Shankar, Ashtavinayak, Lenyadri and Ozar. 5. Science:- Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope is located 9km away from our place. It's worlds 2nd largest array of radio telescope at metre wavelenghts. It is operated by the National Center for Radio Astrophysics, a part of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai. 6. Proximity of Dams:- Five major dams in Junner Taluka - Yedgaon dam is the nearest dam from narayangaon about 9 km away on Kukadi River. Along with Wadj, Pimpalgaon Joge, Manikdoh, Chilewadi dams are surrounded too. [Removed by] Kind regards, Rohan ...

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    We were using the old version of the drupal ad module on our website. The ad module stopped working when we upgraded the php version from 5.4 to 7.1 We need to you: 1) create a dev domain on our server with a copy of the file system and database 2) fix the code so the website loads even if the old ad module is removed (right now if we delete the ad module, there ...create a dev domain on our server with a copy of the file system and database 2) fix the code so the website loads even if the old ad module is removed (right now if we delete the ad module, there is an error) 3) install the latest version of the ad module, and get our ads working again (they appear in several blocks on the website) 4) update the live website Astrophysics skills are not required

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    A stellar and galactic astrophysics task resolved .

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    HELLO DEAR, i need help to write in Portugese a thesis report about astrophysics topic ( extended cosmological models ). I want a Latex format source. WHAT I WOULD LIKE IS THAT WRITTER WRITES THE THESIS MANUSCRIT IN Portuguese AND AFTER, I WILL TRANSLATE MYSELF IT IN FRENCH..

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    i need help to write in Portugese a thesis report about astrophysics topic ( extended cosmological models ). I want a Latex format source. WHAT I WOULD LIKE IS THAT WRITTER WRITES THE THESIS MANUSCRIT IN Portuguese AND AFTER, I WILL TRANSLATE MYSELF IT IN FRENCH. BUT IF THE FREELANCER CAN WRITE DIRECTLY IN FRENCH, THIS IS EVEN BETTER. Moreover, I am looking for someone that has solid background in astrophysics/cosmology and in Latex. IMPORTANT POINT : I ABSOTULATLY DON'T WANT PLAGIARISM. The university and other institutes have super powerfull tools to detect plagairism ( I talk also of the translation from english to french or french to english). I would like to find someone ready to write the introdcutive chapters ( introduction, modern cosmology, forecasts ...)...

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    I need help to write in French a thesis report about astrophysics topic ( extended cosmological models ). I want a Latex format source. Moreover, I am looking for someone that has solid background in astrophysics/cosmology. I would like to find someone ready to write the introdcutive chapters ( introduction, modern cosmology, forecasts ...) and my results. I would like to get between 100 and 150 pages, I am ready to put the price but I have to avoid absolutely plagiarism, I can provide a previous report thesis from which we would like to inspire, at least for the 4 first chapters. Best regards

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    ...apprenticeship and STEM subject lectures, as well as many University Subject Taster Sessions (such as Electronic and Electrical Engineering taster sessions at Imperial College London, Engineering and Science taster sessions at The University of Greenwich, and Engineering taster sessions at The University of East Anglia and Queen Mary University), as well as some Subject Masterclass Webinars (such as Astrophysics Masterclass at UCL). I have also completed more than 30 hours of virtual engineering work experience with global companies such as General Electric, John Holland Australia, Engineering without Borders and Lyft. As I am always looking for more chances and ways to broaden my knowledge and skills in engineering mainly - I have applied for numerous insight work experience su...

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    Develop learning content: Science Data/Video/entry I need a data entry person with a strong science background Task: Data entry (Video and text image) about 20 scientists living/nonliving that has done work on the topics below. Topics: **ASTRONOMY ASTROPHYSICS Cosmology spectroscopy Photometry Asteroseismology Helioseismology Solar Physics Heliophysics ASTROMETRY Planetology Exoplanetology ASTROGEOLOGY Areology Selenography Exogeology Planetary Geology ASTROBIOLOGY Exobiology Astroecology Astrochemistry You will come up with 10 topics for each scientist under the relevant categories of subjects above, then find videos and content relevant to these topics done by the scientists themselves. If you cannot find such video content, then check if other people did a video...

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    The client needed content related to the astrophysics that can grab curious minds' attention well to gain more popularity offline and to encourage students towards the astrophysics and wonders of the universe. Nikola Tesla one of the most underrated but Genius minded scientist that, if we took seriously , could have brought the wireless world a century earlier through the concept of wireless transmission of electric power. He was also suspected to have received signal through "Mars". What was the reality? Is still a mystery. You can also read the content wrote regarding the same.

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    machine learning in python project for astrophysics research. No pre-requisite astrophysics knowledge is required.

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    I need an expert for my project. Please DM, I'll share the details in chat

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    To all designers and artists, I'm a PhD Student in Physics and Machine Learning, looking to set up a personal website () for professional contacts. As part of that, I am trying to also set up some personal branding, and am thus looking for a website logo and favicon...for: - A logo to be used for personal branding - An icon for professional appearances as an alternate to Fotos - A favicon to be used on the website Of course, as per the Freelancer agreement I'm expecting to retain the rights for the winning entry (ie the IP to transfer). The Logos must obviously be made by each entrant. I prefer conscise designs, hopefully encompassing my interest in astrophysics, machine learning and mathematics. Thank you very much in advance, good luck to all contestants.

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    Need an expert who has good knowledge in Astrophysics Subject.

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    I need an experienced person who is familiar with astronomy and astrophysics to work on this project. It's a 2500 paper on radio astrophysics.

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    ...(collection of network analysis tools), called igraph, that provides both network visualization capabilities as well as implementations of many well-known clustering algorithms and network analysis tools. igraph can be programmed in Python, R and other programming languages. The project aims to explore the igraph package for computing clusters in real (public and private) data related to Astrophysics, Cosmology, Neuroscience and Social Sciences. We will consider igraph on Python or R. The student will have the opportunity to: (i) learn well Python or R (ii) learn the igraph package (iii) use it to compute and evaluate (existing) clustering algorithms on various interesting datasets available. Some of the algorithms to be investigated are provided by igraph; some other ar...

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    Astrophysics - Light Scattering in protoplanetary disks Around 40 pages including graphs. (20 pages have already been written) MsC dissertation

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    3 bids show a rocket/spaceship traveling from Earth to Mars, with sun, moon and stars shown, if possible. Attached is a picture or illustration I got from the internet of the sun, moon, Earth and Mars, along with faint stars in the distance. And a couple of rockets/spaceships. These are not to be copied exactly but to give an idea. The only text should be the three lines of the poem. Line 1 is "Astrophysics aids" Line 2 is "Avant-garde advancement and" Line 3 is "Astral adventures" The text should be gold or bright yellow, like a sunlight color... I would really like gold if it can work. Give the text font some thought. Make it unique and stylish, but not too fancy. The text should not overshadow the illustration and the illustration should not oversha...

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    We're a large UK based training provider and EdTEch provider. As part of regular course curation, we're looking for some extra Physics authors to assist us in the writing of A-Level Physic content. We're interested in someone with existing excellent Physics knowledge who can write the core content that our designers and i...course curation, we're looking for some extra Physics authors to assist us in the writing of A-Level Physic content. We're interested in someone with existing excellent Physics knowledge who can write the core content that our designers and instructional designers will turn into rich interactive e-learning content. The overall job can be broken up into smaller components do if your specialism is 'Astrophysics' you could look aft...

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    I'm looking for some one who has python basics knowledge and good at astrophysics. please bid if anyone can help me

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    Build a Gravity Simulation Game using Augmented reality for Android and IOS. experience in Astrophysics is a Must and prior experience designing Astro AR app. Users should have the ability to point their Mobile phone onto a flat surface and the simulation should start. The simulation starts with a space-time appearing on the floor or any flat surface. Users should have the ability to choose and add different heavy mass celestial objects on the space-time to simulate gravity based on the space-time warp. Once the warp appears users should be able to choose celestial objects to go around the space-time warp in orbit. All these actions should be aligned to Gravity Model (Mathematical model). This simulation should also include a black hole simulation.

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    PHP developer for astrology applicationHoroscope Matching is the method in astrology to check marriage compatibility between two individuals. The horoscope holds the astrological data of an individual's life & character. A comparative study of two horoscopes t...all you have to know is the birth details (date, time & place of birth) of the boy and girl. Upon entering this data, the software gives an authentic marriage matching report. It checks all necessary parameters Poruthams/Kootas, Kuja Dosha, char Dasa , yohini Dasa, Sandhi and Papa-Samya, and details prediction and other. Contact only the person who has knowledge with experience of Astronomy, Astrophysics, vedic astrology and vedic calculation all type of astrology knowledge Write Your final amount in bid. so I...

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    I am planning to study "Astrophysics" at University in London however, I am not meeting the entry requirements. For this reason I am looking to hire a qualified Math and physics Tutor which can help me preparing to take an English A Level certificate and ultimately enter to the university I have chosen.

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    Firstly, to establish a strong computational Physics research involve in spectroscopic studies of X-ray binaries and clusters of galaxies using high performance computers (HPC). Secondly, to establish a research collaboration between the Theoretical and Computational Physics Knowledge to Monitor and investigate Intensity Variation in cosmic Rays via computational simulations

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    ...from the proton to the electron be? What would be the Scaled Mass of the electron? What would be the scaled diameter of the electron? What would be the velocity of the electron? (speed of light would be constant) If possible, when answered, Id like to know the scaled protons mass compared to the Earths mass as well as any ratios or coincidences of a scaled hydrogen to anything in the realm of astrophysics that you may find interesting. I would like credit anyone whos down to answer these questions on the art project display. Please if you take the time to figure it out, post up on this topic and we can try to keep it as organized as possible if you feel like explaining your answer. I would hope we can all be constructive in our attempts, no matter whos right or wrong but it w...

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    Level of Master of Science - exercises of exoplanet detencion and parameters calculation, and develop concepts and ideas on the same topic

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    ...Resolution of exercises in the following topics: All subjects of physics and mathematics at secondary level At university level: calculus I, II, III Linear algebra, matrices and determinants Differential equations and applications Physics I :kinematics, dynamic ,work and energy ,momentum Physics II : electricity and magnetism Physics III :optical physics and waves Quantum mechanics Astrophysics tutoría y resolución de ejercicios de matemática y fisica a nivel secundario y universitario resolucion de ejercicios en los siguientes temas : todos los temas de fisica y matemáticas a nivel secundario a nivel universitario: calculo I , II , III álgebra lineal , matrices y determinantes ecuaciones diferenciales y aplicaciones...

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    Hi, I need to complete a research paper based on a very interesting, complex and unique concept from any of the sciences; these include: Phyics, Biology, Chemistry, Life Sciences, Astrophysics and Astronomy. Since I don't have much time, I haven't selected my topic to talk about so I am looking for a freelancer who has a brilliant and unique topic selected and ready to write on it. As I am a bit caught up I don't have enough time to commit to this research paper so I am looking for an individual willing to write up the research paper for me. My budget is around 80 CAD but I am a bit negotiable for the project. Thanks. ************* Looking for an interesting and unique topic from a Freelancer to have with them **********

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    Top astrophysics Community Articles