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    I need the implementation and data of a home has a small pv and a small wind turbine. The generated energy is stored to batteries and the is co...appliances. I need the graphs of generated energy from four random days hourly each from all four seasons. Also i need the equation that gives the available energy that the battery can provide to appliances.

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    Simple Android app 6 days left

    Need a simple android app to disable power button when the phone is locked. So the phone can not be switch off or restarted at lock screen. How much time will it take. My budget is 2000 INR.

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    On an existing flask website and a map(leaflet) of locations of different actors is exisiting. Now a heatmap should be implemented, a switch on the website should be placed to switch between map and heatmap. data base is existing, the website allows different filters. possible are created by patrick wied.

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    ...number input that will send trought api its value. 3) This sofware must show the headset status for connection behavior ( connect, not connected , paired and etc ) and the battery status. The headset will connect to windows trought a bluetooth dongle. the url for sdk is: [login to view URL]

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    NO COPIED CODE WILL BE ACCEPTED (ALL LIBRARIES USED MUST BE SELLABLE FOR INDUSTRIAL USE) We are making a wireless relay system to exchange messages, statuses, etc. between relays (the 'nodes') using the BLE mesh network. We would like to implement the mesh network communication between multiple nodes using Nordic Semiconductor nRF52840 ([login to view URL] 3dJ). The mesh network should ...

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    PRICE CAN BE NEGOTIATED NO COPIED CODE WILL BE ACCEPTED (ALL LIBRARIES USED MUST BE SELLABLE FOR INDUSTRIAL USE) We are making a wireless relay system to exchange messages, statuses, etc. between relays (the 'nodes') using the BLE mesh network. We would like to implement the mesh network communication between multiple nodes using Nordic Semiconductor nRF52840 ([login to view URL] 3dJ)....

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    ...You” tab. The other tabs of the application function as a filter. (Categories) They allow you to read the news on a specific topic. The Opera app has a toggle button to switch between reading and web mode. In the first mode, the app strips the distracting parts of the web-page and displays only the article. In the web mode, the application opens

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    FORM BUILDER APP 6 days left

    ...AWS SES to dispatch e-mails and is deployed on Docker containers running on top of Elastic Beanstalk. To modify app with following changes: 1. Rewrite AngularJS to REACT 2. Switch MongoDB to Amazon DynamoDB 3. Change Authentication to Amazon Cognito 4. Customize to allow SAAS Multi-tenancy 5. Create a new WORKFLOW module in back end based on form submissions

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    ...needed, make improvements, etc...I have a number of things I would like to get done on my site sometime soon, but here are a couple simple tasks I'd like to begin with: 1. Switch from member only back to everyone welcome: About a month ago I paid someone to turn my site into a member-only site, in which everyone is blocked from reading stories/novels

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    ...operate between 460-680 degrees farenheit, much hotter than existing transparent resistive heaters. This heater has to be able to be powered by a small lightweight lithium battery, preferably weighing less than 500 grams. The voltage and current output of such a small power source may be a limitation, and alternatives can be discussed if it is determined

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    ...on a map. Occasionally, we must submit the same map to two different governmental agencies; each agency requires height attributes in maps to look differently. Today, we switch the attributes manually, but we want to easily convert between the two attributes back and forth by a command. I assume an AutoCAD lisp or application that can convert between

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    Autowissen 5 days left

    Team Auto-wissen is building a hybrid car of future. It will have a hub motor and battery while it will be using engine and motor power to run the vehicle. Need a Person who can contact hub motor manufacturer in India and find us a best suitable product.

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    fix mobile switch in website 5 days left

    I have a plugin that is malfunctioning, it is loading the desktop version of the website into mobile and breaking the layout We are using oxygen page builder and custom shortcode system to add mobile attribute to reusable parts, so php, js, wp oxygen knowledge are a must.

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    I need 12v 18650 battery 5 days left

    I need 12v 18650 battery circuit with overcharge protection

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    This is an existing e-commerc...old orders) 1.5. Disable search button if no text in box 1.6. Add product quantity type (pcs, kg, m2, l,…) 1.7. Price may include vat 1.8. Fix search 2.0. Frontend 2.1. Switch to react frontend (Stroyka) 2.2. Rest API 3.0. Refactoring 3.1. Advise on new parameters, additions, removals … 3.2. Ensure scalability

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    ...inputs (1: input level, 2: Output level, 3: Gain reduction....This would need to be x2 for Left and Right channels. (so a total of 6 possible audio sources) and be able to switch between them and display the level correctly and show which input it is displaying. The user needs to be able to select a single channel (L or R), then the source (1, 2 or

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    19 bids record, this is determined by each individual site and not always able to select it B3c. Pause Recording B3d. Open Recording Directory on PC B3e. Open in Browser B3f. Switch Resolutions B3g. Ignore Model B4. Filter feature B5. Search Models Feature C. Settings Tab C1. User-Agent C2. User-Agent Mobile C3. How often to update the models in

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    ...players at his level) - multiplayer rules, what are the compared stats, and how much your skills during the gameplay matter - define screens and what they will contain, how to switch from screen to screen - define gameplay for: 1. ball picking competitive game, 2. full football match, but simpler 3. kickoff compete 4. something else (you might add something

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    Hi there, I urgently need a custom plugin to mana...administrator can also see when this property is next due for electrical compliance work. Tradify is the system we use for all of our jobs and it kinks with Xero and we need to switch over. If you have read the above instructions please start with "I CAN DO IT" on the first line of your proposal

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    Slide in RV camper 5 days left
    VERIFIED kitchen 11. Hot and cold water plumbing and electrical drawings 12. Access to water 13. Drain pipe for grey water 14. Storage 15. Solar panels on roof 16. Battery storage and battery management system for charging 17. Outdoor TV panel 18. Outdoor kitchen function 19. Awning 20. Mini generator 21. Power inverter 22. All drawings must me in solid

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    Help with a Unity project 5 days left

    I am in need of assistance of a Unity coder who can help with tasks at hand. I already have a lead programmer but I need someone who can do others ...someone who can do others tasks in order for my programmer to focus on the level and game design. The project is a 2D action platformer that is planned to be on Steam, Nintendo Switch and other consoles.

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    Switch Backend To Firebase 4 days left

    While keeping digital ocean droplet.

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    Electronic Schematics consist of Building Blocks that consist of a number of components. This application allows the user to define bounding boxes on a PDF schematic to indicate what components on the schematic belong to a certain building block and cross references the components inside the bounding box with a Bill of Materials (BoM). The application

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    ...disabled; all internet comes in through mobile routers connected to the meerkat via ethernet an then bonded with Speedify * Beelink connected to Meerkat via PCI (but could switch to USB C if better) * eGPU connected to Meerkat via thunderbolt 3 * Raspberry Pi can connect to either Meerkat or Beelink via pretty much any wired method; right now, it connects

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    We are seeking a product / graphic designer with extensive experience in product design to help develop a disabled mobility device. Excellent English is essential and ...discussion. 2. More detailed CAD skeletal / structural elemental development plans comprising of alloy tubing frameworks and panels. 3. Final precise CAD production ready schematics.

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    ...fixed time interval. Dedicated and easy to install and easy to use software to run on remote desktop. * It should have display of temperature, real time, indication of low battery, running status by blinking small led, start/pause and stop data logging button. * It should have provision of USB adapter for data transfer via USB cable or USB Bluetooth

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    8 bids mae the game different each time. I have made a PDF and video of the environment to explain it. I need a simple score of how many "gems" matched and a simple interface to switch between levels - There is a game called "best fiends" which explains it well - i want a very simple version of this - [login to view URL] Thank you - please only

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    13 bids compare the 180° mode of operation with the 120° mode of operation. (Note in 180° mode of operation each switch (transistor) conducts for180°). Please do the following: - Gating sequence. - Output voltage waveform. - Load power. - Switch rms, average and peak current. - Source rms current and average current. - Source harmonics. ...

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    Objective Create the code and Visual screens to record the time that a timer button/switch is open and closed, calculate the elapsed time the switch is closed, and multiplies that time by tube specific factor to report a viscosity result. Option one uses the computer or tablet only, with Excel and Visual basic, where sample details and test parameters

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    Hey, I'm looking for someone to create a character customization with blueprints. The character customization needs to be able to switch hair style, skin color, face, hair color and eyecolor. I don't want slider or anything like that, it's not fancy by any means. It should more or less look like the image attached, where there are 2 arrows that cycle

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    ...mouse scrool wheel over the image the image switches to the next in the series. The scroll needs to go from left to right, not up and down. - ! Important ! - The image shoud switch to the next image frame immediately, not slide or scroll to the next image. The look should be more like an animation. - I would like the ability to change how fast the animation

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    ...a very small micro usb to ethernet bored for cluster computer . Each usb device will have is own usb to ethernet chip on the board. Which in turn will connect to a network switch jet the board will also need to provide power via a separate usb connector 1 each device. In addition the board will need a single power connector and an rj45 connector so

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    I want a person who have an experience in Routing and Switching. My need to create route bw Layer 3 smart switch to router in an efficient way, so the router sends large size of packets i one go and its vice versa.

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    This is Umaer from AlRabeh Pack. We are having an inhouse micro soft server. We are using it for the sake of microsoft dynamics. We are g... We are using it for the sake of microsoft dynamics. We are getting some connectivity issues all the time (LAN and WLAN). We have a cisco router and DLINK xStack DES-3552P switch. Need someone to fix this problem.

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    25 bids offers offline scoring and cloud based scoring (you can test the cloud-connect feature with 101/1234). Also theres a lot of swiping feature to switch the stored events on the main screen or to switch the target at the scoring event plus swiping the archers results in a detail overview of the targets scoring result. The data is actually stored in

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    Company requires updated Autocad drawing set for a battery energy storage system to submit for customer power plant construction. The work will be on a time and material basis with weekly goals set for the project after meeting with the client. Prefer that the successful candidate works in the Phoenix or San Francisco area, so that they can meet

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    ...Controller ove ble . 2. Total 10 commands are exhanged between these two device. LED Controller will ; 1. Send commands/strings to button device via ble. 2. Send commands like battery status etc to phone app via ble. 3. Receive commands from both button and app via ble. , and chnage led patterns as per command sheet , total 20 commands / string of data

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    Reprogramming 2 days left

    I have a Lithium battery bank that it total string voltage is 410VDC max. It runs a BMS that communicate on a CAN BUS protocol. The BMS allow the battery to work only if the are six clusters of batteries connected. I will to reprogram it to work with only 4 clusters. I need someone to hack in the a CAN BUS protocol to change parameters. Below is the

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    ...especially bluetooth. The circuitry consists of A 3 point switch, ON(1) connects to a bluetooth transmitter that tells lights to change to white/blue, ON(2) connects to the same bluetooth transmitter telling the lights to change to yellow, OFF turns the lights off, this is all battery powed, switch and lights. I attempted to represnt this is one of the

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    program an Arduino system to work wi...set a specific time to turn on a one relay in the morning and one relay in the evening. there will be 14 relays, 2 for each day of the week. there is an extra push button switch to turn on the relay manually before the specified time. please let me know if you can write the program and how much it will cost.

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    My project is to extend the battery range of electric haulage vehicles using renewable sources. I need someone to build 2 MATLAB models for me. One is an original model of electric truck and one with the modifications that I tell. I don't have any designs for the original model so your knowledge and expertise of electric truck models would be of necessary

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    I'm developing a power poles to be self powered by solar and wind. Solar and wind turbine are at the top of the pole and battery storage to be buried on the ground beneath pole ground hole We need solar panel ,turbine and number of batteries bank sizings and other components needed and formulas to be used for subsequent pole types to get sizes I will

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    13 bids The aim of the project is to create a universal method of overriding individual addressable leds for various keyboard related purposes such as indicating caplock state, battery state or layer state or for per key LED control eventually. This is with the aim of simplifying other developers work on such features. Currently ZMK has simple control of

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    [login to view URL] We are in need of a WordPress developer that can copy how the survey and contact form works. Please go to the page, click a button "REQUEST A CALL BACK" After clicking the button, the survey form starts plus the subpages until the end. I added a few screenshot. So Basically, a homepage

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    ...causing Error. Stream will go offline. It will not effect other streams but any stream above 3rd GPU transcoded. If I disable transcode it will process the stream. Also if I switch GPU to CPU transcode it will transcode 1080 to 720 even if its 4th, 5th or 6th stream until I reach 100% CPU usage. When I use 3 streams on GPU the load on GPU is not even

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    ...[login to view URL] D) Staff planning: We need to use this schedule [login to view URL] Point #1: We need 2 views and use to switch [login to view URL] from [login to view URL] First view should be this [login to view URL]

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    Greetings. I need some research done in figuring out which part...about 1.5"x3". - Built-in speaker for playing alarm audio sequences transfered to the device via micro-usb or similar cable-connection. - Good batteri life from a rechargable battery. - Custom software for managing timers and alerts directly through the device. Best Sebastian Mogensen

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    ...PowerPoint To extend the tool I would need someone to programm another structure into the tool. Requirenments: 1. create a second page in the tool. There should be a tab button to switch between the first and the second page 2. Create backend & frontend logic for the second page. This includes a modular build of the second page. More detail in chat. Please

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    For someone who can help me with an experiment that we are doing. We have a git...automatically deleted without consideration. There are no further requirements, just the above. If you make a bid, that is the number I am holding you to, I don't accept bait and switch offers The project: [login to view URL]

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    ...mechanical parts of the pole are: 1. MAST : heights:6m,8m and 12m 2. DOME (BODY SHELL/BALOON) : This is at the top of the pole which stores all hardware units for uses 3. BATTERY BANK : To be Buried underground and contains large number of Lithium batteries just beside the pole ground hole 4. WIND TURBINE : Be made at the centre of dome’s empty space

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