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    Video editing 6 days left

    We want a professional video editor.

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    Looking for a writer able to understand the impact of Gentrification, Eminent Domain, Property and Real Estate investing, COOPeratives and Share structures, Tenant Unionizing, and Assumption of Liabilities and Risk able to support the editing of a draft press release that needs to be edited and published within 24 hours! Ideal candidate will be reading the crude write up and editing it into a better drafted release to be published! Must have financial as well as real estate accumen in understanding the importance of rejuvenation and tenant unions within community development and growth to support the position of the write up!

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    ...translating simple Java language constructs like assignments and FOR loops. Need to be able to parse the input Java program, identifying language constructs and translating to their equivalent Python Also need to develop a set of progressively more complex Java program examples for translation UI MUST have two code panels, left is original, right is translated. Left panel must allow loading a file, or editing in place. UI must support saving either panel to a file. Solution came up: 1. We take the AST Json we get from the spring server and deserialize it to C#. If you look at things like in these are just the C# version of the json structures. 2. Because of this, we need to get some example output from the java parser lib we are using so we can correctly build these types

    ₹750 - ₹2250
    ₹750 - ₹2250
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    code editing 6 days left

    UI changes and library updates

    ₹525 (Avg Bid)
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    I want to get the audio from UTube or webinars into files sent to me Sometimes also the video

    ₹1125 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I need help troubleshooting my home recording studio! Not sure why but not getting any sound through my headphones now… Had been working for months but suddenly stopped. I’m using a MacBook Pro, a UA Arrow interface with LUNA (DAW) and a Shure SM7B mic. Audio engineer needed!

    ₹1875 - ₹3750 / hr
    ₹1875 - ₹3750 / hr
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    Looking for a writer able to understand the impact of Gentrification, Eminent Domain, Property and Real Estate investing, COOPeratives and Share structures, Tenant Unionizing, and Assumption of Liabilities and Risk able to support the editing of a draft press release that needs to be edited and published within 24 hours! Ideal candidate will be reading the crude write up and editing it into a better drafted release to be published! Must have financial as well as real estate accumen in understanding the importance of rejuvenation and tenant unions within community development and growth to support the position of the write up!

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    As the title states. This is a simple two part project for someone that is good at editing images and artwork. (1)We need to have our shirt back edited. The design on it needs to be changed. We can provide the original shirt file as well as an idea of what we are wanting for it. (2)The next part is that we are needing have our currently round company image/decal turned into a rectangular image/decal. The original file will be provided also We need to have this design sitting at our shirt and decal company on or before Sunday to ensure it can be printed in time for our up coming event.

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    Yoga Video Shoot 6 days left

    Hi! I have an online yoga business and shoot yoga programs for members to follow. I'm shooting a 7 Day Yoga Series here in Los Angeles, downtown, at the beach, and at the Arroyo in Pasadena. I normally shoot with iPhone - so a one camera shoot and edit my videos in Premiere. But looking to up my game and am looking for someone to be my second camera. It's a very barebones shoot. Natural light...follow. I'm shooting a 7 Day Yoga Series here in Los Angeles, downtown, at the beach, and at the Arroyo in Pasadena. I normally shoot with iPhone - so a one camera shoot and edit my videos in Premiere. But looking to up my game and am looking for someone to be my second camera. It's a very barebones shoot. Natural light. It's me and a yoga mat. Looking for someone to help fi...

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    Video editing 6 days left

    Hello!! I need someone that is good using adobe premiere pro or similar for video editing. I film sports like surf, windsurf, kitesurf, but don’t know much about editing so i need someone that is able to make a short and nice movie with the videos i make in my work day.

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    Have a very high res photo that we need to section into 1000 different photos, almost like a puzzle. The 1000 images don't have to be huge but have to at least be 300x300. Then each of those 1000 photos we would put some sort of filter/effects on to give each one a unique "video game" type look...basically to make each one unique. MUST HAVE SERIOUS EXPERIENCE and knowledge of photo editing software and digital art creation. If this project is done correctly, then we would have more projects.

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    power point presentation 6 days left

    Editing the existing PowerPoint to a better professional PowerPoint design and form within 7 hours. After that the project will not been awarded or received.

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    Editing thesis in Word 6 days left

    I need proper editing skills like giving heading, labelling a table, and checking grammatical errors

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    I have few video files that need to edit the video and mix the good frames also build a title frame for youtube. I will need to remove the audio from the video and add few other audio files. I would need it in editable format so that I could finalise the solution.

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    Magento 2 - Configurable product allows linking existing skus in the registry. Today the standard magento 2.4.2 does not allow editing a simple product including configurable products with existing skus in the registry. I need to be allowed to include selection, linking existing products in the register using the original sku and bringing the price. The objective is to use the configurable product to present in the product detail the options for colors, voltages, product sizes and as you change these options, the link of the current product changes. Where each product already has a registration price etc, but I can't redo registrations and use other skus as required by magento.

    ₹750 - ₹2250
    ₹750 - ₹2250
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    I m trying to load a local xml/ xsl file to a variable for editing. Following code works with IE and chrome . But chrome gives an warning since this call is synchronous. function loadXMLDoc (file name){ If (){ xhttp = new ActiveXObject(“”); } else { xhttp = new XMLHttpRequest(); } (“GET”,filename, false); // false is synchronous (); var xml = ; return xml; } But if I make this asynchronize by changing this call. (“GET”,filename, false); To true (“GET”,filename, true); or call default. (“GET”,filename); It doesn’t work in chrome and gives error in the console. original code works in IE but not working in chrome. I want to fix this function or write

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    Editing face on video 6 days left

    videos needed 2 faces editing on them to make it fun, I have the pictures. It’s just a little fun and some extra money for someone. Very easy and not looking to spend a lot

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    We need someone to help fix photos that have been taken for our website we deal in gold jewlery and its not easy working with gold and photoshop 100 plus photos in total. At first more like 45 looking for someone that i can work with on an ongoing basis.

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    ...our client has millions of records on their server to connect to App. Of course, we will provide a detailed explanation of the Mobile App and will provide a copy of the requirements after you sign an NDA. One of our project managers will work very closely with the developer/company on a daily basis and provide a clear understanding of each task to the developer. All 3 logins will also have an audio/video call module of Twillio on Apps and Portal just like a call centre with specific features as explained in the excel sheet and also those considered "common sense" features. . If you are 100% confident on your ability and meeting deadline ONLY then you should submit your proposal. You must also be available for voice call on this platform for better clarifications and u...

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    I can do anything related to world excel and editing

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    We're looking sound engineer for a 2 minute song comedy parody video that we're putting together. We've taken individual words from a Prince Andrew interview and have strung...from the Prince Andrew interview, roughly in the correct order. Each word will need to be worked on individually, to make it fit (as best as it possibly can) with our chosen song. Some words will need more work than others and there's 176 words. This video (from another YouTube channel) is a good example of the type of thing we want to produce. We need work on the audio only, we'll be sorting out the visuals at our end. This also the first of many parody videos that we'll producing, if we work well with the chosen freelancer there's likely to be plenty of similar job...

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    the play is in Rustic Canyon near Pacific Palisades at 6:00 tonight (1 1/2 hour) and at 1 tomorrow. I would love to have it videotaped because I am not good at doing it. Needs no editing.

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    ...Function: Unlimited broadcaster can live stream User can gift send live streamr 100 system gift can be sent streamr, and daynamacly edit this gifts name admin User can apply hosting User can be purchased coins by Google and payment gateway User can be upload video and edit and effect by apps User can live entry, after entry show effect User can live entry, and audio and video call User Can Be Video Streaming, And Can Be Audio Streaming, Audio Streaming Can Be Add 12 user User to user sms. Live comment instant Stormer top list Vip user purchase, all vip live all time top show User profile visit record and alert User can be create family, and other user can be joined family Push notifications by, sms, live entry, flow, sms and all notification User can flow other user...

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    This project includes a lot of cut & paste. In fact it does not require any skills except being fast with cut/paste. You will find online lists and paste it into this google sheet: Long explanation, but very simple project. I want to make sure it is very clear. instructions: 1. Search using Google and Bing for excel files that have lists of people, examples filetype:XLS attendee list filetype:XLS employee directory etc 2. Open the Excel files and copy paste into columns into the target google sheet Prefix FullName (some lists have full name, some have first,last, etc) First Middle last email Credentials Company address1 address2 city state Zip website Phone fax (see sheet for all fields) We do NOT need you to edit any fields. We WANT bad data (as-is) to test our softw...

    ₹5925 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi, I am looking for a creative video editor that can edit NSFW videos. In particular BDSM/KINK amateur videos. It's mainly about basic edits such as cut and paste, nice transitions, color correction, filtering and in general making a nice overall video. The duration per video is about 12 - 16 minutes which after editing is usually only half. So a lot of cutting work! Each clip needs to have a preview of a few hot spots of the video that I can use to tease potential buyers. I'm looking for someone who understands the English language well since the videos often contain a lot of speaking! I make about 14 videos a month. sometimes more and sometimes less. please only respond if you have reasonable experience and work to prove. The content is NSFW in nature, the a...

    ₹1575 (Avg Bid)
    ₹1575 Avg Bid
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    Hi , A photographer is required to shoot and edit a series of educational videos in kuwait

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    ₹25576 Avg Bid
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    I need an immediate assistance from a professional developer who has an excellent experience on WordPress to perform some modifications and enhancement on an existed webpage. you must have a good communication method to work together on the required modification. Show me your past performance and projects. Thank you.

    ₹10950 (Avg Bid)
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    Saarey Music is an audio streaming service for South Asian classical music. We have a specific case where users using some specific Android handsets face a pausing and/or crashing issue when streaming music and the device is locked. Can you help identify the issue and fix it? The issue comes when between 10 - 45 mins into playing in the locked screen. Here are the steps: 1. Play a long track (>45mins) 2. Lock the device and keep it locked 3. Audio pauses after some time (despite being buffered) OR App crashes after some time. The issue has been reported by the following: 1. User in Abu Dhabi using Samsung Galaxy A31. 2. User in London using Oppo A16K 3. User in Lahore using Xiaomi Mi 11 Note: Internet speed, carrier and country have all been ruled out a...

    ₹13275 (Avg Bid)
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    To record some prayers for me using the app Lexis Audio Editor or similar recording software with noise manipulation, on your phone. Each spoken prayer will be needed to be edited if necessary, if mistakes are made. I expect you to correct your own work before giving me the final version. There should be no background noises whatsoever, the speech must be very positive and uplifting with excellent prononciation. I will provide you with the written prayer. All you will need to do is record your voice. For every 10 prayers I am able to pay $10 A sample of your voice reading poetry that you enjoy will be asked for me to choose you for this project. Perfect english speakers only please

    ₹1800 (Avg Bid)
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    need a windows app that is a webrtc server to send audio from pc to web client and to receive audio from web client mic back to pc. Also need the JS side on the client web interface. This can be written in any language although it appears .net might be the easiest

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    ...We are looking for: A graphic designer who is confident with image editing programs, such as Adobe Photoshop and/or Adobe Illustrator. We do not accept designers who work with Canva or similar programs. Your task: You design completely independently according to our specifications new designs for our online store. For this purpose, you will receive rough guidelines from us that will help you with your work steps. This includes for example: - Theme specification - Information about the recipient (who is the product for?) - Quotes that have to be on the motif - Required file formats (dimensions, etc.) Our requirements: - Independent work - High level of comprehension - Working with Photoshop (Canva or similar image editing programs are not accepted by us) - Long-term co...

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    Video shooting 6 days left

    Video shooting ceramic coating of bike at lahore shooting duration 3 hours Need editing after shooting clips of 15 sec , 1 min and 3 min

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    Hi Achyut Technology, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.i have website i want page one google for two set of you do.i need seo and website editing

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    ...project template. I need a new page to be created that allows me to get images and upload images to firebase storage. Things that need to be done: New menu item on the left sidebar New page Create functionality for uploading images to firebase and update the UI (view upload ) Create functionality for getting images from firebase and update the UI (view ) Create functionality for editing details on the image (feel free to reuse the uploading images modal, just make sure the user cannot) For this project, please use your own firebase account config for testing and then remove your config before uploading it back to git. I will test it and then release the payment as long as everything is correct. View attached images for the wireframes of roughly what I need. Below the uploadin...

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    Edit some photos 6 days left

    Edit some photos for our website We need the building at the back of the vehicles editing and the number plates on the vans

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    We are an online advertising company and we’re looking for a video editor for a full-time position. What we basically do is get different influencers to do some videos at home on their phone, advertising different services. Then we need someone to take those few minutes video and edit them into a TikTok ad, adding some captions, texts and some basic effects. The goal is to make those videos into shorter, selling ads that will convert. The Position is full-time and is from home. If you think you fit the description above, please apply with some information and we will contact you shortly

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    Hi Muhammadd A., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my Project. I have hired an audio engineer whom i need to pay also. Please help me to build this audio mastering tool

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    We are looking for a video editor. We are hoping to find someone we can do recurring editing with. The project is as follows. 1. We provide a 40-miute or less video 2. You preview or watch the video 3. Choose the best parts of the video 4. Create three to five short video clips using the best parts. Short videos range from 30 seconds to no more than 5-minutes. [Removed by]

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    'm a professional Graphic Designer, Logo designer,Photo editing

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    Editing and typing 60 pages 6 days left

    There are few grammar worksheets for grade needs to be reshaped a little and type them again

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    Video editing 6 days left

    Hi, I need someone who would edit/ create a video- I have many small clips and need it to be emerged in one short- movie (friends wishing happy birthday to someone) how much it would cost and how long it takes?

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    Looking for an individual or company to help set up the digital marketing aspect for a few companies and then once set up, give me the tools to manage it and help make changes if required after set-up stage. Website design or editing existing website, SEO, SEM, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, etc.

    ₹23026 (Avg Bid)
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    ...through every stage of video production including concept, writing, editing, and direction of graphic or animated elements. Provide creative direction for videos, series, and campaigns with the goal of maximizing impact and reach. Drive post production process by managing media, editing, soliciting, and addressing feedback. Edit video and create basic graphics when needed. Manage multiple videos and series. Help map out content strategy that aligns with company priorities and customer needs. At least 2-7 videos a week needed. $5 up to 5mins, $10 up to 15mins, $15 up to 25 mins, $20 up to 35mins, each video. Most are up to 5mins. Only 3 are up to 25mins. With these video types you will be provided with the voice over audio to create the video adding copyright free ...

    ₹375 / hr (Avg Bid)
    ₹375 / hr Avg Bid
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    Edit me a photo 6 days left

    Hi, I would like to look for a freelancer who are good at editing a photo for me to upload in my social media for my content.

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    Looking for a flutter developer to develop a mobile application for audio/video preview of mental fitness. Expertise required: 1. Experience in flutter development with good coding practices. 2. Experience with github. 3. APIs communication. 4. Background audio player. 5. Android and iOS Deployment. 6. In-App Purchase 7. Push Notification 8. Analytics Integration Contact me only if you are good in flutter development. Previous code review is must to get this project.

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    I want application for video editing

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    Saas Enterprise Sales 6 days left

    ...experience and ability to take senior roles in our organisation as we grow the team internationally. You can work from anywhere in the world and hours can be varied to suit, as we cover the globe. This is a new sales team, so the opportunity for the right candidates to grow will be substantial and highly rewarded. You will be in the new team selling our prestige SaaS white label plan, PDF Editing plans, and self-service portal solutions with a gigantic addressable market. Your Key Activities Establish key relationships with larger prospects. Introduce the product to leads over the phone and via email. Evangelize the product to drive interest, awareness and excitement. Run product demos to leads and close deals. Deliver positive contributions to the team activities and cult...

    ₹1425 / hr (Avg Bid)
    ₹1425 / hr Avg Bid
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    photo Editing 6 days left

    I need a graphic designer quick photo editing for my project. I need it to be done in next 3 hours

    ₹750 (Avg Bid)
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    8 bids

    Hello I am looking for an ongoing sales & marketing virtual assistant for my commercial real estate business Are you able to do the following: • Lead generation (e.g. google ads) • Social media management & ads (facebook, Instagram, youtube, linkedin) • Content writing • Digital marketing • Graphic design • Photo & video editing If yes, can you please show me a sample of your work? Thank you

    ₹150 / hr (Avg Bid)
    ₹150 / hr Avg Bid
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